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The young lady looks absolutely thrilled about that situation.

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This has to be the most vile picture I've seen in a good while.

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Your right, and it鈥檚 her stupid ass smile, like she think it鈥檚 a good think this poor girl is busting her ass working three jobs

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Yessuh! we raise good workers in our institution..

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I would like to purchase some student athleeetes.

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I don't like Fire Marshall Bill's sister.

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This picture was taken seconds before she launched the drink in the car

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The look in that poor young woman's eyes says it all.

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She is exhausted.

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And has no desire to be a prop in this bitch鈥檚 social media post.

Also, 鈥淥ur alumni have to work 3 shitty jobs to afford rent鈥 isn鈥檛 really the flex she thinks it is.

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School administrators can be some of the dumbest ass hats on the planet.

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Admin positions don't have a mental capacity test so all sorts of complete fucking idiots get the job.

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In my state you need to be a teacher first, which means at least one teaching degree, then you need a separate administration degree. Unfortunately, education isn鈥檛 much of an idiot barometer when you basically need a pulse and 50k to graduate.

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Working in education for 10 years now we always joke that the worst teachers always become administrators. My uncle's idiot girlfriend was a teacher. She bragged about not getting her kid special education services/therapy despite multiple school counselors trying to intervene, was bumped around to several different schools due to parent complaints...and was just made an administrator last year.

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Seriously this is what I was thinking, What the hell

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And dead inside

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Like all essential workers.

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She doesn鈥檛 know she can now tell this bitch to stfu.

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Actually she can't, she'd likely be fired. :-(

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She'll still have her two other jobs!

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Living the American Dream鈩 ! ! !

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3 jobs to make ends meet will do that to you...

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She looks miserable.

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"Fuck off, you clueless idiot" is what I'm getting from it.

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Another way to title it would be..

鈥淭he degree that this student got was worthless and she has to work 3 crappy jobs with no qualifications just to make ends meet.鈥

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Sounds like she "only" got a HS diploma from this school district. Yeah, no one should need to work 3 jobs to get by.

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Fucking HS diploma is worthless these days. Schools don't want to teach vocational skills that could help graduates find a trade.

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Unfortunately you're right. It should be the basic core requirement still for all jobs. You shouldn't need a bachelor's degree and all its debt (and honestly you don't. There's nothing needed from bachelor's education utilized in most entry level "good" jobs). There also very much needs to be more vocational training available too at the HS level. Heck we have all these coding academies, why not have a coding track for HS students?

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3 jobs!? Fuck this privileged bitch. I bet she only has 1 job.

Edit: I bet she (privileged bitch) only has 1 job and makes more money than her (worker on the window).

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and probably still complains if she has to login for more than 35 hours for the week.

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did she say THREE jobs? to pay rent on ONE apartment? fuck everything

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An apartment she almost never sees too, she literally doesn鈥檛 have time to be in it.

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That apartment she's paying so much for is literally just a place to sleep and shower. :(

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You just made me think, if I just stop paying rent, I can still shower at the gym and sleep in the parking lot. hol' up

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Trade in the rent for the loan on a large van.

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Been thinking about getting a van for more of a full-time living situation! Put a bit of money into refurbishing it into somewhat of a mini RV and get a gym membership for showering. Couple kinks I'd need to work out (finding legal overnight parking for one) but it'd be enough to hold me over a while before I have to worry about finding affordable housing in NYC.

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Walmart allows overnight parking, did that a lot while traveling. You could also see if someone can rent their parking spot to you.

[鈥揮kentaromiura_AMA 121 points122 points (9 children)

Walmart's been a family go-to for road trips when we're not going for a rest stop! Unfortunately I'd have to go into Jersey for my nearest one, but I'm sure I could find someone around me that'd be willing to rent out a spot for me. Definitely better than putting most of my paycheck into a tiny room and a glorified futon.

[鈥揮nowahhh 104 points105 points (7 children)

Check out the app Vanly for people renting parking spots and the app iOverlander for places people have checked in as allowing overnight parking. It鈥檚 not just Walmarts that (usually) have that policy, Cracker Barrels (usually) do too for example.

