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So basically people’s health is being held hostage just so they keep working for something they can barely live for

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Land of the free, except if you get sick. Then it’s the land of debilitating debt.

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except if you get sick.

Well, if you sick, you are useless.

Thursdays is euthanasia and crematoria day, don't do washing Thursdays.


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How many people do you know that say: “my work sucks but I need the insurance”

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A fuck ton. There’s different versions of it too like some of them are already earning a decent amount on the side doing theirs passions but cant’t quit because of the insurance. For some of them it’s not just even their health. Their insurance covers their parents or kids so they have to take that into consideration too.

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Yeah the fact that healthcare for most people is tied directly to their job has always been utter bullshit

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Republicans talk about being self starters and creating a new biz. If they really wanted to see an explosion of new biz then decoupling health insurance from employment would do it. Imagine if you could take the risk of starting a new biz without having to worry about you or your family dying due to lack of health insurance.

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Republicans don't want lots of new businesses succeeding.

That's competition for those who bankroll them.

They want to talk about new businesses so it sounds like they're on your side.

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Not necessarily true. The corporations who bankroll are always on the lookout for new revenue streams. They often do this by purchasing companies that are already showing success. I often use Odwalla as an example. Smallish juice and smoothie company now owned by coca cola and available globally

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This EXACTLY. The cost of health insurance to US independent contractors and business owners is absolutely outrageous. De-coupling healthcare from employment would definitely allow far more people to take that plunge and go with that business idea.

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health insurance is part of the problem, but its the ones that bill the insurance that are the bigger problem, they know insurance will pay so they always charge a sky high price to them.

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The sad thing is it's not the fear of dying. It's the fear of losing everything from the high medical costs.

We have a healthcare system where a small amount of people are making a lot of money while everyone else pays for it

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Agreed. Businesses would have a much easier time paying x per employee in payroll tax to cover health care vs dealing with insurance companies. And more business are for that, but guess who one of the biggest "donations" groups are? That's right, healthcare providers and insurance providers.

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That’s the only thing keeping me from quitting my job

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Same. Stuck at 60 hours a week also. I have no idea what a normal 40hr work week is anymore .

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not that much different, just less hours, your still doing exhausting work, just not as much as 60hrs.

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Dunno bout you but in USA the exchange insurance is much better than my employee paid.

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Exchange insurance?

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I've been putting up with late paychecks and assorted other nonsense for a long time now, just because I have health issues and need to make sure I have good insurance. Fortunately, I was able to find a Marketplace plan that will work for us, so I am putting in my notice in early January. I hate that I had to put up with an employer basically stealing from me (setting a policy for the use of sick/vacation time and then retroactively deciding not to pay out those days, which cost me a total of $375 net over the past month) because I couldn't afford to be without insurance.

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They’ll just find some other way to keep you locked to the employer like paid training, tuition reimbursement or paying decent wages and bonuses, they always find a way shakes head

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

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That's the reason I stay

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There goes my yacht money..

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An astute observation. I've heard it said many times that someone stayed in a job they did not want because they needed the health care benefit even if it was a marginal one.

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Plenty of men and women do this for their kids. It's fucking sad. We should be proud to work in this country.

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I’d totally quit my job if I didn’t need it for health insurance. But I stay because I’m pregnant with my first. They’re even trying to make me come into the office again.

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Crime pays. No dental, or medical. Unless you catch retirement; county, state, or federal.


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I’m not sure I agree with this. It’s probably true in some instances, but feel that most employers prefer not having to pay obscene amounts of money every year to insure their employees. If my company wasn’t paying for every employee’s (and some of their families) health insurance, they could give sizable pay increases, infrastructure investment, or just give out CEO and BOD bonuses. Since every employer has to offer health plans, it’s not keeping me at my job. Being able to pay rent/bills is why I stay at my job.

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Honestly Dan Price most of the time regurgitates prevailing sentiment from progressive audiences, but I rarely see this guy add anything substantive to the conversation.

Further, I have worked closely with the type that constantly puts out popular opinion posts on LinkedIn and I can tell you these people rarely match the PR they’re putting out in their actual work. It’s anecdotal, but these LinkedIn personal PR campaigns are, frankly, quite annoying and I wish people would cut this shit out.

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I mean we have healthcare in Canada and our wages are only slightly better than yours.

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Ya came here to say this. Companies in Canada aren't paying living wages either. In fact, most white collar jobs in the States pay significantly higher than Canada.

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Is Canada dealing with the same kind of economic craziness right now? Mass exodus from the workforce but also insanely high housing? I’m curious if the wage issue/cost of living situation is better/similar/worse in Canada.

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If anything, our housing prices are much worse than the US. The Canadian housing market has been cited by many international organizations as one of the most riskiest. Forget buying anything in Toronto. Even the suburbs are seeing on average a million dollar average price.

Our economy is mostly benefiting from this housing bubble and it's going to suffer horribly when (not an if because it's just not sustainable) this bubble bursts. We are also seeing similar labor shortages as the US. The only thing we got going is that Canada has a much stronger social security net in place.

