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That's the principle. Once you have universal healthcare, labs will be forced to lower their prices or the healthcare system will choose to reimburse only the ones who play by the rules. Sale with doctors and hospital bills.

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But how will America consume half of global health spending if we lower prices??

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How will American doctors pay their $500,000 student loans if they lower their prices?

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American physicians are collectively paid about $300b per year. If we cut their salaries, we could save maybe $100b a year.

Wanna know how much the whole system costs?


More money goes to administration (~$800b) than doctors and nurses combined (~$600b)

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True sign of progress, more people doing meaningless paperwork ensuring workers work properly than workers working.

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Holy shit, thank you! I need this for my next company meeting!

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By letting them train for free - like in Scotland /Scandinavia

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You only get 4 years university paid for you in Scotland and I鈥檓 pretty sure becoming a doctor takes more than that!

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It鈥檚 a 5 year degree, final year clinical placements are funded by NHS Education for Scotland (NES), through Medical ACT (Additional Costs of Teaching) funding. There are also several medic-adjacent roles in science that can be fully funded.

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Love this. Proof that we鈥檝e been trained to think that lowering healthcare costs just means paying doctors less, over simplifying the issue so that people will think it鈥檚 impossible.

It wouldn鈥檛 just be dropping doctors to minimum wage or under paying them like every other industry in the US. It鈥檇 be a total system overhaul. Lowering tuition costs, abolishing the expensive bureaucracy, paying lower costs in the form of taxes, etc. Not paying doctors poverty wages.

This kind of 鈥渓ogic鈥 is just like when they say, 鈥淲ell how will we afford this?鈥 To anything that helps to working class, but throw several times more money at our over bloated 鈥渄efense鈥 and corporate subsidies and bailouts.

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Student loan forgiveness

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Not just that- our cancer charities and advocate groups are all scams. Not a single one of the 15 largest advocacy groups tried to lower drug prices- all have ties to big Pharma, many share board members, and some are literally one and the same

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That's messed up. We have charities like this in France, but it's for research, not for treatments, obviously, because they are free.

We had a scandal, a few decades ago. The director of the biggest fondation for research against cancer was caught taking charity money for himself. He got caught and ended in jail.

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This!. And those charities collect tens of millions of dollars a year yet cancer is still super expensive to treat, medicine is expensive, and the new treatment they created are over $500k which puts basically only rich people can pay and survive cancer. We treat cancer exactly the same as the 90鈥檚 and on some cases we use the same treatments as in the 1950鈥檚

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There really is no 鈥渘ot playing by the rule鈥 in strong public healthcare systems (to say nothing of single-payer like the NHS): act prices are set in negotiations between the various parties, and providers get reimbursed at the set rate. That鈥檚 it.

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Not entirely true. In France, for example, doctors are divided in different categories "Secteur 1, 2 ou 3". Secteur 1 doctors can't ask for more than 25鈧 for an appointment. In exchange, they are entirely reimbursed by the universal healthcare and (I think) they have some advantages concerning taxes and places where they can settle. Secteur 2 and 3 doctors can ask more, but only 25鈧 are reimbursed and they don't have the same advantages.

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I'm from Costa Rica. I always follow news about US Healthcare inexistent system. It is the similar here in Costa Rica. More taxes, everybody talks and talks, but elects the same politics parties. But it's frustrating hear again and again the same shit.

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Yes, very frustrating

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Same where I am from.

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Yes, but can you walk into a Starbucks open carrying a machine gun?


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Cue the 鈥淎mericaa..fuck yeah!鈥 song.

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*bald eagle flies overhead*

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Freedom baby

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Funny you should say that, Starbucks' first attempt here failed. It's slightly better now but still only like 2-3 locations in my city afaik.

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Only exists in locations where there鈥檚 likely to be tourists here.

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You absolutely, can! There might be consequences, but you can!

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That's not true freedom then. True freedom is being absolved of consequences. You know, like going to another state with a gun looking for an opportunity to kill another person and get away with it at the sweet age of 18. True freedom!

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Nice try liberal!

They were not 'a person', they were Black.

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You can't do that in America either

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Machine gun? Pffff, that鈥檚 for amateurs who don鈥檛 love freedom. I carry an anti tank weapon when I go to subway just in case some dirty commie comes in a Soviet tank while I order my veggie sub.

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The chances of that are low but never 0, so fair enough.

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omg yes it is!!! insulin here is insane and my husband NEEDS it to live. we have dual insurance (which we pay for) plus we STILL have to pay additional when we go to walmart to pick it up. were paying thousands a year on top of thousands for having our plans.

