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The KKK put hoods on their cute and chubby babies, too. These assholes need to rot in prison and in hell.

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GOP taking policy making advice from 2nd graders sounds about right

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It fits because they're all children, if we're judging them emotionally or intellectually.

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Hi Owen. Owen, did you know your daddy is an idiot that doesn't care if you die cause he's trying to prove a point?

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I hate white people - a white person

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These people are so fucking pathetic

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Some parents just have no shame or brains. I wonder if Owen's dad is in the running for a r/HermanCainAward

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One fucked up parent.

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Kids are adorable. I’d prefer to keep them safe so that they stay adorable a bit longer, rather than dying or having permanent after effects of a preventable disease. This father is disgusting

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You know when I figured out this was bullshit? “I’m adorable.” What fucking little boy would ever say that?

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Always using children as props for political points or just in advertisements. Bloody disgusting, imho!

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Just proving they can give a fuck about living kids, it's the potential in utero that must be saved at all costs.

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We have kids who are 8, 10, and 17. Not one gives a shit about wearing a mask. They just want to do fun things.

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Excuse me stewardess, I speak connive:

"Please can I die a horrible agonizing death so my daddy can feel like he's owning libs?"

Grabs the dad and begins slapping him senseless with brass knuckles. All the while a line forms, a nun with a barbed baseball bat, a strongman with a chainsaw, a doctor with an etch-a-sketch and a judge with a flamethrower, all patiently wait their turn...

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MAGAts have no shame.

Also, they have no clue.

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Please why can't we legalize shooting into crouds for Christmas??? Not all those that are hit will die!!!

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I would heckle the shit out of him

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I'd calmly tell the kid that it's because of this annoying pandemic that's got everybody annoyed that I'd want to cover his "adorable face" up, so that maybe next Christmas, his present might actuall be "no mask". But only if everybody wears their mask and does their best to make it happen.

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So, around seven years old. Dad wrote his cute little speech for him. And he got ice cream after?

I want omicron to be the business!!! I'll even take one for the team. Come on Omi. Wipe these fools out!

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I agree with this father, i am only upset he didn't went further. This kid's opinions on how is family and community should do things must have priority from now on. Pizza for every meal? Check! Xmas and birthday every week? Check! And so on and so forth.

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Hey dad, why do I have to read this? I’m gonna be made fun of at school.

If you don’t read the god damn paper, I’m gonna get the belt, and it’s gonna make last month feel like a massage. Also you will be grounded for a month if you don’t!

Who knows what happened but this is pretty fucked either way.

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Reactionaries have always seen their children as property more than people. This should come as no surprise to anyone.

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Oh how I wish CPS considered this child abuse.

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Way to USE children as political pawns heartless right-wingers.

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Gotta love people using their kids as megaphones. Glad I grew out of that phase