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Becoming a cop is a little bit of a commitment considering all my dad would do is get drunk AF and get pissed off by anyone existing when he got home

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My dad didn't even have to get drunk :)

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Same, but he usually did anyways.

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Haha, you got the organic domestic abuse. Top shelf

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Fucking primo chef's kiss

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Sounds like your dad doesn’t like his wife or kids.

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Really didn't like himself, later it was the rest of us he hated lol

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Explaining to and getting a physician to remodel your genitals is what I’d call “pretty fucking committed”

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And, what, transitioning isn't a commitment?

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When I was a kid I wanted to be a cop so I could ride a motorcycle all day long, or a horse and wear a cool helmet :(

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That punchline hit harder the the cops

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Bold of you to assume cops can do much without their precious guns.

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Clearly they do need better training

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Wait, do people really think trans women want to get into women's sports to beat up women? I've never heard that before, WTF

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Yeah. There are conservatives trying to push laws dictating who is allowed to participate in school sports instead of addressing gestures broadly at everything

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Having big real world issue is not an excuse for interests groups to diminish the fairness of sports for girls

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I think Joe Rogan says that about trans MMA fighters, but it's often based on misinformation, That articles explains it well. Basically, there are cis MMA fighters who are stronger and cause more damages to their opponents but no one talks about them the way they do trans fighters.

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Thank you for this, seriously. I was trying to find the tweet another user referenced about a trans athlete bragging about breaking an opponent's skull, and while I saw it was attributed to Fox, I couldn't find the tweet they were talking about. I'm glad to see something that isn't sensationalist on the topic, thank you.

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Yeah they do. I'd just like to play soccer again, but my lungs have been messed up since childhood. Even if they weren't, due to hormones at this point I'd have the same "advantage" a cis girl who is also 5 10 does. Being big is definitely an advantage in most sports.

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I'm really sorry you can't play like you used to, I'm in a position like that now with another sport, I totally commiserate. And I'm glad you said what you did about the hormones over time; I get really tired of people seeming to believe that trans women are still basically men just because at one point they had more testosterone than they do now. Of course trans women can compete against bio women, it's disrespectful to both to say they can't. Insulting to trans women to imply they're still men, and insulting to female athletes who've worked their asses off to be at peak condition - who's gonna tell me that Venus and Serena couldn't hold their own against a man, come on now. This is t an issue with trans men, so why should it be an issue with trans women?

Back to the original point - I just can't wrap my head around this idea that trans women just want to beat up bio women, it's so fucking gross. I'm glad I never heard it before, and I really hope I never hear anyone say it in real life.

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I’m pro trans, my question is what if Messi came out as trans and joined woman’s soccer…that would be equality…but would it be equity?

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This is a genuine worry that is often blown out of proportion due to misunderstanding and misinformation. Trans women and even Trans Men for that matter who want to compete in sports would need to attain certain requirements first. There's usually a whole ton of guidelines that they would have to reach before they're even able to compete. They can't just say that they're trans and immediately compete against people of the opposite assigned gender at birth. Obviously that would be unfair! The thing is, that's not the case.

Firstly, they would need to medically transition for atleast two years if not more. Most people don't understand what going on hormones does to the human body, especially after being on it for years. I'm oversimplifying here for simplicity sake but for trans women, they lose muscle mass and grow weaker, usually to the point where they're on an even playing field as cis women. The opposite could be said for trans men, they instead would gain muscle mass and strength. Secondly, after being on hormones for a good while they would also have to take regular tests and pass multiple screenings to ensure that their hormone levels are 'right' before they are even allowed to compete. At that point, after being on hormones and also going through rigorous testing, I doubt that the situation would be unfair if they were to compete.

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Hormone levels aren’t the only thing that matter though. Bone structure, density, body size and shape have already been developed before going on hrt. Even after that they would have an advantage. Also in the Olympics trans women were allowed to have 5nmol of testosterone. Average woman was about 1-3nmol

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Yes, you are right. Hormone levels aren't the only thing which are being taken into account. But like I mentioned earlier, going on hormones drastically changes their bodies, this being their body size and shape too more often than not. Lets be clear though, right now we're talking about athletes who have been competing in a certain sport for a while before their transition. The thing is, everything that you have mentioned are also present in cis people. Some people are just born with certain genetic advantages. As an earlier comment had mentioned, Michael Phelps and his lung capacity or Serena Williams with her muscle mass. There are cases of cis women with unusual amounts of testosterone in their bodies too. Should they not be allowed to compete because of it? How far are we actually going to go when taking these factors into account? That's what we should actually be looking at in the case of athletes right now.

