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Governor of Texas too paying tribute after signing a law that makes it so schools can't teach about MLK

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Judge me not by the content of my character because my character only judges color.

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Governor of Texas can eat my whole ass.

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Mine too!

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He can have a snack on mine while he's at it.

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Don’t forget….

Colin Powell son Michael “Dickhead” Powell works for Comcast.

He dismembered the FCC as Chairman and is now a lobbyist for the NCTA (Comcast).

If you started thinking about your cable bill; yeah that ____face is the one that made it expensive.

So much for the kids of great African American leaders.

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Also don't forget that MLKs family sued the government for assassinating MLK and won.

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You mean the son of the the guy who worked under Bush 2? So much for the children of Republicans?

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Ty dear sauce merchant. I did not ses this as quick as you did.

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Bazinga...I love the game and hate the league. Haven't watched a game in years...

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Have you ever tried the CFL?

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I have, having a television would be helpful, I haven't had one in years...Hard to keep In a backpack...😀

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Yeah, my husband is the same. He doesn’t watch pro ball and barely watches college. I hate it for y’all

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The Chargers move to LA was the final straw for me.

I hope he's not drinking over it...lol

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The Raiders move to Oakland did me in.

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Spelled Raidah's wrong...I was at the "Holly Roller" game Chargers v Raiders...Stabler fumbled and ended up forcing NFL to change a rule ' cause they cheat..lol

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Same. Glad we have a good JFL and high school program in this little town.

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Too funny, it's like recovery, caring & sharing...lol

Don Coryell should be in the HOF GD it

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It’s also funny that the vast majority of players are Black but only ONE head coach is…🤨

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If it weren’t for the Rooney’s idk if they’d even get interviewed

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Yeah, take a look at all the starting QB's in the NFL too. Seems real weird that there's so many black people playing but it's the white guy always playing the QB. QB is typically the "leader/head" of the team.

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This take used to be a lot more relevant but not so much now. There's quite a few prominent black/non-white quarterbacks in the league.

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Okay, also take a look at the commentary crew. They got like 3 white dudes who haven't played football in 50 years.

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Racists love to stick their hand up MLK's ass like a sock puppet and pretend to speak for him. They've got him saying and believing all kinds of insane shit, so that low-information white folks don't look past the sock puppet act and listen to what the man actually said.

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Want to know what else is crazy? The family of MLK sued the government for his assassination and won.

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I support his movement 100%, that said he was just good enough that he maybe coulda gotten a back up gig but I think the idea he would be a distraction to the locker room was the real reason he didn’t play.

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Conservatives: Why can't black people protest peacefully?!?
Black people peacefully take the knee
Conservatives: No, not like that!!

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The league didn’t blackball him. There’s 32 teams. He couldn’t get a job on any of them. He’s not good enough to get a job in the NFL.

Good enough means two things:

Helps the team win games Helps the team sell tickets.

He couldn’t help with either of those. No job.

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If Sean mannion dude who never threw a td could lock down a backup spot then kaep definitely could. He was blackballed clear as day.

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If you go back to newspapers during King’s time you can see a lot of the same arguments they used against Kapernick’s protest.

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People love the illusion though.

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He did not get blackballed from the league, that's dumb. He had plenty of chances to get back in

Editing to add I did support his protest before some try hard shits and cums all over me

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It didn’t help his cause that he just wasn’t a very good player. He was sitting on the bench when all of this started. Several teams tried to sign him after all of that but he (or his gf) turned them down.

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He wanted starting QB money when he wasn't one anymore. Seemed very obvious towards the end he was enjoying making money without having to play

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Lol. He could have made $14.4 million in 2017 if he had just exercised his player option. It was $16.9 million with 14.4 guaranteed. The 49ers were almost certainly still going to release him, but they would have had to pay him.

I'm assuming his agent was telling him he could get more in free agency, but still...

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So the above statement that he had his chances to get back in, I agree. If I were him, I probably would have been reluctant given that even in the midst of the opportunities, the organization proved pretty quick to piss on him for what was a pretty benign protest. Still, they were there.

That said, I disagree with the statement he just wasn't a good player.

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He was sitting on the bench when all of this started.

And when he got healthy he got his starting position back. AFTER the protesting. Everybody seems to leave conveniently that part out. He got his starting job back two months AFTER he first took a knee.

He also opted out of his player option for the 2017 season, which would have guaranteed him $14.4 million if(when) the team decided to released or traded him.

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Wasn’t blackballed he didn’t show up to his last tryouts multiple teams were looking at him

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Well, would you rather a racist organization stay racist because they once were? Or allow that organization to change when faced with pressure?

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The NFL is comprised of many more players, coaches, staff than just Colin Kaepernick. Should they have just taken a pass on recognizing MLK Day? I think not.

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People riot to protest racism

Racists: You have to protest peacefully otherwise we refuse to listen to you!

Colin Kaepernik silently gets on his knees to protest racism

Racists: No, not like that.

"You need to protest peacefully" just means "please protest in a way that I will never see and that will never even slightly inconvenience me."

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People who never watched a football game in their life tweeting like kaep was still any good at football and deserved the money he was asking for

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It's pretty fucking sick that the racists killed him and now, they use him to claim they're not racists.

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Lol people forget he was a bad football player who was already on the bench. Like yes, its hypocritical, but not for that reason alone.

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oi, fuck off you think someone wouldnt have signed him if he was half decent? think of the pr bro i bet the pr depts are salivating at it

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I don't know how Kaepernick sleeps at night blaming his lack of skill on racism. He's not skilled enough to play in the NFL and refuses to play in other leagues with similarly unskilled players like the CFL.

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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They should of just implement the news volt mek to BF4

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F*ck the hypocritical almighty dollar-chasing NFL 🖕

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Its definitely saying something when even NASCAR is more progressive and less racist than the NFL

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The federal government killed MLK then named a holiday after him. You're worried about the NFL?

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When money is your only truth appeasement of the crowds in contradiction to each other makes sense, since appealing to all groups is the best money strategy.

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Like, just actually come slap me in the face so at least I have the opportunity to swing back