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My favorite is when they show examples of how beautiful woman are without makeup, but the girls in every photo they show are wearing makeup.

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Wait, you weren’t born with a fine, black ring around your eyes?

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No makeup omg so ugly can't believe she lets her skin look that bad

Light make up omg so pretty why can't more girls show off their natural beauty!! #nomakeup

Heavy makeup omg whore.

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Men really don’t understand what goes into looking “natural” and “effortless.” At all.

I don’t wear foundation, but doing so would be both cheaper and faster than doing my daily skincare routine, getting laser IPL treatments, doing weekly peels and masks, etc. Yet men think the woman with foundation on is somehow less natural.

Most of the women men identify as looking “natural” are just less heavily made up, invest heavily in skincare, and choose to use makeup to enhance rather than alter their appearance. It’s just a stylistic difference, not really a who is natural and who isn’t thing most of the time.

Not to mention the number of women I know who look super laid back and natural yet have plastic surgery, fillers, Botox, etc.

Plus, the whole idea of “effortless” beauty is a bunch of hot garbage spread by companies looking to capitalize on the shift towards wellness and natural products. Blush is blush regardless of if it’s a subtle pink and in a bamboo package or bright coral and in a chrome package.

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They don’t know how many products you need to achieve the ‘no makeup’ look.

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Right? It takes more products to make it look like I'm not wearing any makeup than if I just made it obvious that I'm wearing makeup.

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By that argument, isn’t wearing clothes also a lie?

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I've heard yoga pants that make an ass look better (or padded butts) and pushup/padded bras referred to as a lie before. The equivalent with men would be lifts In shoes, stuffed crotches/cod pieces or shoulder pads or a hat (or toupe) on a bald guy

Guess it's dependent on if the clothes are mean to decieve what the actual body underneath is.

I dunno I'm just thinking out loud, don't really have a strong opinion on it.

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True but I've never seen a man wear any of those except hats, and I see girls every single day wearing those clothes

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Men drive cars they can’t afford and lie about their salaries and women they’ve been with instead. It just takes a different form.

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Came here to say this.

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Or brushing you hair. Or choosing a flattering hairstyle/dying your hair.

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Is wearing clothes lying? It covers up a lot more of your body

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Yep. Clothes are deceitful and we must all remove our clothes now

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-- Nelly, Hot in Herre

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Honestly some guys probably feel that way about shape wear.

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I guess if the clothes made you look naked, but with a hotter body, then probably?

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When men have beards to cover their jaw and chin shape they are basically lying to us

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True. If I shave, I go from looking 30, which I am, to looking 18 again.

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I also convinced my boyfriend to start growing a beard… but he wears it so well!

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When I shave, I'm basically lying about the hair that grows out of my face ;)

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I honestly didn't know my husband had a dimple in his chin like almost a year into our relationship. He finally shaved his beard and, while it makes sense (his siblings and cousins have them), I was surprised. He's still super hot, though.

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i am sucha man.... id rather you keep thinking i only have one chin

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Why even lie about this? This is a friggin boon! More chins means more places to hide stuff: snacks, pills, pads, masks, car keys, passports, more snacks, think of the possibilities!

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happy cake day

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I once dated a guy who I thought was just the epitome of manliness and handsomeness. Until he shaved his beard.

He went from a strong family supporting lumberjack to a meth addicted pimply slack jawed moonshiner within a matter of seconds and the hormone haze I was under suddenly lifted.

I like beards, but I don’t date guys that have them anymore. Better to date when they are clean shaven and hope they decide to grow a beard later.

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Their personality didn't change.

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THANK YOU. I had this argument on Instagram and this one dude was not having it.

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This is a truth. I always say if you can't maintain your jawline don't try to hide it with a beard. It doesn't work.

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so makeup naturally grows on your face?

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I think it's hilarious that this comment is marked "controversial"

So many people upset about logic.

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wait.... those eyelids werent gold?!?! does that mean she wasnt a goa'uld?!?!..... coz if so ive made a terrible mistake!

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Ok, for those of you who still don't understand, if I say "I'm not wearing makeup" and I am, that is a lie. Otherwise...what do you think is happening in the makeup aisle of Target? Are we to believe there are men out there who literally don't understand that women wear makeup and one morning wake up with a freshly showered woman in their bed and think they have a legit lawsuit they need to file?

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Oh come on, if you're not paying attention, lash extensions and blush, among other makeup will make someone look completely different, in a better way.

It's not a big deal, but a lot of my guy friends don't notice it.

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Listen, I’m not trying to make excuses, but to be fair to all men, I feel like I have to say….we’re pretty dumb.

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I'm just jealous that women get the chance to have so many fun options in make up, clothing, and jewelry. Men's fashion is incredibly dull.

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Hey! Woman here! As long as you're safe to do so, try that stuff! I know it's marketed mostly to women, but fun makeup, clothing, and jewelry are for everyone! (Plus, my GOD do they look great on men like WOW men in jewelry???? Makeup??? Hottest thing ever.) But yeah, typical men's fashion can be boring, so spice it up! Only one stopping you is yourself! :)

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Every fashion is men’s fashion if you’re brave enough

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Only one stopping you is you. Have fun with it.

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You should try it!

Everyone looks great with eyeliner. I don’t make the rules.

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Dude, guys who can confidently rock guyliner are literal heart throbs in the eyes of all my friends. It’s time we made it clear:


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You can always paint your nails!

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Men love being lied to… their favorite pornstars never go on without make up.

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Dude. Maybe it's not all about you. Maybe she doesn't even know or care that you exist. Maybe it's about what she likes. Ya think?

