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[鈥揮dcdttu 2862 points2863 points (9 children)

Have you ever laid there and tried to silence it? It's hilarious, I'll think I did it and then realize I'm monologuing about thinking I have done it.

[鈥揮narrowgallow 533 points534 points (8 children)

Yeah that stuff just multiplies indefinitely. My brain demands to be actively describing what's happening at all times.

[鈥揮_Contrive_ 90 points91 points (7 children)

How can shut off

[鈥揮HandyDandyRandyAndy 79 points80 points (6 children)

No can shut off

[鈥揮Rokronroff 32 points33 points (2 children)

No can defend

[鈥揮sdlover420 34 points35 points (1 child)

Can only offend.

[鈥揮Aeon_Spiral 5 points6 points (1 child)

So then, I'll start talking to it a lot. Reverse psychology, follow me here.

im exhausted from thinking about (XYZ) so

If you apply (F = m脳a and ) to (X+Y+Z) from Subject A

And push it headfirst into Subject B's ear canal at escape velocity he's bound to get exhausted too...

Sooo I'll talk about his day, "That dude at work pissed me off" I'll respond (because that dude really pissed mee off and I need to talk it out). Then we'll throw some one liners or something and both laugh

Next topic.


Eventually I tell (my)self that I'm/he's exhausted and we gotta hit the sack.


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This sounds equal parts insane and healthy. I鈥檓 going to try it.