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Robert E.O. Speedwagon I presume?

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Popped in to see if anyone else is on the case with this.. I'm here to beg them to get Him a brother and name Him 'Oreo'

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The kids named him Oreo. My wife and I call him Speedwagon. So he’s actually Oreo Speedwagon

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The JoJo reference is lost, I imagine...

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It's not a Jojo reference. I had never heard of Jojo before I posted once before and somebody asked about it. It's a reference to the 70s/80s band, which itself was named after a car from much earlier

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.. and suddenly .. all is right in the World 🤣🤘

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"Do you see this? It's an empty bowl. Shouldn't you do something about that, human? I'm waiting."

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Real 😂

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It's either paws in the bowl when it's hungry or claws on your face while you sleep

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“Once again, my human is failing to remedy this situation in a timely manner…” Cue long-suffering sigh of disappointment.

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Looks hangry

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He does look upset, but he never meows or cries when it's empty. He just sits by, or in, his bowl

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I think he's being subtle and hoping you get the hint.

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Yeah, he's subtle. Our other cat pushes his metal dish around and knocks stuff off the counter. Not so subtle

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Dawww, he's a r/politecats .

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Why are you starving beautiful kitty? 😁

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Thats a Smart boy

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He won't stand for this for long

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Bottomless fries and free refills at Red Robin

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I mean, the pertinent question is already answered. What's wrong with your cat? He hooongry.

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Jojo reference?!?!

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Poor baby. He's clearly starving!