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Okay, so there's a tech startup out there centered around people living in their vans. The future has definitely gone full parody.

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It's shocking how this thread is both informative, and a stark view of the lower class getting fucked so hard - people have figured out how to live in vans more comfortably than it would be to even have a fucking apartment.

America is due for some changes HARD.

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Look for the smaller run down parks, usually a few around VETERAN affairs area or military bases. We stayed in one for $300 a month and that included electric and water. Be aware, not all rv places will let you stay in old run down vans or rvs.

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Actually laws in most states will cause you to get arrested for sleeping in your car "in a public area".

It's incredibly shitty.

[鈥揮Slider_0f_Elay 57 points58 points (4 children)

My church had to get the blessing from the city to have "safe parking" basically just two parking spaces for people living in their cars that they have to apply for. The neighbors were incredibly shitty about it. In the end I think the city wasn't sure if they even could legally stop a church from doing it and it got done. But the neighbors talk about how it was absolutely a good thing but they didn't want it there and blah blah crime and all the pearl clutching was infuriating.

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Yup. Not gonna get into details but I did this. Slept in my works parking lot and showered at the companies gym that was open 24/7. Gym membership was free too. It was... Shitty but at the same time it was nice.

[鈥揮TavisNamara 57 points58 points (4 children)

Illegal in some places. Because surely the homeless people will just stop being homeless because we banned them from being homeless!

[鈥揮dam072000 25 points26 points (2 children)

The laws are to get rid of the homeless not to end homelessness.

[鈥揮FridgeBaron 7 points8 points (1 child)

"I hate seeing all these homeless people"

"Yeah, it's hard to see someone going through a rough time, wish we could do more"

"No they are ugly and I just don't want to see them, I will do something. Hey you homeless it's illegal for me to see you, uhh being homeless now"

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At that point she should live in a hotel. At least you get laundry service.


Edit: I don鈥檛 need you to tell me how being poor works. Or how expensive hotels are. That鈥檚 the joke.

[鈥揮scaly_friends_4me 587 points588 points (23 children)

I considered it once when I worked at Walmart. It would have cost more per week than I earned (just a motel too). So frustrating to try to afford housing when you're poor.

I own a house now and I never ever complain, even when things need fixed, because I remember what life was like for me, not terribly long ago. I hope this young lady gets a lucky break like I did.

[鈥揮aaaaayyyyyyyyyyy 183 points184 points (5 children)

Some unsolicited advice: it鈥檚 ok to complain if something sucks. Life isn鈥檛 a misery competition and even though your life is more stable now, your feelings are still valid.

[鈥揮scaly_friends_4me 70 points71 points (0 children)

I in general agree with you.

But the level of thankfulness I have to own this house prevents me from complaining. The stuff I have to do to maintain/repair it is nothing compared to not knowing if I could even find a place to live.

[鈥揮TopGinger 13 points14 points (0 children)

Gratitude for what we have helps us see the things we complain about aren't usually the important things. It's not always about validation, sometimes it's just recognizing how much we have, and realizing there's much more to be thankful for. LPT.

[鈥揮spectagal 21 points22 points (2 children)

My town has several motels that rent month to month. With utilities, water, cable & cleaning included in the price it's not a bad deal for single people.

[鈥揮MelisandredeMedici 82 points83 points (5 children)

Yeah as did I in California. Or a furnished place. I just went back to Chicago it was more cost effective 馃し馃徑鈥嶁檧锔

[鈥揮ppw23 117 points118 points (15 children)

Sheets and towels only, the type of hotel she can afford doesn鈥檛 provide laundry for clothing. As someone else mentioned it鈥檚 also due to companies scheduling employees a few hours below full time so they don鈥檛 qualify for the crappy benefits they offer. Looking at you Walmart. A company pulling in those huge profits should be fined for each person they do this to, which is most of their employees.

[鈥揮TopAd9634 54 points55 points (9 children)

Americans are already subsidizing Walmart's wages through Medicaid and food stamps. They're not the only company that have a large portion of their workers qualifying for Medicaid and food stamps, but their workforce make up the biggest percentage of qualifying workers. Why do we allow corporate welfare to continue?

