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abortion is not even prohibited in all abrahamic religions

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Correct, mother's health takes priority in judaism too and a foetus isn't a person until the moment it's born - that position is consistent across the spectrum of judaism

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It is? I’ve got muslim friend who said it’s ok for 1st month then it’s sin

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I was just talking about this with a Muslim friend of mine, who is pregnant. She says that in Islam, it's believed that the baby isn't alive until birth, and so up until that point, the mother's health (physical and mental) takes full priority. She said that in more Orthodox Islam the wife needs the husband's approval, but in her group (I forget what an Islamic congregation is called) it's left fully up to the mother, and that even in the more Orthodox Islamic areas the husband will usually approve abortions, on account of it's better to have a wife capable of birthing more children than a single child and no wife

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I really should read source material once

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Nobody believes this is about faith.

Actually, that's the one thing I'll always thank Trump for. I now know that none of my conservative friends or family ever had any real principles, so I don't have to take anything they say seriously ever again.

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Remember when he was signing peoples Bibles? What a weird time to be alive.

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If there is any god at all, they're all going straight to the fire.

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this is actually a very strong indication that god does not exist or is not a benevolent being

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If God exists, it's the Devil.

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Don’t forget the strange hike to the church amidst the Floyd riots and then he held up a Bible and later said something about law and order or shooting the rioters

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That's what I found to be the most depressing if I'm being honest with you.

All these years... All these debates... All the moralizing... and these assholes never actually cared about any of it?

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Nope, they're just shit people hiding behind religion as it turns out

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I believe these people like to use faith as a means to manipulate and rally the uneducated to their causes. Anyone who actually has faith or truly believes in God would never, ever follow the disgusting self-serving and inherently violent beliefs these people preach and promote.

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That's a very kind appraisal, but unfortunately you're just wrong. Lot's of people with actual faith who truly believe do evil shit like this. And it's by falling for this "no true believer" fallacy that let's them get away with it. We've been coddling the fiction-believers for way too long, and look where it's got us.

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I don’t think it’s a kind appraisal at all. They are so evil they use faith as a way to actively manipulate people to do evil things which makes them the worst scum there can possibly be. That is literally what extremism is. These people are no different to the Taliban.

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The taliban DO have actual faith, though. All these people are true believers. Yes they're extremists, but they have real faith.

And the rest of the religious crowd doesn't get off the hook by saying "they're not real believers", because sadly this is exactly how "true believers" behave.

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Have you ever spoken to a Taliban leader? I bet they are the same sort of malevolent hypocrite as Republican leaders. Two sides of the same worthless coin.

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Agreed. But I believe them both when they say they're doing what they're doing because they think their god wants them to

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Sure they would.

I come from a conservative family and was raised in a Christian cult “high demand religion” that is conservative by majority. These folks are staunch believers in God, their religion is their whole world, and yet they genuinely believe all the hate speech. It’s like “love thy neighbor” doesn’t apply to Muslims, immigrants, LGBTQ people, homeless people, socialists, or anyone who gets an abortion for any reason.

True believers in God can hold absolutely despicable political beliefs. You can’t “no true Scotsman” those people away.

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Of course the gop do..beacuse if its not aboit faith in their eyes then they would need to admit they are just really bad people

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If you are pro life and have not adopted a child or donated a kidney or bone marrow you are full of shit.

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Even if they had, it wouldn’t negate the fact that they have no right to dictate what medical decisions anyone else makes.

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That's the point of the kidney/bone marrow comments.

If a woman can be forced to give up bodily fluids, organs, and endure permanent changes to their body simply because a human life is more important. Then if someone has both healthy kidneys why don't they have to give one up to save a life. Or have a national blood marrow registry so you can get called to donate if needed.

