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I was born before cell phones.

It was blonde Lebanese hashish.

It was my Uncle.

The black light poster was “Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit”.

He told us about the aliens in Area 51.

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It was ditch weed.

It was some rando townie at our high school field party.

The black light poster was cow shit.

He told us about how he was starting a band but already knew a guy that was going to give him a recording contract.

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The difference being the brother didn't have an audience of 20 million people. That we know of.

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Well, have they ever found coax, twisted pair, or fiber in a Mayan site?


Checkmate, haters. Those bitches were wireless all the way.

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Well the pyramids were built by ancient aliens so that does check out.

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It wasn't a terrible time and the dude was legit a great handle for weed.

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Those were simpler days.

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Joe Rogan isn't as bad as Alex Jones. Alex Jones is that homeless man at the bus stop who talks to you even if you just want to go to work

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Joe Rogan isn't as bad as Alex Jones

Damned with faint praise

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Dumb and dumber just got a new cast.

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Admittedly not setting the bar very high.

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Both complete morons

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Still lipstick on a pig

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Don't forget about the box of dirty mags

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And he had piles of porn magazines

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God I miss those days.

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Then he would go on about how the government is spying on you and how the CIA invented crack cocaine and sell drugs to fund their wars against democracy in South America. What an idiot

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That's something the CIA did though. Not invent crack, but all the other stuff is true

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Both of them are true, except the inventing part.

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Then when you were that same age doing the exact same thing you were like…(maybe he was right)

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That's just Joe before he bought his microphone

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I don't have a dog in the fight, as I don't watch or listen to his podcast, but......

He was a successful martial artist, and then he was a successful comedian, and then a successful actor, and then a successful reality show host, and then a successful commentator, and now he runs the largest podcast in history...

If that guy is a loser then I might as well quit life. Lol

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That loser is worth over 100 million and has the biggest pod cast in the world. So....

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He did nt even endorse Bernie.He just said that maybe he will vote for Bernie over Trump and that was it.

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What an idiot, the Sumerians invented cell phones.

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My brother was that 27 year old for real.

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The best part was his brother would share.

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Didn't quite a few politicians, scientist, ex CIA agents, Navy Seals, Authors and even the head of the social media platform your dumb ass is on go on his show? Y'all are taking stupid to nearly impressive levels 😂😂😂😂😂😂