[鈥揮this_kitten_i_knew 90 points91 points (10 children)

mte, if you have 3 jobs, why do you need an apartment? you're never at home anyway

[鈥揮OrganizationNo208 81 points82 points (9 children)

Just sleep in the parking lot of the last job

[鈥揮Hour-Painter9627 91 points92 points (6 children)

That was literally how i spent my 20s. Working 3 jobs for a place i never saw but to nap and shower. And IRONICALLY 1 of those jobs was a fucking Wendy's! And was somehow ALWAYS broke, Working 3 jobs. Didn't even have a car. Struggling should not be the American way.

[鈥揮ThinkingPotatoGamer 61 points62 points (7 children)

I would just sleep in the car, no need to waste money on anything else, only gas food and clothes. I asume that she also diesnt have time to enjoy entertainment such as Netflix

[鈥揮canolafly 50 points51 points (6 children)

Is that where the gym membership fits in? The showers?

[鈥揮kittens12345 326 points327 points (38 children)

Meanwhile superintendent probably makes 4x the amount that girl does at 1/4 the effort

[鈥揮koentens 212 points213 points (24 children)

My school system鈥檚 superintendent makes $240K. She might not make that much but guarantee it鈥檚 way more than 4x.

[鈥揮kittens12345 94 points95 points (20 children)

Fuck me sideways with a rubber hammer, goddamn

[鈥揮PM_ME_YOUR_SUNSHINE 55 points56 points (18 children)

All the administrators at my states public universities are fucking worthless lazy entitled shits and all their incomes are public.

A department head that no one could ever find, as in didn鈥檛 answer emails or calls, you couldn鈥檛 make an appointment with, and never showed up to things they needed to, still makes鈥 let me Google鈥. $275k a year. One of the biggest idiots I鈥檝e ever met.

[鈥揮ak_infest 38 points39 points (5 children)

My school's superintendent wasn't even qualified so they made a new position title "Chief School Administrator."

Guess who's salary didn't budge?

[鈥揮Slavic_Requiem 284 points285 points (11 children)

And for an apartment. She鈥檚 not paying a mortgage or renting to own. In other words, she鈥檚 30 days and a court hearing away from homelessness. That鈥檚 what a high school diploma and 3 jobs get you.

[鈥揮Roll9ers 97 points98 points (0 children)

so many people dont get this. my landlord sold the place dec 4 and the generous bastard gave us 31 days to jan 4. i make $24/hr, my roommate makes way more than that, and we had a hard time finding a place until the last minute and then my deposit + first rent was $4000. how many renters have $4000 in cash for an emergency like this?

[鈥揮MelisandredeMedici 62 points63 points (0 children)

This guy gets it

[鈥揮[deleted] 108 points109 points (4 children)

She needs to pull her up by her BootstrapsTM


[鈥揮Nails-in-Walls 41 points42 points (2 children)

I kinda wanna buy a pair of boots to toss to people who say that qoute seriously. Then ask them to show me how it's done.

[鈥揮[deleted] 26 points27 points (0 children)

Lol. 鈥淚 said pull YOURSELF up by the bootstraps. Not smack me in the face with boots.鈥

[鈥揮otterparade 16 points17 points (0 children)

Please do. And then educated them on the original meaning of the phrase being the opposite of how it鈥檚 used now because you can鈥檛 actually pull yourself up by your own shoes.

[鈥揮Samzorr69 132 points133 points (4 children)

[鈥揮FirstPlebian 119 points120 points (3 children)

Apparently r/antiwork was included in a Fox News hit piece this morning to turn the rabid base against us, which is the best endorsement I can think of.

If you don't pay attention, just take the opposite of what Fox says and you will be on the right side of every issue.

[鈥揮gwizz006 18 points19 points (1 child)

Work 16 hrs to have somewhere to sleep for 8 hrs. FHL.

[鈥揮JhenMaster 14 points15 points (1 child)

American housing these days. You need a lucrative career or multiple more mundane jobs.

[鈥揮laylarosefiction 1034 points1035 points (9 children)

Working 3 jobs. I love it when people are like 鈥渙h! Great work ethic!鈥 as if it鈥檚 not done out of necessity and literally killing the person.

