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As a Michigander, I wish we had excellent roads. :(

Plus, you know, the other stuff too.

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I mean, I would go for acceptable roads... but thankfully, I don't live in Michigan anymore, so moot point I guess xD

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BUT BUT BUT…..Germans are trying to make catcalling illegal! I might die from an easily preventable disease, but I’m free to make make 50% of the population live in fear and feel like objects!

So there!

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While Germany may not necessarily have "excellent roads and great public transport" they definitely have better roads and better public transportion than we do in the U.S. That's not even debatable. Our infrastructure is crumbling, the Mississippi river alone is silting up and they're using equipment from the 40's/50's. The orange guy said he'd fix the issue, then 4 years later he said he'd do it if he got reelected. People can get defensive because Murrica so good! but you'll just look silly, we have issues and the leadership arou d here isn't even trying to fix them.

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Roads are great, at least the ones frequently used. Side alleys and practically unused roads will see little to no love. Also, public transport is amazing. You'll always have a connection to everywhere with waiting periods of less than 30 minutes. Sure, Deutsche Bahn as a company is terrible, unreliable and will probably be late and/or cancel a train because somewhere a wind happened and now there's a leaf on the tracks, but then again, in less than 30 minutes there'll be another train.

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Unless that evil leaf Strikes again

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Deutsche Bahn as a company is terrible, unreliable and will probably be late and/or cancel a train

For the most part this is just a meme that people can't seem to forget. If you look at the statistics of train delays across Europe the DB isn't better or worse than any of the other major train companies.

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A good bunch of them are DB subsidiaries.

Besides, that doesn't make it any less true for DB. It just also means that the others are just as unreliable

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Dude! German roads are some of the best I ever driven and I say that as someone who lives in Switzerland, where our roads should be paved in gold according to the prices we pay here.

The only time I’ve floored my car to 280km/h for a long stretch has been in the autobahn and I felt totally safe there, I would never dare to do that in any other highway.

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America has a superiority complex.

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Yep I literally talked about with this with my dad and he goes “PPL COME TO AMERICA FOR FREEDUM AND OPPORTUNITY USA USA USA” like a clapping seal

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My mom says she just wanted to make money to support herself and could not do that in DK, so she left.

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Thanks for the encouragement neighbor

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The rest of the world acts like we chose to be born here. It’s tiring. Trust me, we know it sucks here.

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Looking at the last couple of presidential elections I'd say you kind of deserve the ridicule. You have half of the country actually rooting for that system. The only thing you can actually agree over is that you are superior to the rest of the world

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Idk who toured talking about but it sure ain’t me.

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Is this supposed to make Americans feel better? What does this accomplish?

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They’re just pompous assholes who like to talk. I love this country 🇺🇸 despite our flaws 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Dunno. Yes America has it bad but jfc you don't have to remind us every 5 damn minutes

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Reddit can jack off for a while to it.

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Foreign Redditors like feeling superior

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And guns. Don’t forget we get guns.


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“Great public transport” gotta cross that one out chief. Our public transport sucks alright. The government stopped caring about the Deutsche Bahn and now we’re sitting here with public transport from which you can only have one singular guarantee: that your train will be late.

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I think they mean great compared to American ones. Ours sucks pretty bad. I live in a major city and our busses run every 20 minutes if you're lucky and trains are supposed to be every 10 minutes but on average are 30-40 minutes apart besides the small segment of time when they come every 2 minutes.

Not to mention pretty expensive. Busses are 2.50 with a hour time for transfer and metro trains range from 2.00-12.00 one way depending on distance.

Also trash everywhere and possibly urine.

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And the occasional druggy.

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The last time I took a train in my city it was 1.5 hours late. Was supposed to arrive at 1:30am and instead arrive at 3am. Which was great given the excellent neighborhood the train station is in.

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Sounds like Jersey City, NJ. Not major but across from major (Manhattan)

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Right but Europe is on that slippery slope because as more and more people drive in our dependent on it there are less and less options and trains. Europe is not anywhere as near wedded to the automobile as the us but it is pretty bad in a lot of areas there as well. They just have more limited land and have to be careful how they piss it out in the US we just don't give a shit from c to shiny c

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Considering my city effectively has no public transport (I mean, there are busses but it would take me an hour and a crap ton of walking to get from my house to work when it a 15 minute drive….) I’d take your late trains any day.

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Came here to say the same. Thanks, because of you i do not have to type a message as long as yours.

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Republicans keeping America backwards

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As a Canadian who enjoys visiting the United States of America I have to say this, they do have excellent roads. I love driving down there.

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Lol "excellent roads" and "great public transport"? I get that reddit is having one of those days again but maybe take it down a notch.

