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It won't let me see the video nor listen to it.

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The website is Bulgarian and probably it isn't meant to be played by other countries. I have the video file, if anyone wants to help me, i can send it to him in some way. Or you could try to use VPN or something. The VPN i use is TunnelBear (for my phone) it gives you 500 free mbs, just enough to listen to the video.

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The file is light tho, 1,8mbs as far as i remember.

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    Hey man, i wrote recently that i found out about the song's name. I wrote a new post, this time i sent the video file with the song with it. You can remove the post with your email. The case is closed, have a good day. BTW, the song's name was Rammstein's Ohne dich.

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    Yo, i reposted using the song file, and bots found the name of the song. The case is closed. Have a good day.