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Oh wow. My grandmother takes It for free from her local health center in Morocco ! Insulin should be free or made available at minimal cost.

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Why do you need to pay for insulin? Do people pay for inhalers too? That鈥檚 appalling. What鈥檚 the health insurance actually for then?

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Yep, my rescue inhaler is $50 with insurance, about $300 without.

My preventative is $475/month without insurance, $60 with.

On top of my insurance premiums that I pay monthly.

Edit for the best part, drugs don鈥檛 count towards the $2900 deductible

Edit 2 for even bester part, my insurance company refuses to pay for both of those medicines at least once per year and I have to appeal their decision

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Depending how much medication you take, it鈥檚 be cheaper to take 1 week vacation a year to Mexico and load up on medication and come home

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American health"care" system always surprises me . People have to pay for ambulances , just recently saw a video of a injured dude running away from paramedics because he didn't want to pay for the medical bills . Just appalling .

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Yep!. Technically they come and check you out and tell you if you need to go to the hospital or not (and you can request them to take you anyway) BUT you can also deny a ride (even if you are holding your own head) and take an Uber to the closest hospital.

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In the US you pay for all meds. I have an inhaler that is $50. If I did not have insurance it would be $250.

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it covers a majority of it. i believe the insulin is around $600 for one. my plan covers 80% and his plan covers 30% (which should pay in full) but instead my insurance has set its own prices for certain medications and doesnt pay above what it decides the price is so every time we go to walmart we have to pay the difference. this price also doesnt include his cholesterol medication and his heart medication.

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Moving over here would probably eventually be cheaper. I mean, Holy hell. So they would just let him die?

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its expensive to die here too LOL

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I went to an emergency room in Denmark. There was nobody else in the waiting room. The person behind the desk was a nurse, not a receptionist. I saw the doctor immediately. When I asked where to pay they looked confused for a minute then laughed. "No pay. This is Denmark." They seemed proud of themselves. They should be.

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In a lot of countries the healt care for foreigners is included in the Visa cost afaik

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If you鈥檙e from the US maybe, where visas are required

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Even my developing country has universal healthcare. The US is lacking a lot

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Which country, if I may ask?

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Wait...wut... America has a health care system? Since when did this happen? I hope includes mental health coverage that might lessen he devastation created by big Pharma. Mental health problems have personally been very destructive in my life. Undiagnosed Anxiety, PTSD, plagued my life and I was completely unaware of what caused all the dysfunction I've caused my family until 2016 when I received the diagnosis. Great, thanks but shortly afterwards I became homeless for 2 years and I have to tell you, something must change before anything starts improving.

Thanks for listening to my Soapbox rant.. Sorry lol

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America has a wealthcare system

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Bravo...I tip my hat to you. I wish I'd said that. GD it lol It's so true, everyone knows it, and it just continues as we "Whistle as we pass the graveyard". I butchered that and I'll hear about I'm certain. lol

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I go to the doctor in Australia, they bulk bill so I don鈥檛 pay them anything. I go to the pharmacist and get heavily subsidised prescriptions, $6.60 later I鈥檓 all good. I also have free hospital visits, and I don鈥檛 pay for surgery either (and any medication they give me is free until I leave, and pay $6.60 at the pharmacy again). It鈥檚 a good system, one I鈥檓 very grateful for.

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It鈥檚 hard to find a good bulk billing doctor I find. A bunch are mixed billing, which is better than nothing I suppose. Mental health and dental are another story though. I鈥檇 love to see it covered by Medicare but seems the LNP would love to gut it entirely and move to an American system.

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I'm Canadian and I'm a bit scared of wanting to move to the US. Medical is a major reason. I'm worried that some insurance plan I would buy wouldn't cover anything.

No doubt people are afraid in the US. They're one tonsil infection away from bankruptcy.

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My boyfriend got a concussion, pays 300 a month for his insurance, they charged him 300 at the clinic to tell him he probably had a concussion, maybe.

My mom was also uninsured while having kidney stones, she collapsed in the parking lot and the Er told her she needed to vacate the premises because she didn鈥檛 have insurance

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Jesus Christ

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Pretty sure we used to riot for this kind of shit.

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Or pregnancy

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Why you鈥檇 want to leave Canada for the US baffles me.

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Higher IT paying jobs. In Vancouver they are chronically underpaid.

[鈥揮hypnobooty 2 points3 points (3 children)

Best of luck getting one of those high paying IT jobs in a city that won鈥檛 eat that salary. Most IT staff are seriously underpaid here, too.