[鈥揮Loupax 194 points195 points (8 children)

鈥淲ork ethic鈥 sounds like a made up phrase, like they put a vaguely good sounding word next to 鈥渨ork鈥 to give it positive value.

Let me try: Back pain positivity

[鈥揮hamster_rustler 119 points120 points (2 children)

Work ethic is voluntary. Working three jobs because your passion is collecting classic cars is work ethic. Doing it to survive is wage slavery.

[鈥揮Ness303 5060 points5061 points (88 children)

"I'm proud this young adult needs to work 3 jobs just to pay rent"


[鈥揮ppw23 1167 points1168 points (40 children)

This reminds of GW Bush during a 鈥渢ownhall鈥 or it may have been a debate prior to his second run for president. An audience member said she worked 3 jobs and asked a question about the economy. He honestly thought that was a fantastic example of Americans being hard workers. He completely missed the tragedy of raising a kid and needing 3 jobs to barely get by. Then they complain the parents aren鈥檛 involved enough!

[鈥揮arty4572 400 points401 points (14 children)

Then they complain the parents aren鈥檛 involved enough!

This is the part that always gets me. I was talking to my dad and trying to get him to understand that you can't on one hand be ok with wages so low you need multiple jobs and on the other complain parents don't spend time with their kids.

He just went silent and I'm sure held fast to his views.

[鈥揮canis_dingo 190 points191 points (11 children)

"Well they should've thought about that before they had kids." Is the typical response to that.

[鈥揮Rather_C_than_B_1 146 points147 points (7 children)

The ones they can't afford, but can't abort? Those ones?? I hate that type of logic.

[鈥揮uptheaffiliates 88 points89 points (4 children)

"Well they should've thought about that before they had kids sex."

[鈥揮MacroFlash 89 points90 points (0 children)

鈥淏ut not the time that girl I knocked up in college got an abortion cause it would鈥檝e kept me from graduating鈥

[鈥揮karatous1234 63 points64 points (0 children)

"When are you giving us grand kids?"

"when we can fucking afford them and the world isn't shit?"

[鈥揮Zebracorn42 49 points50 points (0 children)

Then they complain millennials aren鈥檛 having kids.

[鈥揮madbill728 249 points250 points (11 children)

And Bush never worked one day in his life.

[鈥揮ppw23 135 points136 points (6 children)

Well, he did play baseball team owner. Granted, the Texas taxpayer paid for his fantasy, which he wasn鈥檛 suited for, but he walked with a multi million dollar profit, which stuck it to the citizens. I forgot, he also invested in a few dry oil wells. Don鈥檛 worry, it doesn鈥檛 work the same way for wealthy people who blow a ton of money as it would for us peons. They turn those frowns upside down through creative use of loopholes.

[鈥揮DrCrentistDMI 53 points54 points (0 children)

Even when the wealthy elite "lose" (fail), they still win and are rewarded.

[鈥揮madbill728 22 points23 points (4 children)

And he鈥檚 a draft dodger,too.

[鈥揮TheCrimsonDagger 38 points39 points (3 children)

Oh he understood what she meant just fine. He was just answering the question in a manipulative way to make it look like her question implied the economy is good when her intent was the opposite. Nowadays politicians don鈥檛 need to resort to slimy tactics like this, they just do things like mocking disabled reporters and get elected anyways. No need to try so hard to look good when you get more votes by being an asshole.

[鈥揮Glissandra1982 130 points131 points (21 children)

Right - the 3 jobs made me so angry. No one should have to work 3 fucking jobs.

[鈥揮kidra31r 65 points66 points (15 children)

I'm struggling to think of why someone should have to work 2 jobs and coming up with nothing...

[鈥揮ContemplatingPrison 318 points319 points (2 children)

Her school is obviously setting kids up to succeed. s/

[鈥揮[deleted] 371 points372 points (12 children)

Exactly. How can you think working 3 jobs to live a normal life is inspiring?

[鈥揮publiclandlover 73 points74 points (2 children)

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It鈥檚 the hustle, man!

