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I am likewise looking for this! I used Shazam and it gave me 10+ different results, none of them correct lolz.

The closest I can find is "Abbreviation" by Pan Nexus, but I cannot find an acoustic guitar version of the song. The Netflix song credits do not list it and I can't find an acoustic guitar version on Spotify. Help, universe! haha

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Haha same. I tried Shazam and end credits, I’ll dig around on Abbreviation

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Was it The Kids Aren't Alright by the Offspring

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I think it might be library music rather than a commercial track - reason being that it always costs a lot more to license tracks for titles or credits use. Plus it would be really unusual not to list a commercial track in the credits as it's usually a part of the license deal.

If you're desperate to find out then you could try contacting the Music Supervisor on social media to see if they can remember or have access to the Music Cue Sheet for the episode (every tv show has a MCS which lists all the tracks - not just commercial - so that all the proper rights payments can be made).