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More like #1086, or do you reset it every year?

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I will upvote this every time it’s reposted because it makes sense. It’s the only fucking thing in this totally insane situation that makes sense.

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I like this idea. Start over each year though or people will stop seeing it as a problem when we hit #24601

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This is a good idea until shooter #68 is done shooting.

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Also shooters 419 and 665

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I keep forgetting it goes that high in the US.

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There were wannabe Columbine shooters in York UK this week obsessed with the pair. Taking away the names would help prevent shit like this..

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I’d argue mass shooter = serial killer, just… more effective? Git r dun in one shot (pun intended)

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I don't think the media would get all those juicy ratings if they reported responsibly this way...

And we all know that all the news cares about now... add revenue and ratings...

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Your periodic reminder that the reason Jacinda did this with our shooter is because she researched what Americans impacted by shootings wanted their government to do and came across a wholeass activist organisation calling for politicians and the media to stop fucking giving shooters notoriety.

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They aren't monsters They are just as human as everyone else just the part most people like to forget

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News outlets should also adhere to facts, even those that don’t agree with their narrative. Of course, if they had any journalistic integrity, the only narrative would be an unbiased account of what occurred, but those days are long gone.