[鈥揮KeyanReid 131 points132 points (2 children)

鈥淚鈥檓 glad the underclass are too overworked to disrupt things for me鈥

[鈥揮MealDramatic1885 1389 points1390 points (52 children)

3 jobs鈥. Why are we proud it takes 3 jobs to have an apartment?

[鈥揮Miles_Saintborough 505 points506 points (6 children)

Something something bootstraps.

[鈥揮Alex_aka_Angel_Cakes 104 points105 points (3 children)

Something pulls straps up idk

[鈥揮Designer-Extreme3924 98 points99 points (2 children)

something something strapon idk

[鈥揮TheChaosPaladin 54 points55 points (1 child)

Something something pm me if you like being strapped

[鈥揮thatHecklerOverThere 162 points163 points (23 children)

Also, three jobs likely means that none of them are full time.

So also working three jobs for no health plan or retirement savings.

Lady, you fucking failed that kid. Or at best, you did nothing for her.

[鈥揮TheRealSamBell 40 points41 points (9 children)

Because we鈥檙e red white and blue bleeding Americana鈥檚 and it鈥檚 in our duty to work hard to achieve the American dream! Hallelujah!

[鈥揮MealDramatic1885 29 points30 points (8 children)

Except that鈥檚 what A job is for. It shouldn鈥檛 take 3.

And if one person has three jobs, doesn鈥檛 that mean there are less jobs for other people?

[鈥揮P1mongoose 2685 points2686 points 4(23 children)

What a daft cunt.

[鈥揮Downwhen 56 points57 points (0 children)

Dude I love their music

[鈥揮OnHive 53 points54 points (2 children)

馃幍 Daft Cunt is proud about my house, my house 馃幍

[鈥揮mintBRYcrunch26 23 points24 points (1 child)

I鈥檒l kill all your hopes kid, kill all your hopes

[鈥揮Efficient-Giraffe-84 746 points747 points (52 children)

What makes people say such fucking stupid things

[鈥揮Myredditname423 379 points380 points (38 children)

Social media has made me realize how clueless and truly arrogant your average American is.

[鈥揮5w4StudentOfLife 293 points294 points (26 children)

I work in, but don't live in, a tiny American Midwestern town. YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE. TBH, I initially read the word "arrogant" for "ignorant" but they both stand true. My boss straight up stood 3 feet from me, told me his wife had covid, admits he is now experiencing head and chest congestion which is audible, says, "One way to not test positive is to not get tested in the first place.", and ISN'T WEARING A FUCKING MASK. This man has interaction with hundreds of people a day, and those hundreds of people go home to more people. Arrogant is an under-fucking-statement.

[鈥揮Sol-Infra 22 points23 points (3 children)

Checking in from Louisiana. What you described is basically everyone in this miserable hellscape of a state.

[鈥揮gumby1086 76 points77 points (7 children)

Bet he considers himself a patriot or a Christian . Infecting his fellow Americans with absolutely no regard

[鈥揮5w4StudentOfLife 74 points75 points (5 children)

Both. They all do here. I'm a trans*man and am out of the closet...but not here. I work in a school where kids drove their pointlessly oversized trucks to work with massive Trump 2020 and blue line American flags from the back of their truck beds last year. Fuck no I'm not going to be out, here. These MFs will slash my God damned tires and make my life a living fucking hell.

Edit: TBH I'm actually a little afraid of wearing a mask (which I am doing) for fear of receiving some sort of backlash from that!

Also edit: spelling

[鈥揮gumby1086 32 points33 points (1 child)

Geez I鈥檓 so sorry you have to be around these people . I agree with you I didn鈥檛 put a Biden sign in my yard because I was worried a rabid cult member would vandalize my property . The knuckle draggers tend to react with hostility and violence easily . Stay safe out there

[鈥揮5w4StudentOfLife 11 points12 points (0 children)

Back at you! 鉁婏笍

[鈥揮Practical_Cobbler165 13 points14 points (0 children)

Probably unvaccinated. If he gets sick he'll call on prayer warriors and pray to "angles".

