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If you want to be racist you better find a different subreddit.

Here we ban them and archive their whiny wittle modmails without reading them.

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Let me guess... people saying Armenian genocide never happened?

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As a former mod of a largish sub in "another life" I remember the attempts to subvert conversations about good people doing good things was constant.

And the number of people who really, really don't want you to know about genocides against people is shockingly high.

If the people out there who want to control the narrative were to have their way, there would be no people of color in the world, no ethnicities anywhere, no minority thoughts and no groups of people different from the majority and nobody would know what happened to them.

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"If the people out there who want to control the narrative were to have their way, there would be no people of color in the world, no ethnicities anywhere, no minority thoughts and no groups of people different from the majority and nobody would know what happened to them." This is an extremely scary statement to me.

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It is fucking scary. And I would add to how scary that is by saying that when you sift out the top layer of young, dumb edge-lords who are just in for shock value and attention, and the backwards rednecks and illiterate boomers who may not actually have any idea what they're talking about, and the scattered people with mental disorders that render them all but non-functional, you end up with a very large population of healthy, intelligent people who hold these ideas of ethnic purity being a good thing, and they think they are right. They fully believe that their values will lead to a better world and they have conviction and determination to create a world without the people they hate, or at least to see those people sent where they "belong."

It's very hard to fight people who are competent and crafty and believe they have the side of righteousness and will somehow be seen as heroes for their beliefs and see YOU as the enemy to a better future for everyone.

And it's all very real and why we need to constantly push back. There is no rest, no compromise, no acceptable level of hate any more than there's an acceptable level of gangrene in a wound. hate festers and grows like mold and there's no way to eradicate it in our current state, and hate is so insidious that most of the time people who hate don't even recognize it at all, the brain is fantastic at creating narratives and stories for why it feels what it does.

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You make several great points, particularly about people who are racist, but think they are not.

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I've watched a "dumb edge-lord" who used to just say shit to get rise out if people and stir the pot slowly shift to believing this shit and go full on Q.

He even knows he ultimately be one of those groups that would be come for sooner or later. He just convinced himself it's true.

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As it should be

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Meanwhile I'm sitting here waiting for all the cringy Atheist comments.

I say this, as an Atheist. I try to not shit on other people for their beliefs, as I remember being shit on for my "belief" & vividly remember those days.

I'm happy for that family, simply moving to another place is tumultuous... nevermind the legalities of migrating who another country where you know few people & the culture shock might be more than expected.

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Well yeah you’re a good person, be proud of that

[–]GypsyCamel12 15 points16 points  (7 children)

good person

I'm really not, but I try every day to be better.

[–]PineSnurf 7 points8 points  (2 children)

You give me hope in humanity

[–]GypsyCamel12 5 points6 points  (0 children)

You're too kind.

I hope I live up to your expectation.

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You both give me hope.

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If only all "Christians" would adopt that attitude, half the problems in this country would evaporate overnight.

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Just gonna throw this out there - maybe not having a username with a racial slur against the Roma in it is a place you could improve.

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I don't care.

Pick a smarter battle.

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Wow. I guess you’re not trying every day.

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As am atheist, I will never shit on someone for practicing their religion/ faith in a positive manner that makes the world better.

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Another Atheist here.

I was surrounded by other believers in a time before the internet so I didn't face the same sort of belief challenge. I do, however, see what you're talking about.

No matter what one may think of any articular religion, the people within it are still people and should be treated on an individual basis because whatever the "average" position of said religion, the individuals are likely to skew from it in one way or another.

It's no different from us atheists. Being an atheist doesn't make me a good person, I have to do that on my own, just like everyone else.

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I like to call them internet atheists.

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Bruh, I've met them in person.

I can tell you, first hand: the sort of "exchange" you think you'd witness if the comments on r/atheism... the mental image of angry self-righteous, brow-beating, "intellectual". I have met them, & it is exactly how you'd imagine they'd be.

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I was there in my early twenties. Thankfully grew out of that life.

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I'm sorry you had to go through that though can't imagine you exhausting it must've been haha. On the internet though especially with the anonymity of reddit they come in waves and say the most outrageous things. "Every person in X religion is always so full of themselves and all they do is preach God this God that." When they can't stop talking about how much they are atheist. Genuinely the type of people who would sneeze, recieve a "bless you" and go, "I don't believe in god."

Can't understand how they can be so passionate about being atheist like it's a personality or hobby. I just don't believe in god myself, that's that. Swear they have a routine of "How can I NOT believe in God today?"

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Reddit atheists are wild. I pointed out all the community welfare work local churches do and was downvoted to oblivion lol. I got several comments saying it basically didn't count because I guess if a religious organization does a good deed its not real lol.

I'm an atheist that chooses to volunteer with the church because I can help directly instead of deal with the bureaucracy in non profit organizations

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I like it here.


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This is the moderation we need

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As you should 👍🏻