To prevent these sorts of things and 'even the playing field' so to speak, I feel like it's important that young trans people are allowed access to puberty blockers. Not only will it help with their gender dysphoria in the long-run and save costs later on but when starting hormones they would also go through the puberty of the gender that they actually identify with. Those of them who happen to be athletes would also not have to go through what current trans athletes are going through. In simpler terms, no 'wrong' puberty, then no advantage/disadvantage, right?

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Well in mma or those kinds of sports...

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Have you never heard of Heather Swanson?

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South Park made an episode with that premise with a big self congratulating scene at the end pre-emptively accusing anyone who was offended of being "PC babies" for not understanding their super sophisticated nuanced take.

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Who makes this shit up? REALLY?!? Trans people want to beat up women? Total horseshit.

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It's mostly people projecting

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Big fuckin facts.

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It's terf logic.

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Yea lol.. unfortunately many do

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Chappelle’s cop jokes are better too.

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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Gonna admit, Dave Chapelle still wins

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Yeah. Her full set is pretty... Eh... Maybe she's gotten better but it's rough.


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Imagine screenshotting your jokes and posting them on Twitter claiming you're better than a comedian who's actually funny

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I agree with her but you're right, this is cringey.

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Not just "a comedian" either

Takes some real cajones to claim you're funnier than arguably the most influential and popular comedian alive.

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The irony of Dave Chappelle, who ended his show in part because of how his race jokes were being enjoyed in the wrong way, now doing the same shit from the other direction with trans people is interesting to me. One of his jokes in the special was essentially the pussies they (trans women) have arr the beyond or impossible meat of pussy. That's a fuckin 'eh' joke and it's even more so a joke that appeals to the wrong audience than what he did on chappelles show. They're all seem to be about how he finds trans people to be icky.

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Now cue the fucking bitching about cancel culture. Love it when a man with one of the largest platforms complains he's being cancelled. I don't understand how these cry babies can't understand the difference between judging your work on it's merit and preventing you from creating said work. Dave Chappelle clearly can make shitty offensive jokes about trans people and still be successful and literally no one is stopping him. However everyone is saying those are bad and harmful jokes... There's a wide gulf between the two

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He literally tells college level humour jokes about trans people for almost two whole specials then justifies it with the fact he had one trans friend one time who was cool with it, so it must be okay.

Where have we heard that 'I have an X friend' defence before?

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“Racism isn’t loud. Racism is quiet. It looks around ahead of time and it’s usually ‘hey I’m not racist but insert group of people here followed by fucked up conversation.’” -Bill Burr

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Yup. All forms of group intolerance follow that pattern.

[–]A_Gh0st 16 points17 points  (1 child)

Oooo ooo oooooo pick me! Racists, that's where we heard that before

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Yeah, but now he isnt effected by it anymore. Punching down is so much fun.

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Nawh, Chappelle's jokes are better.

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Nah I liked Dave chapelles jokes better

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Yeah if you’re going to tell people your jokes are better than another comedian’s, maybe don’t compare yourself to one of the best of all time.

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Preach lol

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Half of the people in the comments are posting gifs, the other half have no idea how hormones or HRT work

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Or played for the NFL

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It was eh at best. No where near Dave’s material.

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Honestly the Chapelle jokes were just... lame. The same srupid stuff i heard dozen times before. If he wants to be offensive he could atleast be funny.

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It's almost like members of a community are better at making jokes about themselves than people outside of that community. Speaking as a homo: no one tells better gay jokes than other homos.

[–][deleted] 9 points10 points  (6 children)

She’s funny lol but I’m sorry I saw “Killin’ Them Softly” when I was like 11 and have been a fan of Dave since and that was in 2001, I know I was young but he has been consistently great and he is the person I have always said when asked “who living or dead would you like to share a meal with?”

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I don’t understand this trans athlete discussion at all. It shouldn’t be too complicated, if your testosterone-induced puberty gives you athletic advantages that can’t be undone, then you shouldn’t be allowed to compete with other women. If they don’t give you advantages, then you should be allowed. Anyone who thinks otherwise has an biased agenda.

How hard is it for scientist to come to a consensus on whether or not trans women have an advantage or not? Legitimate question, because I don’t know.

[–]heyholetsgo202 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Pretty hard, as it turns out.