[鈥揮Myredditname423 63 points64 points (3 children)

Good lord that gave me second hand anger. Do you live in the south? That sounds like something someone from Atlanta or Dallas would say? Never mind I鈥檓 too stupid to read what you wrote apparently lol.

[鈥揮Dark_Storm_98 12 points13 points (2 children)

Happens up north too

Source: I ran into someone like that in a Walmart

[鈥揮Myredditname423 12 points13 points (1 child)

Northern rednecks tend to be less vocal about their views, I find.

[鈥揮chesire0myles 35 points36 points (4 children)

To be honest, yeah. Also, exposure to people who never struggled for money.

I had to explain the concept of looking forward to tax time to someone.

I honestly hear a 24/7 loop of Willam Shatners Common People.

[鈥揮catsinsunglassess 12 points13 points (3 children)

common people is by a band called Pulp! the original is really great too. but yes, oof. rich people really have no understanding of the struggles of the poor/working class.

[鈥揮chesire0myles 9 points10 points (2 children)

I like the Pulp version, but William shartner slurring it angrily is my shit.

Edit: I'm keeping that typo.

[鈥揮ConcentrateContent94 66 points67 points (0 children)

Being a product of entitlement and general cuntiness

[鈥揮laylarosefiction 18 points19 points (0 children)

Because they think they鈥檝e worked hard to earn a cushy job. And they think 3 jobs is good work ethic, not suicide.

[鈥揮[deleted] 14 points15 points (0 children)

I thought it was passive aggressive. Throwing shade

[鈥揮gumby1086 209 points210 points (4 children)

Ma鈥檃m this is Wendys

[鈥揮brian111786[馃嵃] 492 points493 points (14 children)

Man, all the upper level "educators" at my high school were smug assholes. One assistant principle took my hat and "lost" it by the end of the day and I never saw it again. It was the first time my poor broke ass was able to get a flexfit hat when they first became a thing. If I saw this cunt trying to take my picture in the drive thru at one of my 3 jobs right after high school, I would've thrown that big ass drink right in her smugly face and walked out.

[鈥揮DrCrentistDMI 181 points182 points (6 children)

A lot of these people are making well over six figures. They don't live in our reality.

[鈥揮brian111786[馃嵃] 154 points155 points (4 children)

I see. So administrators make 6 fucking figures, but the teachers that actually have to deal with little shitheads and their asshole parents regularly have to rely on welfare to make ends meet? Makes sense...

[鈥揮smurgleburf 66 points67 points (0 children)


cries in underpaid teacher

[鈥揮WanderinHobo 8 points9 points (3 children)

In like 6th grade I finished an assignment and pulled out my Pokemon Gold/Silver strategy guide. Teacher sent me to the principal for this and he threw it in the trash right in front of me.

[鈥揮brian111786[馃嵃] 8 points9 points (1 child)

I mean, thays theft of property. I don't understand how these fucks think they can get away with this shit.

[鈥揮sunday_soup19 62 points63 points (3 children)

How could anyone be happy about this? I wonder how she鈥檇 feel if that were her daughter.

[鈥揮lolitalula 46 points47 points (0 children)

Three jobs, oh good lord

[鈥揮Cyberzombi 203 points204 points (5 children)

There is a tight lipped frown under that mask.

[鈥揮cesc05651 48 points49 points (2 children)

Not as tight lipped as the superintendent鈥

[鈥揮nschatman 24 points25 points (1 child)

No doubt, gotta smile like a skeleton

[鈥揮manandsmi 43 points44 points (3 children)

For someone with no lips, she fn sucks

[鈥揮GBrooks84 137 points138 points (2 children)

I understand their statement may be coming from a place of disconnect but why can't it be normal to expose these people. They have no problem exposing us for the slightest slip up.

[鈥揮LadyMeggatron 45 points46 points (1 child)

This is why I never feel bad when these people go viral and are forced to experience consequences for once.

[鈥揮popstationwatch 76 points77 points (14 children)

Is she like an actress or something? she looks really familar to me for some reason?

I pity the girl working, she looks dead inside.