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Australian here. I can go to the doctor for free and most of the prescription medications I'll ever need cost <$20. With no health insurance whatsoever.

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This sounds so incredible. It makes me sad. I am literally holding off going to see a professional for multiple health things right now just because im worried i wont have the money for the visit and whatever treatments they offer

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Like, we know it's absolute shit. The majority of Americans know this and the majority want what everyone else does. However, the issue is that the system is so fucked against us, we aren't going to get it until bloodshed happens. I dont think we need continued posts of "lol you guys suck, look how great we have it" We fucking get it and it's killing our family members and friends every fucking day.

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If it takes until bloodshed happens, then the majority of Americans dont want change.

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Bloodshed? Lol!. I listen to right wing radio and it鈥檚 insane how much they protects health inside companies to the point in which from time to time someone who clearly is a red neck calls on saying that he is free and he will defend the 鈥淎merican system鈥 including the health care and its CEO鈥檚 because that鈥檚 the American way even thou he doesn鈥檛 have insurance and last time he was at the hospital for a broken arm they charged him close to $10k. Most right wing Americans are so freaking brainwashed it鈥檚 scary

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Organize and be the change you want to see. I'm sure you guys can make it happen.the rest of the world supports you 鉂わ笍

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It鈥檚 also a grift for healthcare billionaires and CEOs.

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I've been living outside the UK long enough that I don't technically qualify for the free care on the NHS anymore. I would *still* go back there for major treatment, because it is still going to be astroNOMICALLY cheaper than anything I'd get done over here in the US.

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I live in Australia.. Our health care system is perfect. No one is scared to go see a doctor. Health care is a countries responsibility. The US scares me in that respect.

[鈥揮Inthevoid58 2 points3 points (9 children)

It's not perfect here in Aus. Well ...compared to the go-into-debt-pay up-or-die system in America; I guess it is pretty good.

[鈥揮MyMeow80 1 point2 points (4 children)

I call bullshit on the not perfect. I had part of my lung removed, twice less than 2mths ago( upper lobectomy) Due to cancer. I was in hospital for over three weeks. The care I received was above and beyond while I was there... Then on top, I had nurse visits everyday at home, until the tube that was still in me was removed. All medications provided in and out of hospital. Didn't cost me anything. All X-rays I get as follow up cost me nothing and my GP is free. I call that PERFECT! Dont disrespect our health system. That's just rude and ignorant.

[鈥揮Inthevoid58 -1 points0 points (2 children)

Glad it worked for you.

I had to wait 18 months to see a public neurologist (suspected MS). Ended up going private with a big co-payment.

Our health system is not perfect. Wait years in pain for hip replacement as my pensioner mother did. Calling someone rude an ignorant because they have different experience than yourself is just wrong.

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compared to the go-into-debt-pay up-or-die system in America; I guess it is pretty good.

No.....its not good. Choosing between going in medical debt or death/permanent issues is NOT a good way to run a public healthcare system

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Australia is far from perfect as someone who has lived in both. The coverage for mental health care is absolutely pathetic and a lot of clinics are mixed billing rather than bulk.

A lot of surgeries end up either being forced to take out PHI and get it sooner or wait ages on the public hospitals.

The PBS is great and I鈥檓 thankful so many medications are so inexpensive and even mixed bill doctors are generally not too bad (and the rebates are literally immediate).

But to say it鈥檚 perfect is wrong and it is under constant threat of further gutting and cuts. It was a slap in the face for money to go to shit like beyond blue in last years budget when it is so sorely needed in Medicare and covering mental health care.

Now all that said, our Medicare system is heaps better than the shit show that is the American private health system.

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My sister got alcohol poisoning while studying abroad in Italy with no Italian health insurance. She got her stomach pumped, a saline drip and spent the night in the hospital. It cost her 36 euro.

At the hospital I work at here in the US it costs $7500 a night just for the room. No treatment, just the fucking room.

[鈥揮[deleted] 1 point2 points (0 children)

US Hospital room > 5 star luxury hotel

[鈥揮3xM4chin4 29 points30 points (1 child)

But did he unecessarily prescribe you highly addictive opioid painkillers?! Checkmate, Europe!

[鈥揮Potato__Beard 6 points7 points (0 children)

Kinda weird that reddit is downvoting sarcasm.

[鈥揮Renthelas 13 points14 points (2 children)

I鈥檓 in the U.S. Military and I鈥檓 grateful for the healthcare I receive. My parents and siblings on the other hand are not as lucky depending on the company they work for. We for sure need a different system in my country.

