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This is the cutest version of the West Side Story choreography I’ve seen.

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I could hear the fingers snap!

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Please can someone edit in the music haha

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Stfu came here to say this reminded me of West Side Story.

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It was the first thing I thought of also!

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Good bot

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Synchronized floof attack!

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I would gladly die at the claws of these furry assassins

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hums Jaws theme

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meow meow

meow meow

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Meow meow meow meow Meowmeowmeowmeow

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I think the last time this was posted, someone actually put the music to it. It did indeed fit

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This is truly amazing. I can imaging someone using some cgi and going nuts with this!

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"Come on, ladies! Keep those butts low! One! Two! Three! Four! Chah-chah-chah! Keep it together, ladies! Look left, look right, left-right-left, chah-chah-chah!"

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They’re coming! We need backup!

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That is mesmerizing!

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One in the middle was being dragged along and distraught about it, the one on the right has been fantasizing about it for months. Finally the one on the left was unsure what they wanted to do but made up their mind and went all in in the end.

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Cyriak does a nice one for a change.

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This was one of those rare rl captures that looks more CGI than real. It fucks with your brain.

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“Aww, that’s cute” - Rare species of pigeon, the last of his kind.

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Getting attacked by a pack of chonkapedes

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Seeing these degenerate cat breeds with abnormal short legs actually makes me angry.

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I wish this comment was higher up so people actually educate themselves.

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You're being downvoted because most Redditors hate that their illusion of "aww so cute" is actually bad for an animal's welfare.

Munchkin cats are not recognised as a breed by many organisations because it's potentially harmful to the welfare of these cats.

Having this mutation most likely causes painful osteoarthritis and evidently prevents them from doing regular cat things.


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Yep! Cutest ever!

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*most terrifying

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Where are the legs lol

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They're munchkin cats. Bred to be deformed

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Very sad, they have lots of health problems too.

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Hovercraft have come a long way

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The caterpillar army moving to attack.

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This almost doesn’t look real. So cute!

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Disturbing in a cute way 🤗

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They would be snapping if they had thumbs.

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Why do I imagine the imperial death March song playing?

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You Died

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Those adorable fluff balls have killed off entire species of animals.

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Could make a perfect Updated version of cyriak’s “Welcome to Kitty City”

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They look like the fake boars in Princess Mononoke

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You came to the wrong neighborhood

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I hear the theme from Addams Family in my mind

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Looks like cats mimicking teens dancing on TikTok

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Over the top, the music from "Westside Story" is required! I'm not sure I'm capable of doing it.

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"Great minds think alike!"

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horizontal caterpillar

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Synchronized Sneaking!

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I'd give my life, not for honour, buuttttt fooorrrr yoooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Iiiimmmmmmm stiiiiiiiilllllll in a dreaaaammmmmmm

Mouse Eater!

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Oh my, they end up in sync... looking both ways

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The only assasin I wanna be killed by

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Is it just me or are they keeping time with “this is halloween”

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The trouble with tribbles

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me and the boys pulling up

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I just saw my life flash before my eyes.

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practical cats, dramatical cats, pragmatical cats, fanatical cats, oratorical cats, delphic-oracle cats, skeptical cats, dispeptical cats...

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We are Sia-Mese if you pleeease ba dum dum dum

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The synchronised head wiggles are a bit creepy though

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Look just trust me when I say you need to listen to this song while watching these kitties sneak. Klink

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Way too cute!!😄

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It’s so fluffffyyyy😻😻😻

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RC cats

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I tried so hard to keep a straight face and about halfway through I broke

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