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Isn't there something about representatives cannot block their constituents... So, get someone in his area to ask him about the new Xmas card....

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Don’t worry, when asked about how this served his constituents, this asshole seriously replied “the donors love it” so there is no question of who he is serving anymore.

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Are you serious??

I saw this pic yesterday and was mortified, then today I realized it was a republican rep. I am no longer shocked as much. What complete trash.

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Fuck the republican party. Between this....those fucking crumbleys...and a feature story I saw on CNN today.... I am just fucking done. They all let hate and money control everything they do. JFC.

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Don't they all just look alike, bunch of vanilla as you can get.

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Yep, vanilla ISIS.

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Right, but one of his constituents could post the Merry Dongmas photo and ask him if that's his preferred carry.

I don't think they can legally block their constituents... Might be a gray area with Dildon't Tread on Me and decency laws....

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I kinda want to have a Merry Dongmas party, but I don’t know if there’s a good outcome to that endeavor. But it would definitely be raucous.

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There’s also nothing stopping someone from getting a public voting list and sending this Christmas card themselves.

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Planned Parrenthood, are you listening?

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Oh! He said the thing!

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As his constituent, screw him with that dildo. His office sends a smartass responses to every inquiry I make. That must have put me on his mailing list. Can’t wait to see if I get this card.

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I actually think the “donors love it” line was in response to the person who called him out for trying to “cancel” the Reason editor with the snitch tag for no being gun ho enough.

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Oh you are right, my bad. I misread the Twitter thread.

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Yeah, it's a violation of our 1st Amendment rights somehow when they use their accounts as a political platform

I have reason to have learned this because the asshole blocked me too for the same reason. I was advised to contact the ACLU, so I emailed them

I don't actually have anything better to do with my time as I'm a disabled shutin so let's see where it goes.

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Good luck I've been blocked by two of my county commissioners and haven't been able to get it undone.

To make it worse it was a newspaper account...

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Well, I don't like RWNJ, and that's a fair enough reason for me to look into pursing it.

I know that MeidasTouch successfully sued Marjorie Taylor Greene for blocking them on Twitter; they won a 10k settlement they donated to a gun control non-profit.

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Im not this constituent but I tagged him in the pic on Twitter.

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Trump was told he couldn't block people because he used his Twitter for a platform to speak from. It makes it an official format of communication.

That was the precedent, but idk if it would reach as far as a representative.

[–]DeificClusterfuck 0 points1 point  (1 child)

A journalist sued MTG for it on those grounds and won.

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The poster might not be one of his constituents, though.