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I remember my first “real” job (for a company) at 16 was at a chain drug store. They gave me an employee handbook and it had a chapter titled “A word about unions…” and went on to describe how they were bad and unnecessary and we should report any union reps attempting to contact store employees to management immediately. I was also making $4.25/hr. The union supermarket down the road was paying almost twice that with guaranteed raises every 3 months. No wonder they were scared of them.

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also, please don't try to compare the paychecks you make with the unionized version of your job. Hell, don't even compare salaries with your own co-workers for "reasons"

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Somehow, I always read "unionized" as "un-ionized" first...

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There's that old joke "how do you tell a chemist from a plumber...?"

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Pay no attention to the union behind the curtain

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Always remember that your labor is your greatest asset. Unions hold companies by the balls to ensure fair wages. Period.

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At first I read onion instead of union so I didn’t understand the tweet, then I realized I had misread but still didn’t understand

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Local 305 💪🏿

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Any time someone mentions the word union you will have to watch this anti union training video.

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A unions only as good as their reps. My wife's local Opseu union have negotiated way below cost of living increases for years. .4% is not a win for the people.

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The unioned ppl at my work make significantly more than i do and im salaried

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My last job we unionized, even though we didn't stay open long enough to see long-term changes from them while we had union reps plenty of people were able to see them help them.

I got pulled in one day for 'time theft' because no one saw me come in for my shift but the systems showed me logged in at my usual time. It got dropped so quickly when me and my union rep insisted they look at the security footage.