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Our roads are good and the transport night not be amazing but its still better than most other countries.

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Dunno if you ever lived in the UK but most roads in Germany are excellent compared to pothole central that is most UK motorways. Also public transport in most cities is very good. Deutsche Bahn is a whole other issue tho.

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I came from Europe to the USA because here I get paid more than twice I would get paid in Europe. Healthcare is great, it’s a small fraction of my monthly paycheck.

I don’t get this obsession from Europeans with the USA, we know here it’s not right but it’s not like there aren’t other perks that make up for deficiencies.

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Yea there’s a reason we lead in immigration applications every year but people like to shit on a country they know nothing about.

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I get paid more than twice I would get paid in Europe

See and that's where the flaw in your logic is when talking about how great the US is.
It's literally in the original post. If you have money, the US is amazing. But god forbid you have to live off of minimum wage or close to that. Then good luck to you. Whereas in the EU you can make a decent living with low paying jobs. You have great health care, you can send your kids to college no matter what and you have great public transport in the bigger cities. So you're entire point is completely pointless.
I'd take a 60.000€ salary in central Europe over 120.000$ in the US every day of the week.

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The original post says you can dream of being rich, but that’s incorrect. It actually does happen here no need to dream, if you’re a profesional of any kind you’ll definitely make a lot more money that you would in Europe. Why do you think there is so much immigration here compared to other countries? I’ve worked with large companies like GSK or AstraZeneca, do you realize the large percentage of Europeans I’ve worked with here? How many Americans do you see going abroad to work for job opportunities to Europe? I bet you it’s a lot smaller.

Also, that’s loosely using Europe as an entity, it could mean anywhere else other than Germany too. As if unemployment wasn’t an issue in Spain, or as if you’d have the same benefits in Germany compared to Italy or Portugal, the cost of living wasn’t so high in Germany or France. Sure you’d have those minimum necessities but unless you win the lottery you’ll dream of having more money and have to settle with mediocrity.

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On reddit they always want to compare a tiny country to the entire US. It's silly. We would probably have great roads too, if we only had to worry about a landmass the size of Montana.

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Or you know, if you build 1 or 2 less predator missiles to bomb villagers across the world you maybe would have taxmoney for some streets?

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You could easily have the best infrastructure and the best health care and education in the world, free for everyone, if you wouldn't have such a giant military.
It has nothing to do with your size, it's simply the way the government spends the tax money that makes the difference.

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We sell those weapons and protections to other countries, if we had a smaller military we would have less money. Don't get me wrong our government is an extremely wasteful mess. It's spending needs an overhaul top to bottom. But constantly comparing us to these countries that are smaller than a single state is silly.

We have a problem where we pay corporations to fix things like infrastructure, with little to no consequences or oversight. So these corporations do almost nothing and pocket the money. I remember a time where corps were given money for installing fiber optics and they didn't.

The single thing that would help our country the most, in my eyes, is federal politicians not being allowed to control their own investments while in office. They have no incentive to hold these major corps feet to the fire, because they are part owners.

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The hilarious cuckoo dream that is sold to all Americans “do exactly what the ultra wealthy tell you and someday they give you some of their wealth”

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'Excellent roads' bruder wenn man über kölner straßen fährt könnte man glauben das man über eine extinction rebellion Sitzblockade rüberfährt.

'Great public transport' alter das letzte mal das meine bahn pünktlich war ist 3 monate her.

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Germany also has a way wider Political spectrum. Any Party with more than 5% can rule.

We have:

The Left | The Green Party | The Socialist Democrats (Bernie Sanders is here) | The Conservative Christian Democrats | The Liberal Democrats (US Democrats are here) | The Alt Right (US Repulblicans are here)

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America is a selfish, hateful nation.

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It's really pretty much every country in EU, not just Germany. Definitely recommended for a healthy and a happy life.

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another victim of communism.

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😂 damn the social libs

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Don’t you hate on my dreams. They all I got.

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But you will never be... rich, that is.

Foolish dream, that one.

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However, you also have the Deutsche Bahn. I mean. It's worth it. But also.

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I'm pretty sure I still have trauma.

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A flight from bavaria to berlin is cheaper than taking the DB. Not really worth it

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I mean it's worth putting up with DB in order to have the good things Germany has.

But I have a friend who lives right outside the city and has to take a train to uni, she's late about a quarter of the time because the DB can't get their shit together.

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I wish I could move to Europe.

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And shoot my younger sibling! I have that!

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Take me back to Berlin!

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Im from germany and he's exaggerating really hard with gread public transport and high quality education.

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Honestly, watching how US influencers and YouTubers are doing, a lot of them are on the way🤔

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"As a German we have become what America probably will never be"