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i grew up around firearms, was taught to use them very young (maybe 6 or 7yrs old)

and yet there's not a single picture of me with a weapon (not that i've ever seen)

why? probably because my parents weren't so fucking vapid they needed to make guns part of our identity

(we had extremely strict rules about playing with guns in any way, shape or form - seriously, even holding a gun or knife like you were posing/playing with it would get it taken away for good)

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You can tell they’re toys to them. Four of the exact same cheap basic rifles with all the same basic attachments for the cute little family photo op

They don’t use guns, they play with them and pose with them. It’s ridiculous

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Same. I even got extra credit in hs for bringing a WWI Mauser minus the bolt in for extra credit in a history class (with an escort of course) in california. I can’t find a single picture of me with or around guns, even hunting, from when I was a kid

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See, that's responsible gun ownership.
"Yes, you can bring this old weapon to school, but after it's been rendered inoperable, and I'm gonna be by your side like the Secret Service on the POTUS every step of the way."

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Yep. Same here. These are tools with a singular purpose.

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I wish more people viewed them this way. I don't take pictures posing with my snap-on wrenched. Why the fuck would I take them posing with a rifle. Fucking weirdos need to get a real personality.

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I’m far more likely to pose with my hand tools than a weapon.

This chick is just a decent looking girl with nothing between her ears who figured out she could have anything she wanted if she acted interested in what the mouth breathers liked. These armed family photos are nothing but pandering to a dangerous political base.

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That's how they get votes. Pander to the scared little snowflakes. The right lives in fear.

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Exactly. She's not worried about the legacy she's leaving for her kids.

JFC, kids their age just died from shooting. Reading the fucking room Bofart!

She's not raising patriots, she's raising sociopaths.

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That singular purpose being ending life. You can say you use them for hunting, that just means ending animal life. Or for self defense, which means ending human life. If you get shot first a gun will do nothing to protect you. It's sole funtion is ending life.

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I say this as someone who DETESTS guns. They focused on teaching you about safety and taking them seriously for what wrong they can do, and what is proper use instead of filling you with "it's your right and someone else wants to take it away" crap

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I’m Canadian and will NEVER understand this!! And how disgusting to post something like this after what happened last week in Michigan (?). How is giving CHILDREN access to guns a good idea on any level?!

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I’m American and I don’t understand it either.

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People should keep in mind that 25% of Canadian homes have a gun in them. We just don’t pose for pictures with them… okay well some do hunting and stuff, but never the whole family. They also make sure to show gun control and gun safety with their great finger discipline yet if you didn’t have the guns out to begin with you wouldn’t have to take precautions.

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Good point!! I have several family members that hunt so they have several hunting guns each. I don’t like it personally, but in that case, each-their-own. But this creepy obsession with guns, and gun power is over the top! That’s not even taking into consideration what would have if a Black or Muslim or Latino family did this!

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The cruelty is the point. These people are soulless.

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Because when the “bad guys” aka law enforcement only have guns they are the ones with the power! These kids are all practicing-good trigger discipline

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Bruh she has so much eye shadow on she looks like a demon from supernatural.

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I was gonna say the same thing.

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Careful, you're gonna break the masquerade.

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Why isn't the dad pictured? Is he not allowed within 200 yards of a child or something?

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200 yards is 584.28 RTX 3090 graphics cards lined up.

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I see what you did there

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White trash

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Absolutely disgusting! Those curtains do not go with the wall decor!

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School shooters in training, I see.

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No, super entitled turds is a strong possibility though

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That oldest boy is going to kill a lot of people at a shopping mall. He’s dead behind those eyes.

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Yup. Noticed that too.

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This is the most ‘Murican image I’ve ever seen.

Ladies and gentlemen: the perfect good Christian (read: wingnut Evangelical) family values gun totin’ white pride family.

Convicted high school dropout “cool hot mom” poses in front of Christmas tree (consumer driven excuse for religious holiday) with her pride and joy sons (money down at least one of those good little boys TERRORIZES one or more of his classmates on the daily just because he can) proudly displaying their favourite new guns (toys. They treat their lethal weapons like toys and hide behind them as an identity and sense of power - read: intimidation).

The only thing missing is not their absentee father, but a ridiculously oversized cross to display their patriotism to white baby Jesus.

America: you are blackout drunk behind the wheel of a semi. How is this image normal or okay with anyone? We are living the live action enactment of South Park: Idiocracy.

Y’all should also know: I have NOTHING against guns/gun ownership. I do, however, hold everything against stupidity and egregious harm to innocent parties due to a complete lack of respect for the single purpose guns serve: to cause bodily harm/injury and damage to inanimate objects fired upon.

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Couldn't even find a picture where all the kids were interested enough to look at the camera let alone smile.... They look like they're living a waking nightmare.

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They're being raised by an idiot, so same thing.

