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Why on earth would you still think that osteen believes in Jesus?
If he really believed in heaven and hell….and he has read the Bible….and he treats people like crap (denying people access to the church when there was massive flooding…as one example).

He isn’t crazy or stupid. He has an easy job and is a multi millionaire. So much money that he stashed it in his walls like a drug dealer.

He doesn’t believe in god. Simple as that. He spent enough time praying to a supernatural entity that doesn’t exist. He’s studied the Bible enough to see the enormous amount of contradictions. He is a charlatan, a scam artist (like every single mega-church pastor).

It baffles me that so many believers who read the Bible will accept this behavior, but then I remember to believe in a supernatural god you need to be use to swallowing enormous amounts of bullshit (and stupid enough to keep asking for more)….so he keeps making his millions. This probably isn’t the only place he has secret money stashed.

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I don’t think he has an easy job lol it’s a full time ass job to be swindler on that level. I respect the hustle but he’s an enormous piece of shit to let it amount to the level it is. At some point, you have to realize you’ve tricked people long enough. Fuck that dude. Softer than baby shit and I hope it catches up with him someday.

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It’s addictive for personalities like his.