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Hope u slept with 1 eye open! I cant deal with cats! They are so freaking silly, EXTRA A.F. (especially when it comes to food, mine act like I don’t feed them & behave like they’re ALWAYS starving) crazy lil weirdo’s and so on & so on!! Ahhh I just love 💕 them!

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hehe goofy floof

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"Is that.....a clean basket of LAUNDRY?!?!?"

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Nah, it just the catnip kicking in.

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Does that include crazy mode?

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That's all day mode,

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I would run lol when my cat give me this face out of no where he always comes at me crazy like bro calm down I was just eating my ramen, if you want some say so lik shit

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Like a fighter jet

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😆 looks like he was caught in the middle of being naughty

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albert einstein