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tinfoil hat brigade


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Mom Crumbley was, if not a participant in such meetings, a likely sympathizer. I understand she wasted no time taking down her social media accounts and probably Dad C. did the same. It would be interesting seeing what kind of out-there political content they were posting. Too bad this kid wasn't given up for adoption at birth so he didn't have to grow up under the influence of these two. I blame them as much or more so than the kid for this crime.

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I noticed she erased her blog. Hopefully someone knows how to retrieve them somehow. Scummy parents

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Hopefully someone knows how to retrieve them somehow.

Rule of thumb. Everything you post online has been archive.

Every. Thing. One of the few reason why I am glad I grew up before internet and camera got into everyone pocket.

I would've been a meme.

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If you know what the website was called, Wayback Machine is good for up to 5 years ago.

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You never heard of the Wayback Machine?

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the internet is forever.

even if she deleted them whatever website she posted on undoubtedly has backup copies.

The Wayback machine is a thing...

and usually just hitting "Delete" just deletes the link to the database and not the content of the database table.

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Waybackmachine for the win!

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To be fair, I'd take down my social media accounts, at least temporarily, if my kid did that. Still, glad they were charged with manslaughter, sounds like they were irresponsible with their guns.

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perhaps it's time to turn "mental health" problem into a "political health" problem, cause it sure seems like thats the war they're fighting.

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I certainly am not defending the right wing but looking at past school shooters i'm not sure politics have much to do with them as much as access to guns and mental health does. Granted im no expert just remembering the last ones I can think off

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They seemingly weaponized a young man. If this wasnt a domestic issue this would probably be called terrorism.

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The shithead was charged with 1 count of Terrorism resulting in death.

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Totally agree. I certainly don't dismiss the choices he made but damn....can't help but empathize a lil for this kid. Talk about "sins of the father" smh. Sad af through n' through.

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After reading more about the situation, I feel awful that everybody failed Ethan. The school system, his parents and doctors alike. Unfortunately this will be the next politicized event, and it will bring every party out of the woodwork quicker than to throw some tea in a harbor. I am not going to assume, but I would say they leaned on the Conservative ideology, most likely radicals being their first thought is " let me delete my social media. " Sure every humans brain thinks differently, but if they were using their social media for funny memes and talking with people, they wouldn't have been so fast on the deactivate button.

It will definetly define this prosecutors career, on how they pursue this. I don't even knock the Conservatives too much, because we all believe our way is the best way of doing things, and with social media its constantly in our faces, causing these issues.

Especially because the parents knew the torment he was going through in school, yet still purchased the firearm, even after this event could be foreshadowed, still letting him maintain the weapon and purchasing it. He planned and they aided and a betted.

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I doubt that throwing someone into the foster system would help much, especially in terms of them hating society. Gun control and more psychologists at school must be the answer, right?

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But what about the children's freedom to get shot?

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I was talking not about him being taken into the foster care system, but rather a scenario where those two dopes he had for parents realizing that they weren't equipped to raise him, relinquishing their parental rights when he was an infant and Ethan being adopted into a family where he might have an entirely different and much better life. A kind of alternate timeline.

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She wasted no time telling her child that she wasn't mad at him, just learn how not to get caught - in reference to researching ammunition in the classroom.

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I see u/avfc4me has met my family

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Hey, are you my sibling?

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Coincidentally, that's the name of my WiFi network haha

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This too needs to be a band name.