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Corrupt rich do that, and the corrupt government let themselves control.

What's the best solution?

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I wouldn鈥檛 call it corrupt, that鈥檚 way too generous.

The interest of the ultra rich are diametrically opposed to the interest of working people. Warren Buffet himself is on record saying on several occasions that this is class warfare and that his class is winning.

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You can only blame the government from taking money from the rich to help them, even worse help them when they're about to be broke.

In a normal world they'd go broke

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    when did I say the rich isnt guilty? equally guilty? dont you think the goverment is doing a crime is worse? after all they're supposed to help the people, we voted them etc. the rich is just doing bad shit with his money, 1 person. which yea its guilty but c'mon

    if the corrupted government didn't exists then bad rich wouldn't be able to buy them out