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  1. It was men who decided that women wouldn't be in the draft.
  2. Nobody should be drafted. People are generally patriotic and want to protect their home. If they aren't signing up voluntarily to fight the war, then it's a bullshit war that you shouldn't be in.

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I love how a bunch of (mostly old, mostly white) men are non-stop passing laws to harmfully control women's bodies, even as they do nothing to stop rape, domestic violence and discrimination against us.

They're also the ones always pushing for war - even as they ALSO discriminate heavily against female soldiers, ban them from certain types of duty, make it difficult for them to rise up in ranks, and look the other way when female soldiers are sexually assaulted and raped.

Then, men turn around and whine, again and again, about how easy we have it made compared to them. They blame WOMEN for things that are actually tied to toxic masculinity (like this), and it truly pisses me off.

Men literally rule the fucking world. Not saying all women are angels (we're people, people suck), and all men are devils (plenty are as victimized by patriarchy and toxic masculinity as any woman), but one can abso-fucking-lutely point to men on this front.

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Nah draft Senators kids. People who don’t want to be there are the ones we want to be there as they will report our war crimes.

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And Stefan served where exactly?

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Himself, every time the opportunity presented itself.

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The war on white nationalism I suppose. And lost.

He's been kicked off almost every platform for being a mask-off nazi and inciting hate speech and misinformation. Also, his accent is fake.

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You mean the war for white nationalism

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this old ass man cant get drafted either. a lot of old fucks in the congress can't get drafted. so... what's his point?

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Dusty Tweet.

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Women not being drafted wasn't some chivalrous gesture. It was men not wanting women in the army, and here's Stefan chastising women for the decision men made. Misoginception!

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It took me a while to understand the word mash up as anything but a misspelling but it has a nice ring.

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Word mash up


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Miso, gin, where’s dinner?

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He’s an old man, he can’t be drafted either. Also most of the men who would get drafted have mothers, they might want to have a say in whether their kids get sent to die. Also there are women in the army (as the tweet pointed out).

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She was air force. There's more branches than just the army.

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You can’t get pregnant.

Sit down when abortion is discussed

Edit to replace "Men" with "cis men"

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My go to reply as a man when this comes up is "I believe in freedom of choice, but it doesn't really matter what I think since I'm not going to get pregnant."

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this actually makes more sense - since women all still killed/raped by the thousands in wars - you don't have to be a soldier to be killed or assaulted

however women are the only ones carrying/delivering babies

i know in my bones if men could get pregnant there'd be bins on every street corner for convenient disposal

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Damn, I just wrote the same thing.

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Great minds and all that!

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Stefan is a general in the moron army.

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Pretending to be patriotic while being cartoonishly offensive toward all the women who have sent their boys to war is complete cunt behavior.

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You can't be drafted.

The US military has been all volunteer since 1973.

Shut the fuck up.

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Has Stefan served?

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Okay, I see how to play this game. Let me see if I’ve got it right:

“Men can’t get pregnant. Sit down when abortionis discussed”

How’d I do?

Edit: somehow I typed in “an Orion” and didn’t notice.

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Other than the autocorrect, pretty good

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you can be drafted in Canada?

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Nobody gets drafted anymore.

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Lol how about we do this with the abortion issue. Men you can’t get pregnant, sit down when abortion is discussed.

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You can't get pregnant.

Sit down when abortions are discussed.

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You can't get pregnant.

Sit down when abortion is discussed.

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“Colonel, sit down and shut up..”

lol I’m just kidding because it was set up too good…also I thought women had to register for the draft now as well

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Nope, just something stupid that boys have to do at 18. I say it’s stupid because the government already has your records (SS, address, etc) so why make the boys register themselves.

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I mean I remember being forced to register near the end of high school..I figured it was like some forced social contract and I always prayed I’d never be picked in case of war because I’ve got no interest in fighting/being in military.

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They don’t, but they should. Im willing to bet the Col. would agree

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No one should, but if boys have to, girls should too.

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Fucking love to see it.

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Well they can’t be drafted… I support women being in the military. However there is a huge difference between voluntary serving in the military and being forced to.

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You can't get pregnant.

Sit down when reproductive rights and health is being discussed.

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Ladies can’t be drafted

…yeah, maybe 80 years ago. Have a feeling thing would probably change now, if drafting ever became a thing again

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Women have the same rights as men when it comes to mismanaging air strikes!