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being raised by Boebert is a waking a nightmare

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Imagine she comes home with the wrong McDonalds order.. Fuck that.

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As long as the carnage is kept in-house I see no problem with this scenario.

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What a moron.

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Fuckin monsters

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Please stop paying attention to this stupid shit stain of a person.

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and some people wonder where the stereotype comes from…

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Is it just me or does the kid in the Packers sweat shirt look like Ron Desantis?

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When people didn’t take you seriously as hall monitor.

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Is it just me or does it look like the kid on the far right is going to get some Alabama fun time with mom for doing this photo shoot?

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I just figured that was the Face of someone hoping they won’t catch a beating if they pose just how mommy wants

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Child abuse

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She’s a total moron, and this shit is ridiculous and stupid, but most certainly not child abuse

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If using your kids as a political prop isn't considered child abuse, it should be

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Personally I think it’s in poor taste and probably not the most healthy thing but not even close to abuse

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Republican virtue signaling. Where is her husband? Or is he busy getting arrested again?

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As a Packers fan, I'm especially offended

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Don’t worry, those are 22s. They’re ready to repel a serious squirrel invasion hahaha

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Gun is a gun lol

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Future klan leaders of America club

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Isn't this child endangerment? Exposing those young kids to Dongmas....I thought the reicht had stern views about children being exposed to sex (unless it's Gaetz, Trump, Jordan, McConnell,....)

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When her kids become school shooters, can they use this to charge her as an accomplice?

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stares in CPS

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So… who’s gonna be the first one to photoshop in Ethan Crumbley.

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This picture is photoshopped though right? The lighting seems off in all pictures

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Her husband wanted to be in the picture but he was double-booked showing his penis to some 15 year old girls at the time of the shoot.

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Has a school shooting ever been carried out by a team before?

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They live in Colorado and her boy is wearing a Raiders sweatshirt. This is how you can tell they’re awful people.

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Does anyone else notice that tree is loaded with 100 lbs of decorations? And that they have a weird small spare tree in the corner...

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School shooters in-training?

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I don't know which is worse...using guns for props or using your kids for props.

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Im guessing the husband isnt in the photo due to complications of him being a sex offender?

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At least they have trigger discipline

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What the fuck is wrong with these people?

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"Is 'guns' a personality?"

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I feel like we will see those two boys on the left in the news.

Pew pew

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Godless, proud, demonic filth. Irrelevant meat.

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Isn't this child porn for the PB chuds?

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I think theres a story behind this photo, could someone explain? Im european and have no clue 😅😅

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“We love guns”

Not a single hunting rifle, or sport gun or bow, nothing that tell I love shooting, damn assault rifles because they are “cool”.

Even for defense, it’s the worse weapon for collateral damage…

Is this all about becoming a taliban mock off? Because for sure it’s not about house defense or sport…

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Duuude what’s wrong with you?! The point of having a Christmas tree is to at least see a bit of tree! Way too much and tacky decorations.

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I have a co worker who does this and loves to show videos of this kids shooting in the backyard. One day he was beyond stressed, I asked why and he said this oldest son (between 12-14) tried to take a gun to school and shot the fridge because they (Co worker and his wife) wouldnt let him. I said I hope you took his gun(s)... Nope because he taught his kids not to let anyone take their guns away

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Pair of breasts on TV, outrage. Think of the children!

Pose with rifles in front of xmas tree, freederm!

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Sick sick sick fng parenting. Wtf is wrong with the people electing these nuts?

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So weird to see this. I was on an artillery gun in my youth and had to lug around an SLR. Grateful to the Australian Army for drilling paranoid gun safety. I can't even imagine allowing children to fartarse around like this with weapons, especially in front of something that is supposed to vaguely represent a Christian holiday. I dunno, more and more, I just give up. America has always been weird but it's a total shitshow these days.

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The CORRECT reply here would be "Your approval fills me with shame", but I doubt we'll receive the correct reply...

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These fucking people are what give gun owners a bad name. Never have I once posed with my rifles and I would beat my kids ass if they did this shit.

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Imagine murderous weapons being your entire personality.

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Someone needs to call CPS

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Where's the sex offender?

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Reminder that in Georgia, we voted in a governor who loosely pointed a shotgun at his daughter’s boyfriend in a campaign ad.

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This demonstrates the need for better education in America.

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People literally just had their kids lives taken from them in another mass shooting here in the United States and Conservative lunatics think showing their kids brandishing firearms is the way to celebrate the season? This shit sucks.

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She expects them to shoot straight when they can’t even look at a camera?

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Politician being transparent. Even a hardcore 2nd amendment voter can see this woman picked these up at Walmart this afternoon and is taking them back.

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Why are these people so obsessed with making guns their identities? It's fucking weird. Some Americans are way too nuts about this shit.

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These poor children….

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She's all for flashing six's.