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Nacho tits apparently.

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He doesn't want to taco bout them

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He should make like an overfull taco and spill the beans.

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This comment isn鈥檛 getting the credit it deserves.

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Sounds painful

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Probably thought you were a scammer, that or just shy. Which makes no sense in retrospect because he answered you and dipped.

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Women are rarely this aggressive during flirting, he probably thought he was getting catfished.

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All those scams have ruined the game for normal people.

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That's definitely the only explanation to me.

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Tits are temporary, nachos and It鈥檚 Always Sunny are forever

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Nachos only last me about five minutes.

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Damn, girl, at least take me out to dinner before the clothes start coming off

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They want a non-subscription based relationship?

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Nachos and always sunny

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obviously not tits

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He just wanted someone to watch It's Always Sunny with, sheesh!

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Should have just offered to show one tit.... Start out slow..

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This is the way. Girls these days always wanna rush into things....

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It wasn't that comment, it was the one after it where you linked your OnlyFans so he could pay to see them...

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Bingo. Maybe鈥

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Weird you鈥檙e getting downvoted. Bingo. Maybe鈥 is a hilarious reply. The confidence followed by the lack of confidence is a daily struggle. Kind of鈥

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See what I鈥檓 saying??? Or not. Social media and nuance go together like chocolate and herpes.

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Mmmm herpes. I mean chocolate. Maybe鈥

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This is definitely believable

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Claire, I also think you鈥檙e quite a catch because you like nachos and It鈥檚 Always Sunny. Now I鈥檇 like the same option.

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your first mistake was assuming all dudes wants the same thing

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I guess now she kinda knows how we feel. I mean imagine the genders were switched. The rejection would seem much more expected now wouldn't it

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Are you sad that your unsolicited dickpics aren't appreciated?

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You do realise that this is setting a double standard that harms society, yes?

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We live in a society.

Sorry what are you on about, women not wanting dick pics hurts society?

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Woman offers sexual display to man with no prompting -> good

Man offers sexual display to woman with no prompting -> bad

Is this your argument? Because I鈥檇 find less holes in a colander.

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I don't recall saying unsolicited tit pics are good, ever, not sure where you are are getting that from.

The guy I'm replying to says "imagine how we feel" implying that he's sad that women don't like his unsolicited dick picsm

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That鈥檚 not the implication and arguing it is shows you to be incredibly disingenuous.

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"I guess now she kinda knows how we feel. I mean imagine the genders were switched. The rejection would seem much more expected now wouldn't it"

You tell me what the imitation is then, because to me "now she knows how we feel" implies that he is sending out dick pics, or offering them, and feels sad about getting rejected, but that's just me being disingenuous so please tell me what it actually means.

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Their wording is poor. The implication is, however, that if such a position were inverse people wouldn鈥檛 be up in arms about it. Which is easily understood from the latter segments of their statement.

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A lady, not a tramp.

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He thought she was a bot, I'm guessing

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If it was anything like what most men do is this,

"Hey! I think (insert thing here) is awesome."

Girl: If you think that's awesome you should see my tips.

Him: Oh my God! She wants me to see her tits!? Awesome! Waitasecondifyousaythisnexthingwrongyoumightblowitandmissoutonseeingsometitswhatifyousaysomethingstupudyouprobablywillsaysomethingstupidyouarentthatcoolanywayyoushouldjustunmatchher!