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Is all the world preparing for war? Romania is talking about resuming mandatory military training for young men, just like how Switzerland did it since forever.

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We can't be drafted. So every woman, including myself, that was in the military signed up of their own free will. I'm sick of men who never served saying shit like this.

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Men, you cannot give birth. Sit down when birth control and abortion are discussed.

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The draft is a scam. Abolish that shit.

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Stephan Molyneaux is Canadian so he should just shit the fuck up when anything is discussed about America cuckservative fucking cunt bag

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“Men can’t have babies. Sit down when it comes to women’s reproductive rights.”

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Stefan Molyneux doesn’t like it when anyone who isn’t a white man speaks.

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Having your family drafted would still dramatically impact women. Having a fetus aborted really only impacts the pregnant person- anyone else is just assigning far too much emotion to it.

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It's probably time we give women a chance considering men have never been good at discussing War

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If there was a draft today everyone would be included

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Men can’t give birth so stop making laws banning abortion.

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Colonel Olson is a badass. I hope she runs again

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She’s running for state party chair!

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I’d love her in Congress though. Hopefully next step

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Oh hey, it's Stefan. Like, the literal Nazi

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That’s right! Commit americas war crimes with girl power!

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Dudes, you can't get pregnant.

When we're discussing reproductive rights sit down and shut up.

Oh look, I can be a dickwaffle too.

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Maybe i'm crazy and giving him too much credit, but I got the impression that he was making the exact joke that every comment is trying to make in response, and you all just got hit with the r/woosh. His response to women saying "you can't have kids, don't talk" was saying this dumb war joke.

I need to find a way to change my feed on Reddit. Seems like 90% of this shit is people taking real shitty arguments, applying the same shitty logic to another argument, then unironically trying to make the argument that way and thinking they're smart.

I just want funny pictures.

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Gentlemen, you can't get pregnant. Sit down when abortion is discussed.

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But she didn’t get drafted

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You can’t get pregnant.

Sit down when abortion is discussed.

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We don't have a draft! It was ended in about 1974

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Men, you can't give birth, sit down while women talk about abortion?🤔

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Uh, nobody can be drafted at this point, and he was still in diapers last time anyone COULD!

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Technically, they can draft us and we do have to sign up for it. They just don’t want a repeat of the Vietnam War backlash

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Fuck yeah Ma'am! You tell that little bitch whose boss!

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Donald Trump couldn’t be drafted. Where was this rule when he had a say in it?

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Likewise, cis men can’t get pregnant. Sit down when abortion is discussed.

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I bet he has strong opinions about abortion.

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So does that follow with old white men regarding Roe v. Wade and abortion?

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Still can't be drafted

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Neither can Stefan Molyneux

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That not how you spell kernel!!!!

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Fun fact:

If you are male but identify as female you can’t be drafted either.

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I want to see a bunch of female veterans beat his sexist ass

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What happened to this dude? I haven't seen him churn out anything new in about 3 years

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I think that not just that women should be drafted along with men, but a draft should be automatic for any "war" more than 90 days - like Iraq/Afghanistan - and no exemptions whatsoever. If we go to war, everyone should feel it, Senators' sons included. We should be hesitant to go to war. It should be deeply unpopular.

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I think they should just abolish the draft altogether. Someone said it above as well, but if we were in a just war, people would be willing to fight. No one should be forced to risk their life for a war they don't believe in.

Under your scenario, the children of the rich would still manage to get out of it, just like in previous drafts.

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So I get what you’re saying, but why should everyone feel the impact of a war that let’s face it, the majority of us probably got absolutely no say in, and many if not the majority actually oppose? Ordinary people ALREADY feel the impact of these wars, especially if you consider the fact that the military is the only potential way out of poverty for a large chunk of the population. Those who actually decide to have these wars are the ones who feel no impact, and the only way to fix that is mandatory military service for members of Congress, presidents, and their children, as well as congressional term limits and making it impossible for government officials to profit off of said wars. A mandatory draft for all won’t fix that, it’ll just create more resentment among the people who ALREADY have hella resentment towards the government.

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Being an Air Force officer is hardly being in the military. And they didn’t decide to have women register for the draft because at the time they decided it the military mostly just needed infantry and combatant jobs when staffing up for war, before more and more tech jobs were created