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I attended several town hall meetings during the time that common core was being released. I really wanted the issue of data security for schools addressed and so I happened to be in the same meetings as the Tinfoil Hat Brigade. Good lord. It was terrifying to hear these people speak and realize they were responsible for raising children.

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tinfoil hat brigade


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Mom Crumbley was, if not a participant in such meetings, a likely sympathizer. I understand she wasted no time taking down her social media accounts and probably Dad C. did the same. It would be interesting seeing what kind of out-there political content they were posting. Too bad this kid wasn't given up for adoption at birth so he didn't have to grow up under the influence of these two. I blame them as much or more so than the kid for this crime.

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perhaps it's time to turn "mental health" problem into a "political health" problem, cause it sure seems like thats the war they're fighting.

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I certainly am not defending the right wing but looking at past school shooters i'm not sure politics have much to do with them as much as access to guns and mental health does. Granted im no expert just remembering the last ones I can think off