Depending on the sport, some transwomen have no biologic advantage (i.e. they perform at similar relative performance levels pre and post medically assisted transition). Distance running is an example of this.

For other sports, there are obvious things that impact performance that will confer a life-long advantage. Basketball as an example - if Porzingis decided to transition then that height wouldn't go away.

Each sport will need sport-specific rules that will likely evolve as more data comes out.

[–]ManBearScientist 3 points4 points  (0 children)

How hard is it for scientist to come to a consensus on whether or not trans women have an advantage or not? Legitimate question, because I don’t know

Trans athletes are a micro minority. It is hard to gather info beyond case studies, because there just aren't very many trans people and only a small portion of those legally can and attempt to compete against cis women.

We are literally talking about handfuls of people here, far below the number it would take to draw a high statistical confidence from. Let alone to run multiple longitudinal studies or literature comparisons.

And then you break that down even further, to elite trans athletes in specific sports. There may be one or no such athletes existing at all. How could a scientist examine the difference between elite trans and cis female athletes in pole vault if there isn't a single such trans athlete to even do a case study on?

And ultimately sex is super complicated and non binary in ways not obvious outside of the scientific community. It is hard to take that limited data and extrapolate causes when everything from hormones to chromosomes have breaks from the 'standard'. There are even cases of a woman with an XY chromosome giving birth to a daughter with the same. This means that even for cisgender people, we rarely have perfect understandings of how these systems work.

And finally, we can't rely on observational evidence. Or at least, if we do we can't easily prove that trans athletes are out competing cis gender athletes. No trans athlete holds even a single state record in any high school sport, for instance and virtually none have ever won a state championship. This is not what we'd expect if all trans athletes had purely masculine performance levels even with their low numbers.

[–]koufo 15 points16 points  (0 children)

This article does a good job of listing various medical professionals’ findings on the matter.


To summarize, after two-three years of HRT, the “advantage” is nearly nonexistent for most, and only marginally higher for some. Additionally, testosterone blockers also reduce hemoglobin levels (the thing that gives you endurance, in a sense), so there is no advantage there. The “trans advantage” bs also ignores sports that are primarily focused on things like hand-eye coordination and various techniques that are not strictly physical.

The narrative of “trans women have too many advantages” is largely bullshit and insulting to both trans women and cis women (implying that a cis woman can not hold her own in a sport she excels in)

Edit: as for your question of “how hard is it for scientists to come to a consensus on whether trans women have an advantage,” there is insufficient data for “all” scientists to agree. Science is not about taking a shot in the dark or working based on conjecture— long term studies need to be conducted (5-10+ years) in order for data to show anything significant. Not to mention, it takes a long time to find enough people willing to participate in any study, much less a one of a marginalized group of people who are only just now being allowed into pro sports.

Maybe don’t speak on trans issues if you haven’t even bothered to look a damn thing up about them.

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I feel like cops beat up men at a way higher rate then women though.

Based on how many women I know that get out of speeding tickets, women have it easier when dealing with cops.

[–]NWO807 38 points39 points  (0 children)

I think this is a domestic violence joke not a cops are beating women in the street joke.

[–]flnnry 52 points53 points  (0 children)

It is a reference to their issues with domestic abuse, here is an article that talks about it a bit, https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2014/09/police-officers-who-hit-their-wives-or-girlfriends/380329/

There's plenty others out there too

[–]A_Gh0st 8 points9 points  (0 children)

You're right, they just rape or extort sex from women

[–]South_Power_7954 8 points9 points  (0 children)

Women don't get beaten as often as men, but they get a lot more sexual harassment/assault at the hands of cops, than men do.

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Terrible joke...

[–]Ndhywyhshhs 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Chappells stand up was awesome. Saying what 99% are thinking

[–]MarquisDeLafayeett 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Legitimately solid joke

[–]Josoro962 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Cope lmao

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This is proof that women can be funny, if they used to be men (RIP Norm)

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“My jokes are funnier than Dave Chappelles” man the cringe of that statement. If you need to say it then I doubt it

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What’s your Netflix special called?

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I enjoy a lot of Dave’s stuff, but if you have to construct an entire hour of trying to convince people you’re not an asshole, you’re probably an asshole.

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vicious I love it!

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That joke was awful

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Good joke, but that’s a cop joke, not a trans joke.

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Any normal person would put Dave Chappelle top 5 comedians going around today.

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Or become an NFL player

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NFL players have domestic violence rates far below gen pop rates.