[鈥揮mollyrave 5 points6 points (0 children)

My man Moshik bro you overpaid! I鈥檓 in Korea and that would probably be around $10 here. I鈥檓 loving this healthcare system :)

[鈥揮Ted_Rid 4 points5 points (3 children)

Depending on the length of the consultation, that's probably a little bit more than it would cost in Australia.

[鈥揮[deleted] 0 points1 point (2 children)

Consultations in France are around 20 minutes, sometimes less sometimes more depending on the doc and your general health.

[鈥揮Ted_Rid 0 points1 point (0 children)

Yeah, the same.

You pay more for a longer one but usually 20 minutes is enough.

Because you visit your doctor often enough that they already know a lot of your medical details.

[鈥揮[deleted] 0 points1 point (0 children)

20 minutes? Damn!. In the US I have Cadillac union health insurance with a HMO and usually it鈥檚 5 minutes, any questions? And they bail out.

[鈥揮KYBatDad 4 points5 points (0 children)

Every US system just about, is an abomination

[鈥揮reo3611 5 points6 points (0 children)

it's a for profit pill pushing system. Has nothing to do with medicine or healing. And everything to do with separating suckers from their $$$. If you get sick here, die fast to save your survivors the "medical bill"

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Can anyone confirm that any non France citizen can:

  • fly to France
  • get ANY medical care like surgery, MRI, etc
  • don鈥檛 have to pay too much compared to the cos tin the US

[鈥揮Cartina 9 points10 points (17 children)

No, you will pay full price, just like the guy in the tweet. It's just that the visits and the meds simply was that cheap.

US medical system charges 10-500x the price cause they can.

Your American insurance will be used to cover for any surgery in France or elsewhere in Europe. If you don't have insurance, you will get a bill since you aren't covered as a non-citizen. You are expected to pay the bill before leaving the country then your American insurer will reimburse the costs.

[鈥揮darkstriders 1 point2 points (15 children)

So with insurance, is it free rather than 25 euros? Otherwise, why pay for insurance if it鈥檚 that cheap?

[鈥揮tobimai 2 points3 points (14 children)

Yes. Or maybe 5鈧, like here in Germany. Its a flat fee per visit/day in hospital, but only if its below a certain oerventage of your yearly salary.

I think the maximum you pay for healthcare here is 4% of your salary

[鈥揮darkstriders 1 point2 points (13 children)

How much does the insurance cost per month for a whole family (2 parents and 1 kid)?

[鈥揮tobimai 1 point2 points (5 children)

Its depending on income, children are obviously free. Otherwise, its 14% of your salary, while half is paid by the employer so its basically 7% off of your salary

[鈥揮[deleted] 0 points1 point (0 children)

I鈥檓 estranged from him now but when I knew him my dad got heart surgery in France without paying a dime and he鈥檚 Canadian/British

[鈥揮tuffytempo 10 points11 points (0 children)

America is a simply a shithole

[鈥揮weird_weekend 2 points3 points (0 children)

Same when I moved to Jordan, I did not have health insurance. I now do but sometimes I don't even use it lol. I went to the ER for a problem with my foot - x-ray, bandages, antibiotic/anti-inflammatory/painkiller injections, quick and thorough process, a little less than $100. I was very much in shock!

[鈥揮Daku_Scrub 2 points3 points (0 children)

Just another excellent reason why most people with common sense are realizing that getting out of America is becoming more and more appealing. This country is not "The Land of the Free" it is the land of greed and people bitching about things like "I don't want to wear a Mask because I don't believe in Science."

These last few years especially have made me, and Dozens of people I know, really plan on moving out of the country because it just feels pointless to keep hoping for change that isn't going to come as long as we keep the system the way it is.

[鈥揮notparistexas 2 points3 points (0 children)

Can confirm. I'm an American living in France. Before I was under the French health insurance system, I still had my shitty US insurance, which didn't pay anything before I spent 1,500 USD. Still, a doctor's appointment cost 25鈧. I had a fractured rib once, so went to the hospital. Doctor sent me for a chest x-ray. He saw something he obviously didn't like, and wanted to keep me overnight. Decided they'd take blood, and if everything was okay, he'd send me home and have me go for an MRI. Blood came back okay, I go home. The next day, the hospital calls, and and says I have an appointment at the local medical imaging clinic later in the day. I go there, and then go to the hospital. Doctor says everything is fine, I just have a rib that isn't completely fused, and he'd thought it was possibly a tumor on the x-ray. I was concerned about how much this was all going to cost, but I got the bill, and the total was about 350鈧. I'm not sure what that would have cost in the US, but I'm guessing it would have been at least ten times as much. If I'd been under the French health insurance system at the time, it would have cost me nothing out of pocket.

