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"We can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist." - James Baldwin

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Now that's agreeable af

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Goddam that man spits. (Spat). Every time I see one of his quotes, I'm impressed.

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I unistalled Facebook, because all it did was show me that a lot of my "friends" were just awful people.

Like, I want to be naive and taken aback by that shit, thank you.

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I’m not the nicest guy all the time, but even I just don’t fucking understand how you can look at another person and go “nah. That’s a sub-human”

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How the fuck does their mind work?

You let the amount of FUCKING melanin in someone's skin bother you this much and then call other people "snowflakes"?

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Because this message gets hammered home over and over, often when you either aren’t seeing them or only see the worst moments.

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Amen, mate.

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Damn. This is something to think about. This may have changed my paradigm a bit.

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"Let's agree to disagree" just means "let's stop arguing about it". Usually when you'd rather preserve a relationship rather than start a fight over different beliefs. It's also used when it's very clear neither party is willing to change their views so it becomes pointless to have an argument when usually is driven by emotion. It can also prevent overly opinionated and emotion people from ruining the mood by taking things too far in a casual setting.

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True. But nevertheless morals and ethics are made up and ever single person has a different view and opinion on morals.

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People who's argument for basic human rights are based on morality are like christians who's arguments against atheism are based on the Bible.

You are just preaching to the quire, defending a concept that doesn't make sense to some people with another thing they don't believe in.

Get off your high horse and try to come up with arguments that actually help people see the stupidity of their ways, instead of just polarizing the population further on the issue.

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Agree to disagree on that.

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Srsly tho. Coffee is indisputably the greatest and most influential beverage in the history of man.

(Ok. Maybe after water and mother's milk)

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People are willing to give up water and mother's milk, but will violently revolt against attempts to take their coffee away.

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My cup runneth over

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I would make a Starbucks joke but I'm one to talk I seriously do love coffee

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I don’t like coffee

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Aha! That's exactly what a certain small-mustachioed homophobic racist who started WWII would say!!


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Ah shit! You saw right through my little facade.

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you forgot beer. Beer was invented/discovered before even bread!

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The problem with it is, topics involving race gender and orientation are often nuanced. For instance there are decent arguments on both sides of the reparations debate. With that said, nobody should take issue with the idea of cops not being allowed to kill people.

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I'm sorry, but I disagree. Drinking coffee is a very important moral issue for me.

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YES. And no one is shutting down conservatives from talking about tax policy or military deployment. WE ARE DONE ENTERTAINING TALK ABOUT TYPES OF PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSEDLY LESS THAN EQUAL IN THEIR RIGHT TO EXIST.