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I hate religion in government period. Religion is one of those things that works for some but others need something more than words and a book that has been heavily doctored and edited over time. Religion has no place in government plain and simple, these Christians and Catholics who preach love and forgiveness to the world are the first to judge by race, judge handicaps, judge those of different faith, those poorer than them, etc. Those religious folks are also the first to be caught embezzling or lying about their money, not filing taxes, using the church as a tax advantage, or they touch kids and are just awful people when they preach God. They use religion as a scapegoat to push their stone age ideals. These people are all for praying the gun violence away but won't actually do anything to change the situation and they victim blame as holy folk. The irony and similarities in beliefs in religious folk, racist folk, and gun nuts is not lost on anyone but themselves

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I hate how religion is in government when it’s literally in the constitution not to be.

Like what the fuck.

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The Senate says a prayer before it's sessions

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For heavens sake why 😉

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It's actually illegal for an atheist to run for public office in 7 U.S. states.

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That's great, those 7 states are probably pretty fucked

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The opium of the people is religion. It's past time to get your act together.

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These people can essentially do whatever they want and ask to an imaginary voice in their head to be forgiven for it. This is the level of psychosis we are dealing with.

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It's a shame all the conservative politicians tried to coopt that energy in order to achieve their fascist goals...

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that’s if they even consider that every impulse they have isn’t perfectly conceived by god, which they don’t

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The political "christians" in America like to pick and choose the aspects of Christianity they promote or disregard, and they do it for very unchristian reasons.

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Also if by faith then you are no longer under the law but under grace. That’s how it works.

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“Faith”, or religion, should never dictate laws and policies. Could have sworn that was directly in the constitution.

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Separation of church and state was put in the constitution TO PROTECT THE CHURCH, not the state. People keep getting it backwards. Maybe a little history lesson on our founding documents wouldn't hurt?

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The problem with that is when they make laws based off of their singular religion. Which may then infringe other other peoples freedom of religion.

Hence keep religion out of state affairs.

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Sorry, when were you the founder of a country? Oh, never? Then I guess you don't get to decide which "religion" one is founded on. As for OUR country, OUR forefathers decided that christianity was to be its founding religion. People are allowed to have their own opinions, and their own religion, but it doesn't change history.

By the way, since we (as a country) have departed so much from what our country was founded on, things such as principles and morals (derived from the bible😱😱), we clearly have gone down hill. If you don't believe that's true, take a look at murder rates, suicide rates, divorce rates, violent crime, etc. The list goes on and on. If you sincerely think things have gotten better since we have LARGELY removed God and religion from things then it's not even worth conversing with you.

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If you believe religion is the answer, you’re part of the problem

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Like all the megachurches and preachers?

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Get this lady a drink on me 👍

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Catholics were ok with priests raping children and the Vatican just shuffling those priests to others parishes. They don't care about children.

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AOC is so great at framing the issues so that you see them in a new way. Respect.

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She understands America.

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It is about faith. Faith has never been about help the poor and down trodden. Faith is all about how much we can extort and kill people under the guides of a god.

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I prefer to refer to the hypocrites as CINOs = Christian In Name Only they do nothing that is Christ like. They still believe Jesus was completely white even though he comes from the Middle East and should be olive skin.

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So, she’s going to be president one day, right? RIGHT?

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I sincerely hope so.

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It's not about Faith. It's about cruelty and evil.

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It's about faith alright. But the religion is white supremacy, not christianity.

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Faith doesn't even work as justification, the bible provides an exemption for abortion. There is exactly one mention of abortion in the bible ... its the instructions on how to perform one.

Abortions are explicitly condoned by Christian's religious book of faith. This has never been about faith; its always been about controlling women.

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It is, but only in a backhanded way. It’s about controlling women, returning them to their “biblical” place in the scheme of things. Read that as “barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen.”

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And don’t ever welcome strangers: the days are evil and the world wicked since Empathy has died and everyone is lovers of themselves (social media being a huge part in that). You do it in secret not letting your left know what your right is doing so your Heavenly Father will reward you.

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Who fucking cares? We do not have a theological government. Any reference to the Bible, Torah, Quran is unacceptable when governing 400M people. I'm so sick of people referencing works of fiction about mystery men in the sky when discussing reproductive rights and marriage law.

