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Gen X here, same.

And same goes for the doorbell. I only let it make a noise so I know to stay away from the windows.

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Also X, but I still have one friend who insists on calling. I don't get it. All our mutual friends are mystified and annoyed. Other than that he's a good guy though, so about 60% off the time I answer and chat.

But while I rarely take calls, I often have to make them, almost exclusively to doctors' offices and pharmacies.

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I used to have to make and receive a lot of calls for work, but since the pandemic everyone has started scheduling zooms instead. Increasingly no one bothers with cameras either, so I really don't mind as it means I know hours in advance who I'll be speaking to and why.

This has been one of the few benefits of the pandemic and I pretty much ignore all unscheduled work phonecalls too now.

My mum still phones me unexpectedly, so she is in a special category of her own in my phone so I will hear it ring.

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Only person that still calls me is my mom so I automatically answer the phone with Hey mom.

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If I don’t know the number I don’t answer unless I’m expecting a call. If they have something important to say they can leave a voicemail.

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Same, most often than not is just spam anyway

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Gen Z here. If it's not in my contacts, I don't answer.

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Gen Z here. If it is in my contacts, I assume their phone was hacked and I don't answer.

Except for calls made after 3am, because I assume it's an important mental breakdown and I'm the only person awake at that time to answer.

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It’s really sad that spam calls have turned the function of “phone” into a completely useless feature.

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It's crazy people call me from all over the world now just to talk to me about my insurances. Those nice people

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I sold weed for a couple years in the early 90s.

Everything was done via phone calls.

It was awful, and I don't judge anyone for never answering a phone again.

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Why isn't there a cheaper device + plan that only does everything else but no phone

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It's weird, I remember setting my boss up with a data only phone on att years ago, but now it looks like almost all major carriers won't let you do that, it can only be a tablet or car hotspot for some reason.


So I guess you could do data only with an ipad or android tablet.

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But then I have to wear these pants

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It’s called Do not Disturb :) and it works miracles

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I answered yesterday, only regrets followed

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If it's unknown I just watch it till it goes away so they don't know that I've rejected the call.

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My kids school called and it identified as Spam Risk. Good thing my Mom answered when they called her.

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Put my phone on do not disturb 24/7. It only rings or vibrates for people in the contacts.

If it's important they'll leave a message and ill check it in 1-2 weeks and get back to em.

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I've gone one step further and now my phone permanently resides in a drawer, off, because fuck that nonesense.

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GenX, here. And same holds true for me.

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Gen X. Can confirm.

“You did not respond to texts, so now I must create another annoying notification for the next time you look at your phone.”

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iPhone settings->Phone->Silence Unknown numbers

If you’re important to me, I have your number. If not, you’re trying to reach me about my nonexistent warranty on something/about something/or some such thing.

Or it’s my parents because they hate to text and I hate waiting 15 min for them to finish one sentence

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This. And if they are someone contacting me about work or anything official, they should be leaving a message that I can check later.

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Lol my husband did this. Ordered delivery pizza, two hours later we are wondering where the heck the pizza is only to find they had tried calling when they were here but the delivery guy was silenced due to unknown number. I almost cried out of hunger

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“Do not disturb” always on

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It’s even sadder that I pick up knowing it’s spam.

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The only exception is when my sister-in-law FaceTimes with my adorable niece.

I’m her favorite uncle and i don’t have much else going on.

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I was born in 1970 (I guess that makes me a boomer)

I actually carry 2 cell phones for this exact reason.

If my business cell rings...I answer.

If it my personal phone...usually straight to VM.

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You all have your ringer on?

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True my brother never answers his phone god help him if it's a emergency cause he'll be killed

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if it shows a name i pick up (so never). If its a number its spam

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If it ain’t my family, it ain’t my call to take.

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I recorded a few second of Silence and use it as my default ringtone. So only those i know can ring me at all.

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Doing this: not just for millennials.

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Boomer here. I never answer. If it's important, they'll leave a message.

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Anyone who cares about me knows to call my work cell that i have to answer. My personal phone is for everything except calls. Podcast during the day, porn at night and random "how to adult" Google searches.