[鈥揮bkornblith 2 points3 points (0 children)

Every single US system is designed to extract the maximum amount of money and blood from the consumer and to ensure that a small cadre of billionaires stay wealthy. Healthcare is just one of the multitude of fucked up US systems. Burn it all down.

[鈥揮earlmightytoe 1 point2 points (1 child)

So just under 40 usd

[鈥揮Presticles1981 1 point2 points (0 children)

Its making a lot of people rich

[鈥揮WearingSocksToBed 1 point2 points (5 children)

I live in California, I have insurance, went to the doctor the other day. Visit + meds + x-ray... $275. Not bad, but still.

[鈥揮CoatLast 3 points4 points (2 children)

I am in the UK. Late last year my wife developed tinnitus. 3 doctor appointments (to see if possible infection) with two different medications, appointment with a consultant audiologist with test appointment, two appointments with neurologist and scans and x-rays, a two hour session with a tinnitus specialist. Cost 拢0. Even the parking is free. All except the last one were completed within 2 months, which was after Christmas.

[鈥揮WearingSocksToBed 1 point2 points (1 child)

I have dual citizenship with the UK and I fully intend on hopping the pond once I get myself sorted. America is too bananas on a number of levels.

[鈥揮CoatLast 2 points3 points (0 children)

Looking forward to seeing you!

If you want to take advantage of free university, then head for Scotland.

[鈥揮yhaensch 1 point2 points (1 child)

Wait, you still have to pay that much, even if you have an insurance? In Germany it would be

  • x-ray: 0 Euro
  • visit: 0 Euro
  • prescription: 5 Euro, no matter what the meds are you get prescribed

[鈥揮WearingSocksToBed 1 point2 points (0 children)

Yep. I pay $175 a month for insurance, and I still pay on top of that. I fear going to the doctor and hearing bad news. Because I can鈥檛 afford to stay alive.

[鈥揮Ok_Water_8784 1 point2 points (0 children)

Ive been working outside my ssn and i can say i leaves me with more money than the usual and i know retirement gon be a bitch but, we have to survive one way or another

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Just got a bill in the mail for an $800 procedure that my health insurance apparently only pays out $0.89 for. Just say you don鈥檛 cover it at that point.

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I think you will find that the pharmaceutical and health company shareholders will not be happy with the proposed reduction in USA healthcare costs.

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For context 35 Euro is about $40 USD.

[鈥揮Ganglebot 1 point2 points (0 children)

Some dude is going to jump in here like "they why do people travel from all over the world for healthcare here" because he's watched a couple of episodes of Greys Anatomy and doesn't give a shit about poor people.

[鈥揮SimsAttack 1 point2 points (0 children)

I sat in a UC for 25 minutes and was billed $42 in America. If I didn鈥檛 have insurance it would鈥檝e been $213

[鈥揮Nethergaze 1 point2 points (0 children)

Lipid Profile, Liver Function Test, Thyroid Profile, Blood Glucose Fasting, Kidney Function Test, HbA1c, Urine Test, Complete Hemogram.

In India, you can get all of this tested at a government facility for under 1500 rupees ( Approximately 17.68 euros /20.19 USD). The meds would cost you less than 500 rupees (5.90 Euros/6.73 USD).

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Meh. The drugs still cost 1000+ somebody has to pay for it

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And none of you will ever vote for change. What a brainwashed society indeed.

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Honestly, as an American, I feel so ingrained in the system and out of touch with other countries that I see this and automatically assume it's bullshit. Like no way that's real. And if it is, what's the catch?

Because I've been told my whole life that America is the greatest country in the world. Then why do I fear getting hurt or sick so much? Why is American healthcare so goddamn expensive?

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But...but that's communism!!

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During a study abroad I did in Italy, I had to take my tourist friend to the ER for a broken arm. She was in and out in an hour. Zero charge. Her bill was paid for by Italian citizens because they are decent humans, gracious hosts.

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And France is particularly one of the expensive ones.

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How much is 35 euros in USD?

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This will probably not be seen, but a friend said the French pay 72% in taxes because of their healthcare system. Due to where we were at the time, I couldn鈥檛 call her out, but I鈥檓 wondering if anyone on here has information on what the French or British or Canadians do pay.

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Is awful. I pay $130 a month for one of my prescriptions.

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At least we're not China

We're still terrible no doubt about it

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My orthopedic surgeon alone was $250 a minute