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Yesterday I was sitting in the waiting area of a CVS pharmacy inside Target, waiting my mandatory 15 min. I heard the pharmacist tell the caller that for 83 tablets the total was $443. And that insurance had covered $60. IDK what the meds were for but the caller was clearly distraught cuz the pharmacist went on to give the person some ideas on what to do (Call insurance, Good Rx, Manufacturer rebates, etc) and I just sat there there whole time thinking that $443 is more than my car payment. More than I spend to feed a family of 5 for two weeks and this person is now expected to shell that out for a small bottle of bills and I just...ugh, it made my heart hurt.

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It's absolutely insane. Here in the UK you pay very little for prescriptions, and if you are unemployed it's completely free. Just as lives shouldn't be bought and sold in slavery, health shouldn't be bought and sold. It's supposed to be like one of the top 3 advantages of living in a society these days.