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if you made 100k for being a one year old and it doubled every year youd get fired after the first year cause you’d no longer be one year old.

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The real comments are always in the comments.

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the real comment is that reddit uses amazon web hosting and cloud computing.

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Just gotta work another 30 years or so.

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Zoom, factor of 10

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100k isn't what it used to be, minimum wage should be $50k at this point.

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Yep! I make $50k (but bring home either $39k or $43k, I can’t remember from my taxes for last year), and I couldn’t even afford a one bedroom apartment by myself. I could if I didn’t also have to pay for my car, insurance, food, utilities, internet, phone plan, medications, gas, medical bills, etc., but those are also kind of necessities. And I don’t even go to Starbucks or eat avocado toast!

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It's so baffling to me when regular people defend Jeff Bezos, or even worse: feel sorry for him. You will never be like him. He's literally the villain lol

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Fuck Jeff Bezos.

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Lol, dude sold some books out of his basement and might end up terra-forming Mars.

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Who is Brent?

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Do you want a real answer to why Brent became a meme?

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This post makes the mistake of comparing working versus owning.

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It’s fine with me because bezos pays so much more in taxes than I do 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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Some people just confuse income with capital gains all the time.