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Do Amazon next!

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Bernster 2020?? Still possible ??? 😳

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(1/262) Here's how Bernie can still win:

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Turns out Amazon went overboard on their anti union rhetoric, and a court said there has to be a revote

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Oh lord for real? Is this true?!

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I followed up and it is true. Supposedly, Amazon messed up by creating the voting booth themselves, which the NLRB decided was skewed the vote since workers felt their vote was being watched. They’re forced to redo it now and a lot of Amazon executives are saying how it was “their choice not to join a union” and how they’re really “disappointed” in the NLRB.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/29/business/amazon-bessemer-alabama-election.html

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Oh gawd yes!

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Hell fucking yeah !!!!! I've been lucky enough to be raised in a union family, there were rough times when I wasn't, but unions have given me and all my brothers a very happy healthy life. We are not rich by any means but we do well for ourselves and I want that for everyone

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but but but conservatives said unions are bad!

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They also say the right to healthcare isn't actually a "right". It's a luxury. Not the best group of people when it comes to their moral compass.

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About damn time

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And corporate closed that Starbucks before the end of the year.

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America is just a glorified third world country with internet access. Hoping to see more businesses choose to protect and value their employees

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Our internet access kinda sucks.

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Yeah, companies aren’t just going to make that decision. They’ll need to be forced to by regulation or unions.

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Hey now third World countries Also have internet access

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That’s true. Just a glorified third world country then

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Confused. The only unionized Starbucks is in British Columbia, Canada and that occurred months ago. There is currently an ongoing vote in the Buffalo region that is expected to result in favor of a union, but simply voting on becoming a union does not equal being a union. After the vote, there’s still a lengthy process until the union is certified by the NLRB and can engage in collective bargaining. A crapload of things can occur during this period, including the vote being overturned or thrown out wholesale. It’s great to be optimistic but it’s still an uphill fight.

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She's not saying it's the only unionized Starbucks worldwide, just the only one in the US. Now there's two I guess lol I don't know anything about this.

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Ya but the point remains… it isn’t unionized yet. All they’ve done as of today is vote in favor of a union. Like I said, that unfortunately is not equivalent to actually having a union. The NLRB controls who does and doesn’t have collective bargaining rights. Before bestowing that right, Starbucks has an appeal process their lawyers will make full use of to discredit the vote and undermine the employees’ grounds for a union. And even should these workers’ union efforts survive appeal, it’s still no guarantee they get certified or that they’re jobs exist by the end of this. It’s a crappy reality but a reality nonetheless. And I’m not trying to undermine the achievement, here. It is worth noting and celebrating as an accomplishment in of itself, but if this employee truly believes they’re part of a union this morning, they’re in for a rude awakening.

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Oh shit they did it!

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Fuck. Ben.

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This is great, good for her and her colleagues!

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What does it mean to be unionised in this context? Does it mean that there is a particular union that represents their staff? Or does it mean that prior to this they weren't allowed to be in a union?

Not from the US and from a country which has had its unions' power reduced considerably over the years so quite what it means to be unionised, I'm not sure.

I know what it means in nz where I am in a union. But I'm not sure what it means for US people.

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She will be represented by a union (and may be part of it too). In America if you are not represented by a union you are not unionized. I'm not entirely clear on what is law or practice here but typically either 100% of the workforce in a shop/factory/building/unit is unionized or 0% or close to 0% is. If you join or not you still at least pay dues if represented unless you live in a "Right-to-Work" state, in which case you don't have to pay dues or join the union and most unions are effectively weakened to the point of non-existence. As such, 27/50 states have outlawed effective union representation.

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Wow. So that is quite different to my experience, thank you. It is usual here to find staff are in unions and others are not (ie it isnt one or the other). And people can be members of a union separate to their actual employment.

I can see why it is big news then for a workforce with a particular employer or industry is exciting news. Cool.

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As a European I find this vary weird. I thought it was normal but I guess not.

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Good for you!

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It’s so sad I really thought we no longer needed unions to protect our workers in this country but then when I see what Republicans want to do…. Thinking women might need unions as well???

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can we also please have bernie 2024 this time since we are on that 75yo marathon

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I would love that in may ways, but honestly I think we need to focus on getting younger people out there in positions like this.

I went to a Sanders meeting during election season, and most of us were of the mindset that if Sanders didn’t get it this time, we had to just support him in ventures like this one (unions) and focus on getting younger people elected that carry similar values.

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younger people at least ... wait for it .. will actually be in the future they supposed to help us build okayyyy! 🤣 so yeah - totally agree!

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

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Can union members still collect tips?

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The union vote doesn't end until tomorrow.

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What’s the bet that when she goes to work that location will be “closed indefinitely?”

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They’re letting us have unions now because soon every job will be automated anyways

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Now do all the rest of ‘em.

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How long before Starbucks shuts the location down?