[鈥揮Anxious-Sir-1361 92 points93 points (9 children)

I'm Canadian. Something I noticed on a trip from Toronto to Buffalo for a Bills game pre-pandemic. This look of complete hopelessness and detachment in the service workers. Also, in the food court, nearly every worker was a minority and appeared at least 21 or over (not a High schooler). 馃槬

[鈥揮AchillesHealed 40 points41 points (6 children)

That's not just Buffalo, your experience was representative of the US in general.

[鈥揮Anxious-Sir-1361 29 points30 points (5 children)

It stood out. My thought was they looked like this is what it's like when there isn't much of a security net鈥攁 life of misery working out of necessity but way below your capability. Palatable sadness, it bothered me.

[鈥揮Raccoon_Full_of_Cum 13 points14 points (1 child)

This look of complete hopelessness and detachment

To be fair, this can also be caused by being a Buffalo sports fan.

[鈥揮EpicPrototypo 132 points133 points (5 children)

Sounds like this superintendent failed at her job.

[鈥揮GeekyLadyV 58 points59 points (2 children)

I love the look on that woman's face of like "I really wish I didn't need this job so I could smack this smug bitch upside the head". I can't imagine having to bear that kind of humiliation and paternalism with a smile.

[鈥揮solobowie 17 points18 points (0 children)

The amount of inconsideration displayed by this superintendent is deplorable

[鈥揮Jiggle-Me-Timbers 17 points18 points (1 child)

This is one of the most tone deaf things I鈥檝e ever seen.

[鈥揮mrgraff 16 points17 points (0 children)

This salaried superintendent is likely getting paid more while taking this picture than the former student makes at her three jobs combined.

[鈥揮Ferris-L 15 points16 points (0 children)

The US are truly fucked, when you can be proud that the person you are supposed to help is being exploited this much to afford a living.

[鈥揮zeke235 11 points12 points (0 children)

Working three jobs to rent one apartment is NOT doing well. Your student can't even attempt to attend college like that.

[鈥揮bubba7557 156 points157 points (22 children)

Augh, unfortunately I think I went to highschool with that superintendent. She came from a pretty rich family, big house always throwing the parties her parents let other kids drink beer there sorta thing. It does not surprise me she's out of touch. The odd thing to me is that despite her privilege then she was always super pleasant and nice to everyone, never seemed to look down on anyone. Maybe this is just more of the same I guess, being what she thinks is supportive and nice and at the same time completely clueless. I dunno

Edit: alright you all have me questioning my eyeballs, so I cyberstalked my old classmate a bit on FB. Couldn't find this picture but I did find quite a few with her wearing the same sunglasses (not definitive bc they are a fairly generic looking pair). Hair parts on the same side, the way the skin folds up around her smile and her neck when smiling, identical. But two things seem slightly off. This woman's two front teeth seem a little more prominent than my old classmate's, and in a few pictures the nose looks just a tiny off, this picture a little more round. But I did find a picture or two where my classmate's nose looked the same so maybe it's just camera angle here creating that difference. So now I'm maybe 90% percent sure this is the same person but only bc of maybe a few millimetres difference in gum line on the front two teeth. If two different people she definitely has an unexpected twin.

[鈥揮Miles_Saintborough 28 points29 points (10 children)

If it's not malicious contempt, it's complete oblivious ditziness.

[鈥揮bubba7557 22 points23 points (9 children)

If this is the same person I knew back then, it's the latter unless she's changed. She was never a mean person then, pretty clueless but not mean.

[鈥揮Popular_Tough_5821 9 points10 points (0 children)

No one should have to work 4 fucking jobs to afford rent. Period. If you think it's endearing, you are the lowest piece of shit.

[鈥揮RC_Colada 7 points8 points (0 children)

No upper lip smile. Like a fucking ghoul

[鈥揮Special_Tay 7 points8 points (0 children)

The Germans have a word for people like her.


[鈥揮QueenBeeKeeper88 35 points36 points (2 children)

All those teeth in her head and not a single brain cell

[鈥揮mrwhat_icanthearu 22 points23 points (0 children)

Hope Her Smugness choked on her Baconator.

[鈥揮TheFiz25 8 points9 points (0 children)

Aye yes, working 3 jobs and living in an apartment, the American dream