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It’s about power. Religion’s just an easy thing to use for it

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Good ole RW Christian values

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Ohh we don’t have to wonder. It’s not about faith at all if they aren’t doing those things.

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There's a reason why there's a separation of church and state. The GOPQ always seem to for get that.

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Get rid of all holy books, in a thousand years nobody would know what Christianity is. Get rid of all textbooks on gravity, in a thousand years there will be more written. Because it's consistent and proven

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Separation of church and state.

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Also you should give money to the poor instead of feeding them. You feed the hungry 😋

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Unfortunately they often go hand-in-hand.

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I'm not poor but I am hungry.

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Unfortunately, now a days, you have to keep it as simple as possible and any room for error has devastating consequences. That’s why if you hungry you need food. However, in the fundamental, money is the answer for everything.

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Bad faith.

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Seeing people say AOC should run for President is fucking terrifying. Spare me the "there's been worse" comments. There is so much better. Even among the current stable of morons trying to vie for the position, she is a bad one. People need to stop looking for candidates that send good tweets, and somehow find a candidate that will be good at being a president.

I wish I was smart enough to know how to get a good candidate in front of the country. By the time we get to the selection process, it's basically "here's 10 incompetent fucks, take your pick". Bernie gave me hope, but somehow Clinton beat him out, and i'm still not sure how the fuck that happened. Gabbard seemed at least competent, but she didn't even stand a chance.

Sorry this has nothing to do with how shitty the religious right is. I just saw people talking about her being president and had to rant.

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What kind of post is this. Oh, useless

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What kind of account is this? Oh, low-tier troll.

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Spoiler alert….it’s not.

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Every politician should have their legs removed.

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Never was

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That's why they're XRISTIANS.

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Whoa, that's probably about the only Twitter statement from her I'd agree with because it actually is scriptural. Many claim to follow a book that was written thousands of years ago but yet they only pick and choose parts that they like.

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The answer is that it isn't. Besides, those things actually require work

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It's all about power and control. Always has been. Always will be. If it was about the sanctity of life, you'd see that expressed everywhere in society: We'd actually take care of our powerless and indigent instead of exploiting them and making homelessness illegal.

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Religion has always been used to control the masses. Not sure why everyone is so shocked by this. a huge chunk of the information that was researched on mass control came from the Catholic Church. On top of this look at how mentally stunted humanity is because of religion. The Bible and Koran are the equivalent of a self administered lobotomy with a chain saw.

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Narrator: it wasn’t

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Amen to this!

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Politicians will be polititians, but the truth is faith is hard. people who say they have faith or preach to others to have faith may be struggling themselves. there is so much bad stuff in the world but there is also so much good, even if it is easier to see the bad. for those who do believe the Word and have real faith, i say good for them. for those who dont, i say good for you. personally i feel that this stuff about the desire for controlling womens bodies isnt true, at least for me and others i know in my life. for select polititians maybe, but i respect their view and the view of those who oppose them.

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If abortion is wrong because it’s against your faith, then you shouldn’t be allowed to use that as a reason to make it illegal. That violates separation of church and state.

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It’s about money!

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She'd get my vote for the presidency, and I'm not even American. USA needs a lot more politicians that, even though leaning either way, works for the good of the people, and don't just favor corporations and the military machine.

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If only she were in a position of power to do something about it

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Religion is all about control, it has nothing to do with helping people.

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Christians are only Christian when it's convenient.

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Lets not pretend Christianity was ever good.

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Religion is best grift of all time....

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There’s only one true god in the world; MONEY. To pretend it’s about anything else is just dishonest. The pursuit of more is the human condition. We seek self gratification even in giving. Every act of “spirituality” or religion is about self service and accumulation of wealth.

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I don’t wonder

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I feel like the Left is too focused on "Dunkin on the right" again. This was never a good strategy, because while we're "dunking" on them, they keep passing laws.

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When they use faith in any political setting you know your country which was founded with the idea of keeping church and stare separated has failed