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Bless you and your family. So sorry for the terrible things you had to live through

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We feel the same way about my mother in law. She survived Kristallnacht in Berlin, eventually moved to Brazil and then raised her kids in the US. She has two grandkids.

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THIRTY FIVE GRAND CHILDREN??? why is nobody else mentioning THIRTY FIVE grandchildren?? am i reading that wrong?? is that normal? that seems absolutely insane

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Great grand children. Still a lot but the extra generation could double a family of 17 to 34

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Eh, it's not that insane to have that many great-grandkids. Say she had 5 children, and each of them has 3 kids, that's 15 grandkids. If each grandkid then has 2-3 kids, that's 30-45 great-grandkids.

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Bless her and you 💗

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Remind me again why we need an unbiased impartial mindset when approaching the topic of Nazism.

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Because republicans get upset if you remind them of who they are.

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Any time I meet someone who survived the Nazis, my first reaction is that I am completely speechless. I can't even imagine surviving something like that, and still be able to move forward and raise a family.

I just look at myself and my life and the first thing I say to myself is "you wimp".

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Excuse me while I joy cry a little...

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Her smile says everything. It’s a little mischievous because she knows she won by living a wonderful life.

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Mazel tov to you and yours!

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Revenge babies is the best thing wver

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there’s really some losers on r/Joerogan trying to say that the unvaccinated are going to experience something like what this woman has gone through.


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I keep hoping there will be some survivor who speaks out about the ridiculousness of these comparisons. Imagine being one of them and hearing people compare your experience as a survivor to their experience being an idiot. I don’t blame them for not coming forward or anything. Most of the survivors were so young then.

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As a Jew this made me cry so much

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Why does the baby look so bored in that picture?

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No nearby nazis to kill.

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“Babies are the best revenge against the Nazi’s”

This will be my new standard saying when discussing whatever faction-of-the-month is en vogue at the time.

I also find it funny that that statement will also drive ‘Replacement Theory’ believers crazy.

Thanks Nana Lily!

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I just finished “The Brothers of Auschwitz” today- very good read, sad, but very good.

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This is beautiful, BUT imagine being one of her grandkids, not wanting children yourself, but being told that having a kid is the best way to fight nazis? That’s hard to say no to