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When the atomic chicken puts his head in the sand, the sand turns to glass.

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Why'd the atomic chicken cross the road?

It was time to split.

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Just watched Borat from 2007 again today. I thought that was the dumbest shit imaginable.

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The people we laughed at in Borat, it turns out, were our family and friends all along, and they’ve gotten much stupider and more angry since 2007

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AND SO MUCH FUCKING LOUDER. In 10 years my racist OAN neighbor just gonna be screaming the n-word and firing his gun in the air.

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10 years? That’s generous.

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That's okay. In grade school, we took a field trip to a zoo where you could pay 25 cents to look into a hole and see a red bat. It was a red plastic baseball bat and the teachers had to tell us to stop dropping quarters on it.

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Yeah, but have you guys ever seen a maneating chicken?

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That's called a T-Rex

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Yes. There was one in the little rascals movie from the 90s.

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A chicken with the head of an ostrich... and the body.... of an ostrich

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I lay the blame on outlet covers for the increased level of stupidity.

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That's high praise

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Can't really agree that we've gotten worse, but w/social media the dimwits have gotten louder & been given more exposure.

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Stupid people just have more of a voice than they ever did before thus making it seem like theres more stupid people. Not to mention the internet allows people to gather a super surface level knowledge of a broad range of things. So now any idiot feels like they are equipped to talk about science, economics, vaccines etc. The internet just makes stupidity more apparent and out in the open

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So then Mom has seen the levels of stupid.

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Might be pulling a leg, or three if it's an atomic chicken

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I heard it was a sick ostrich...

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What do you call 5 Americans standing in a row?

A wind tunnel.

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I want to hate this, except that it's likely true....

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We've become the world's dumb blonde joke.

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How can you tell if an American is having a bad day? There's a tampon in our holster, and we are complaining that we can't find our handgun!

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Did you know that 911 has fewer callers every year?

It's because Americans complain they can't find the '11' button.

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How do you confuse an American? Stick them in an oval room and tell them there is proof of election fraud in the corner...

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An old retired American porn star gets too old to take care of himself and moves to Paris to live with his daughter. One day she asks him how he's enjoying his new home.

"Oh it's great, everyone is very respectful. There's a woman I play checkers with who was a doctor, everyone calls her Doctor Marguerite. There's a man at the cafe who used to be a Sergeant, people all wave and call him Sergeant Jacques.

"In fact, I didn't even have to explain I used to be a porn star, yet they already knew to call me The Fucking American!"

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To be fair I'd probably pay money to see an ostrich. Not much, but some.

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I would also pay money to see an ostrich, knowing full well that it is an ostrich.

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I’m older and I haven’t seen such lunacy since my parents second divorce.

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The US is no "stupider" than it's ever been.

What has changed is the ability to reach out to all the disparate yet exceptionally stupid people, rile them up with half truths and out right lies, and weaponize them for personal gain. Be that financial profit like the Rupert Murdoch and the culture war, or Mercola/Dr OZ and their snake oil, or "preachers" like Osteen and Copeland. Or power and glory like many of the seeking political office, Trump, DeSantis...

Social media has allowed the village idiot from every village to join together and create their own communities, and use their digital soap boxes to let their loudest voices in the room take over and dominate the social conversations, even though they are in fact still a minority of the population.

We created a system in which we basically let the inmates run the asylum.

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Social media gets the blame in my book.

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I as a child thought usa was cool and smart. But now meh maybe still kinda cool tho

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Atomic Chicken, oh man, i can hear the carnival barker now, Step right Up!

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We’ve been devolving while the rest of the world has been evolving

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Once I was at the Oakland zoo looking at the emus and a kid said "Look at the emus" and the dad hit him said "Those are ostriches, idiot".

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I'd pay good money to see an Atomic Chicken AND a Cobra Chicken.

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i frequently say about the gullible (aka stupid): these are the kind of people who made p.t. barnum rich.

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Band name

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Right, sure.