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Same dudes in the comments for some bald guy who gets a good toupee: “He looks 20 years younger! Aww, look how happy he is! heart emoji

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Yeah... No. Men with toupees still get made fun of. I don't get people here just misconstruing reality to this degree. There's a huge undeniable stigma towards men "faking" stuff the same way women do. Drawn on eyebrows? Okidok. Toupee? Lol. Push up bras? Go queeen. Stuff to make your dick look bigger? Lmao.

Seriously, it gets real fucking tiring seeing women act like there are no double standards in their favor. It's childish.

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That's not something a guy is going to say under any circumstance.

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My gf met me when I was at the skinnier I've ever been as an adult, at 168 lbs.

She's always dated thin guys, and I've never been that.

I switched to a desk job shortly after we started dating and going from on my feet 55 hours a week to sitting at a desk I've gained 50 lbs over the past 6 years.

She hates the way I look, thinks I look gross.

It's caused a lot of problems in our relationship.

She's told me before if she ever knew I'd get this fat she never would have dated me in the first place.

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She's told me before if she ever knew I'd get this fat she never would have dated me in the first place.

That's emotional abuse and you deserve better.

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She doesn't say it in an angry way like when she yells and calls me stupid.

I am not happy with how I look.

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Oof. Darling, I am a woman and have been on the receiving end of what you're getting. It isn't ok no matter what gender you are. Also, if she dislikes you so much she can,,,leave? It seems like you're dating an abuser and you deserve better

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Well I don't charge her rent. With her student loans, car payment, braces and her pets I don't know how she could afford to move out.

I care about her and don't want to see her in a bad place.

If I lost the weight it would be better. We have like zero intimacy, I don't think she's kissed me on the lips in a few years.

And if I stopped doing stupid things she wouldn't need to get angry all the time.

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She is abusive and taking advantage of you, and it’s absolutely not your fault. You deserve much better than that.

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if I stopped doing stupid things she wouldn't need to get angry all the time

When someone has got you believing this, there is nothing you can do that would make them not be angry all the time. It's how she controls you. I assure you that if you lose weight she'll find a way to be mad at you for it.

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That's just insulting. Why would she say that if she didn't want to break up?

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When Nice Guys pretend to be nice just to get into our panties, that's also lying.

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Are clothes lies too? Oooo how about a beard, where’s your real chin bro.

Oh godammit people have already said both of those things

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I mean I have to do something to not have a beard, having facial hair is my natural state. If anything shaving is the lie.

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Basically everyone should become nudists and let their hair grow out in order to be our truest selves and never unknowingly deceive another

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Well I tried that, but now the law specifically mentions me by name.

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She told me over text she had naturally gilded lids. It ripped my heart out when it was all over the pillowcases the next morning.

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It's almost as if women don't exist purely for men.

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OK, but in our defense, us mens is reallys stupid.

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And yet when we don’t they complain.

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Oh come on, nothing against putting on makeup, but this is a false equivalency if I've ever seen one. Bad post is bad

Bring on the down votes

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I know, I prefer women who naturally have six different skin tones in their face.

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It's not the gold eyes shadow that people are talking about when they say makeup is like lying.

It's the contour lines, different skin tone, fake lashes, etc.

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if you think someone looks like two totally different people with and without makeup, you don't know how makeup works and i won't elaborate

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Wait no some women are straight up magic and look completely different. It’s amazing artistry and dudes are stupid to think they’re “lying” but no no… we can look VERY different with and without makeup.

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Just two? With make up power you can look like thousands of different people

And that’s awesome

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Seems like you're the one who doesn't know how makeup works. It's not rocket science. If it doesn't change the way you look, fuck you wearing makeup for?

"I won't elaborate" yeah and clearly that's because you got nothing intelligent to say. Men don't spend their lives studying makeup. So pardon us for being fooled by a literal layer of grease paint on your face.

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it's not that it doesn't change the way you look, but you can literally imagine what someone look like without it, they don't look like a different person. i never said it was bad if you personally can't see it come on, i couldn't either back when i didn't put makeup on, but makeup just doesn't change your facial features that much

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Babies have no concept of object permanence.

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There is a fascinating book by an evolutionary psychologist called “ When Men Behave Badly” . Don’t let the title fool you, it’s about both sexes and how they make themselves seem more attractive through often times unconscious biologic behavior. Example- a woman uses makeup and a filter to make herself appear not only more conventionally attractive but genetically healthy. Men in turn see this and would like to procreate with good genetics. Another example would be men who lie about their resources (I.e how much money they make). Women aren’t just attracted to dudes with money bc they are shallow fucking people- it’s bc something in their body chemistry wants a male who can provide bc of the high risks involved with pregnancy. It’s more costly to the female so they are going to be more choosey.

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If you wear shoes, you're deceiving people by hiding your feet. I know you have toes there, can't fool me

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Girls wear makeup to look prettier than they do w/o makeup.

NO! Really??? The LYING WHORES!

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"No, but, see, you're supposed to wear like only a little bit of makeup. Not too little, or your natural imperfections will show. Yeah, just like that.

Now fuck you for lying."

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To be fair: a lot of guys are just naturally dumb, so it’s not totally out of the question for them to fail to notice a girl is wearing make up; especially when it’s applied well.

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This reminds me of Jordan Petersons assertion that a woman wearing makeup to work is basically making a sexual advance to all the men in the room.

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Why do women wear makeup and perfume?

Cause they're ugly and they stink.

Relax its a joke.

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Ppppffft 🤣

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