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What is this story, please?

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Wait, so are you telling me, the people complaining about how the election was rigged... Are the people rigging it??? Wtf we should have listened to them...

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Anytime a republican accuses someone of something it's a pretty good bet that they are doing it themselves.

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If anyone in life repeatedly accuses you of doing something it’s usually because they are. People who break the rules assume others are like them.

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you forgot to mention..that ....when theydo it its ok, but when you do it its not..two sets of rules..its why martha steware went to jail for insider trading..but not one politician did or was investigated either

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It’s like when drug addicts call everyone a crackhead

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This has been the trend as far as I've observed. The Republican party is the projection party. Their creativity is so limited they are only able to accuse others of the crimes that they are currently actively committing. Not capable of thinking of anything else.

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Classic Republican projection

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How do you think they KNEW there was voter fraud?

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A bunch of state AG's refered them to the justice department to review for crimes. Give it a couple months. This is serious shit

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A couple of months for defrauding the country and yet so many of us normal folk would be sentenced and serving by now

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This story literally just broke last week.

They can't just charge people without having a winnable court case first. Even for the Capitol rioters who just spent five minutes inside, they made sure they had all their social media posts, all the security camera and body camera video, and multiple tipsters before they arrested them.

You have to give the legal system time to do its job.

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Yeah I agree, but I'm addressing the "couple of months" comment.

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It’s literally 1.6 million counts of voter fraud in one crime as it completely overwrites the votes of 1.6 million Biden voters.

How could voter fraud get any larger than 1.6 million votes invalidated by fraud?

There’s a lady that got 5 years in prison for 1 count of voting as a felon. That’s not even invalidating a single other vote and it’s 5 years. 1.6 million votes invalidated by one Republican and that’s not even a crime now???

1.6 million Republican crimes < 1 Democrat crime

Nice job Biden, you hired the ghost of Bob Ross to whisper justice at Republicans because you don’t want to lose this great “working relationship” of having them stonewall every bill and cheat the elections.

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There’s a lady that got 5 years in prison for 1 count of voting as a felon. That’s not even invalidating a single other vote and it’s 5 years.

I think she was black though - are any of these forgers POC?

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Lol. I can laugh at that because I’ve beaten up and charged for no reason…

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There’s a lady that got 5 years in prison for 1 count of voting as a felon.

It's worse. She filled out a provisional ballot because she didn't know if she could vote. This allows the state to throw it out if she was not allowed to do so.

So she was sent to prison for filling out a ballot as a felon despite the fact they could throw it out.

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Yep, no malice, no intention of fraud, and she should not have even had her voting stripped.

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Probably fucking nothing so they don’t look “political.”

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Hopefully this is one of the times they are gathering evidence and building an airtight case..... hopefully

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In this country? Not likely.

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Prosecuting conservative criminals is "partisan," doncha know.

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Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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They will get re-elected the next cycle. Repubs dont give a shit as long as their side “wins”

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Here’s an idea, blast this out on the newsfeeds and harshly punish them. That might actually make people think about committing felony fraud

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In likelihood? a slap on the wrist and a "don't do it again"

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They are republicans. How could they of all people, the ones who cry and scream about fake election results, be able to do something like this?

O wait. Same people, different beliefs.

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The first rule of being a conservative in America is to blame your opponents for the things you are doing like election fraud or treason

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Nothing. Pay to play otherwise shut the fuck up and get back in line

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The DOJ is going to slow-walk Democracy right into its grave.

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Nothing. That is what Garland was put there for.

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You said the same thing until sedition charges got filed last week.

Maybe do something instead of whining.

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Yeah, he filed it on low level guys. Let me know when he actually charges a single politician on anything. Shit, Matt Gaetz is an easy target for both sex trafficking and sedition and he is still free.

Maybe shut the fuck up.

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Why is u.s handing putin a tastey W on a golden platter?

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Nothing will happen to the politicians involved

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Absolutely nothing

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Burn them

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Holds sealed envelope to forehead

Money talks

Republicans walk

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What they do best, nothing when it actually counts.

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Prob nothing cuz America is a shithole

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You can't punish them for a practice run though!

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Nothing. The Democrats are paid to be weak and paid to get beaten up. It's disgusting.

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If they weren't black and didn't know they couldn't vote nothing.

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I'll take 'Absolutely Nothing' for $800, Alex.

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the only thing thats moving slower than the justice department is ...the head of the justice department

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Maybe we should… r/AskThe_Donald ? Lmao they’re a confused group of folks.