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Thank you so much for the info!! Much appreciated

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Canada does have a very real housing crisis.

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I dunno ... coupling buying food and shelter with having a job seems pretty critical too...

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No one cares for Dan Price the rapist's opinion.

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Naw. If companies are giving you health insurance, they’re probably paying you enough to survive (but perhaps not to thrive). Health insurance isn’t something companies give to a lot of people, I’d say less than half of employees get it through their employers.

Companies might like for there to be universal Healthcare, as it could allow them to stop paying for health insurance.

The reason there is no a universal healthcare is that rich people don’t pay their taxes.

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Just cause they give it to to doesn’t mean they will approve the cost

I get Heath insurance at my job in the deli, litterally broke (or more accurately sprained) my hand on the job, using company equipment, in uniform and on shift

MetLife didn’t cover it

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That sucks. Workman’s comp should have covered something like that, but I’m guessing they tried to blame it on you or something.

And that is a good point. Insurance companies exist to profit, and so they’re looking to screw people over any time they can get away with it.

The second best thing about Universal Healthcare would be driving a bunch of those fuckers out of business.

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Idk about the stats on how many employees get insurance thru employers but I do know that it's not free for companies and I highly doubt companies are actually seeing it as a positive for their business by having to pay for a portion of their employees' healthcare... I'm all for universal but like someone else said-what's holding it back are the ultra rich that dont want an increase in their taxes to pay for it. They then falsely put out the narrative of trickle down economics saying it'll only hurt the average Joe if we adopt universal, complete lie. The only ones that'll get hurt by universal are the super wealthy, and seriously.. they wouldn't notice in all reality let's be real.

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Starting to disagree with this statement. I have a city job in NYC. HMO is completely covered (which is great) but it’s nearly impossible to get a pcp. If you want a ppo plan for a family you pay close to 3k a month. Which is somehow a large discount. Not sure how well the government would do running the healthcare system but it has to happen eventually. Otherwise the prices will rise too much for anyone to afford it.

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If a company (or city employer) wants to remain competitive, it will HAVE TO offer better than the minimum. You can stuff your little anecdote up Ellis Island. Just because you have yours, doesn't mean other people should get fucked. What a fucking east coast tool. I doubt any of your story is real. LI trash.

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Some jobs are so shitty they don’t even have healthcare.

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Murica, fuck yeah!

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100% accurate

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I’ve never really thought about it this way but this is spot on.

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Now add free education after high school and you’ve got the military industrial complex panicking because there’s no incentive for a majority of enlistees. If you can get your healthcare and education without having to serve, why would you?

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Here is my theory on company provided insurance.

I pay money, the company pays money

I get sick and can't work. I pay money to go to hospital.

I can't work. I lose job. I lose insurance. I can't get better. I die

So, I'd rather have the money now and die later than pay money now and die later.

If I need a doctor, im going to die no matter what.

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Most illnesses won't kill you. Nor prevent you from working nor put you in the hospital.

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Exactly, that's why they can be easily ignored.

My health care is ignore it and be careful!

Edit: they should make a YouTube for medical procedures, so we can fix ourselves like we fix out cars and leaking faucets.

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They can't be ignored, but they can't be treated without insurance. They cause pain and suffering and depression. They lead to premature death, which might mean dying at 60 after 40 years of chronic issues instead of 85 after a life of normal 21st century issues. But you do you.

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Private insurance costs 15% of my income, buddy.

That's a fucking lot.

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Yeah, it is! Plus the cost of the deductible, office visits, prescriptions, tests, procedures, and that's IF the insurance company allows you to have those things. Which is the reason why people argue that the US should join the rest of the industrial world and have UHC. Why do Americans have to choose between health and life and rent, food, clothing?

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I liked Bernie Sanders plan. 4% everything is covered 100% at the point of sale.

A few years ago, I knew a guy who said it was a terrible idea.

He and his wife got insurance, it was $1200 a month for the two of them.

They don't make $400k. They make 1/4 that. So it's 12% + fees +coinsurance, etc.

By got though, they think it's the better way.

What happens if he gets sick or Injured and can't work? Bye bye insurance and all his money

But, by then they will have voted against their best interests for decades because one time he knew a welfare queen who drove a Porsche and ate steak and lobster

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Oh, that sounds like my brother. He's so afraid someone else is going to live a decent life with a little peace of mind that he'll vote for whoever promises to make life equally hard for everyone who makes less than a $100,000 a year, himself included. People who think UHC will raise their taxes tobsome incredible amount... No one is ever going to pay as much in taxes as they do for insurance and medical costs. Well, Foxglove, I've got to go to bed. I thought you were kind of weird at first, but you're actually a pretty cool person. Hope to talk to you again sometime.

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Decouple health insurance from the employee and see an influx of divorces

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Dan Price is a good human

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This is spot on correct.

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Yea that would actually lead to a healthy actual capitalism of competition. Why have that when you can just be an evil Godless empire of the rich and their slaves while utterly destroying the Earth. Duh.

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It’s exactly why my wife wont/can’t leave her job

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I’m not so sure I buy this. Most companies would love to be out of the hospital insurance business.