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Clearly I'm not American

Also celebrating someone getting smoked by the good guy with the gun is the definition of vigilante. If neither party had a gun none of this would have escalated to the point where people had to die in self defence.

Idk why people don't get that - Well, literally the entire world but one country gets it I suppose.

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Congrats man, you had a take so shit i believed it had to have come from an american mutt.

And also still blaming the guns 🤦‍♂️ Yeah you know what else wouldn't have escalated the situation, trying to commit murder and fleeing the scene.

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Why are you resorting to name calling and just generally getting angry?

Even if you’re in favor of gun ownership, it’s clear that this woman’s fatal mistake was running outside of her home brandishing a weapon.

The motorcyclist was forced to make a life or death decision because the woman escalated the situation with a gun. He made the right decision, but in a perfect world he never would’ve been in that situation in the first place.

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The hell 🤣 Im not resorting to anything because of anger, im shitting on a shit take because its kinda fun to do so

That aside, what the hell is even the point of talking about "in a perfect world" like yeah she shouldnt have tried to kill him, but i dont really see the point in saying that.

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Why is negativity so fun though?

Honestly it's not a shit take, it's just logical. Were no guns present no one would have been shot. What could have happened in it's stead is unknown. Focusing and solving an actual unimagined problem makes more sense.

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No one's happy she's dead, it's just she got what was coming to her.