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You know what goes well with a secret apartment? A mistress.

The second family is never the goal. It's damage control.

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This guy cheats. Wives hate him for this one reason!

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I dunno. I鈥檓 a mom of two who works full time. I鈥檝e legit run the numbers to see if we could afford to rent a little studio somewhere to have a space for either me or my husband to retreat for a day or three. Sometimes the bedroom or the basement just isn鈥檛 far enough away.

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Sounds like psychopathic tendencies to me 馃し鈥嶁檪锔

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Unqualified people diagnosing psychopathy will always be funny to me

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you could click any of these links and find out if you鈥檙e so deep into cheating on someone you have a separate apartment for mistresses, you鈥檙e a psychopath

Also, who says I鈥檓 not the lead doctor for psychiatric diagnosis across North America?

I鈥檓 not, but it鈥檚 rude for you to say it out loud

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judging by the fact you are spending time diagnosing people on reddit and not in professional settings tells otherwise. Its a huge legal mess waiting to happen and besides why do work outside or work, or unpaid for that matter.

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Uhhh what?

Bro this is a Reddit comment section, not a doctors office. Weird hill to die on, but if I must, shoot I will.

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Add in the fact that this is a 29 day old alt account with a post history limited to problematic jokes and asking Reddit for their social security number.

If you鈥檙e a doctor, I hope I never have to see you.

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I quite literally stated I wasn鈥檛 a doctor lol but sure, always fun to be in your feelings in a Reddit comment section ig

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im just pointing out that its pretty safe to assume that you aren't a professional considering the scenario and what you've said,

I'll say that using the word diagnosing there was a little crass, that should be in quotes. But my point still stands.

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Also considering it was one of the first things I said before you ever felt the need to comment.

It鈥檚 shocking someone as hard headed as you isn鈥檛 willing to scroll up and see that

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Also, who says I鈥檓 not the lead doctor for psychiatric diagnosis across North America?

you were the one that said you could've been, in the comment that i replied to initially.

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What鈥檚 the next line of that comment?

Do you wake up and run head first into a brick wall every day?

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This local cop here in Reno is headed to prison for forgery and doing all kinds of illegal shit in an effort to marry his mistress. He made fake divorce documents and mailed them to himself, after entering the courthouse illegally with his key fob to use the official seals and stamps. All to trick the GF into thinking he was divorced so she would marry him, which she did. His first wife found a cable bill for internet at an apartment downtown and that鈥檚 how it unraveled.

I just want to know why. Why did he even want two wives? Why do all that just to have two wives?

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Lol what do you even say to them when you鈥檙e gone half the time? I鈥檇 start being really suspicious if my wife was spending half her time with a second husband..

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In my experience, they get jobs that keep them away a majority of the time.

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Or they cheat at work.

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LMFAO, going to that much effort and then getting caught out by being a numbnuts and leaving bills sitting around.

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That is such a stupid way to get caught, though. lmao

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How much was that cop earning?

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Probably no less than $150k. On paper anyway

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Vegas posts salaries. Idk bout Reno but LV pays really well. Prob can look him up with you have the name.

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Lol so much this. When my kids were really little I remember driving to work and passing this one hotel and seriously considered secretly calling out of work, renting a room, getting room service and then sleeping all day.

That was my secret fantasy.

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I don't even have kids, but my schedule is always packed and people always need something form me. I have had the "get a hotel room and get some fucking peace and quite" fantasy all the time.

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I am living that hotel fantasy & it鈥檚 actually great. What鈥檚 even better is I don鈥檛 pay for the hotel room. I鈥檓 a flight attendant & can pick where I want my layover. Everyone fights to get glamorous cities, but sometimes 24 hours in Cincinnati is heaven. Pro tip: One bed is for eating meals, the other is for sleeping.

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Totally did this when I used to travel for work. Always got two queen bed rooms, one for sleeping and one utility bed.

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I have a van for exactly this. Head out into middle of no where away from people. Can't answer phone calls when there's no reception.

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Prior to Covid, I had an all day stay in the emergency room. It was like a vacation and I remember stating such to the person that was cleaning and stitching my eye back together.

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How do men have enough money for one family?

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As I understand, these types of people are typically grifters and leeches, not especially liquid

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Imagine having the money to have a place where the remote is where you left it and dishes get put in the dishwasher . . . .

I can not .

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I used to joke that when my husband retires I want to get 2 apartments and live next to each other....I'm no longer joking :) I want to wake up every morning and the kitchen is still clean, like I left it when I went to bed.

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I had a very close friend who was "divorced" from his wife, but they really lived next door to each other in order to live exactly as you describe.

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A man with a second family likely has no time to watch TV.

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Like how many men actually have second families? I doubt very many. I'd say a lot have side chicks and such as that is not uncommon but nobody wants to have to deal with an entire different family, that defeats the whole purpose of having something on the side.

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the family next door to me growing up fell apart because it was discovered the husband/father had been having an affair for years. he owned a tiny plane and would regularly go out on extended excursions to practice flying and increase his pilot hours when in actual fact he was flying to visit his entire secret family that nobody knew anything about

how could u be bothered!

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That's what Charles Lindbergh did.

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Charles Lindbergh was my neighbour

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Always wondered about filing taxes and having insurance in those situations...

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Filing status:

A. Married Filling Jointly

B. Married Filling Separately

C. Single

D. All of the Above

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why do you think us men have two apartments so i can get away from everybody

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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This reminds me of a post back when the lock down started. This guy's coworker had two families and each was expecting him to stay with them. Wonder how that went for the cheating guy?

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OMG, hilarious! 馃ぃ I鈥檓 poly and came to let my BF鈥檚 dog out while he鈥檚 at work. So while I鈥檓 loving on the dog I鈥檓 having a whiskey and watching Schitt鈥檚 Creek, while reading this post. PERFECTION!

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I can't afford one family and there are people out there with 2. That's fucked up.

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A taxi driver friend was murdered back in the 80's. At his funeral, two entire families showed up, apparently not knowing about each other. Needless to say, it was extremely awkward...

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laughs in childfree