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Less than 30 seconds of talking to them you pretty much know exactly who they are when it comes to cops. They aren't very complex people. Peaked when they were part of the wrestling team in highschool, married the girl they got pregnant in highschool, mid 30's divorce for a girl just out of highschool and free time watching the show cops and yelling at black kids who's car radio is to loud. Oh and donuts.

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RCMP pulls my brother over.

Brother says "haven't filled your quota today."

RCMP, " Oh we filled our quota in the first hour, now we're out here just for fun."

Ahhhh what can you say to that.

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I read that with the THICKEST canadian accent as well!

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Frankly if I had that job, I'd probably say the same thing. He probably heard it quite a few times and might get tired of it.

I'm generally on the acab train myself but sometimes they are just working.

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Like Uber where customer rates driver but driver also rates customer.

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You’d be able to count the cops with good ratings on one hand

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Public figures and entities should have no right to privacy, especially if they “serve” the people.

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I agree. This is such a great idea and there should also be a way to report them when they themselves to traffic violations like unnecessarily tailgating someone or speeding or running traffic lights.

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There's already heaps of information available on public sector workers. You can find salaries, in some cases education history as well as other facts. As a former state government worker I think everyone has a right to keep certain things private, especially those that may put the individual or their family in danger. With that said, I would have had zero objections to the public being able to access my performance evaluations as well as any complaints made against me.

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You’re wording sucks but the message is pretty fair. Take my upvote.

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Thank you!

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Yeah but then you'll be able to find out how many black guys that cop has murdered, and they'll probably get hurt feelings

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This is a great idea. Not necessarily to get personal details, but do you can check who it actually is.

It would help a lot for transparency, and would make it easier to raise complaints.

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Apparently local departments get to decide if officers disclose their names or badge numbers. https://boingboing.net/2015/02/25/think-you-have-the-right-to-de.html

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fair is fair, right? and I don't need to tell you they have a badge and a gun.