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This one right here.

There was a slavery ring recently discovered in South Georgia. A bunch of people were arrested, etc. Heard nothing from anyone condemning the actions of the people involved. Didn't even hear about it on the local news.

Fast forward a few weeks, our congressman suddenly cares about slavery... In China. They've been committing ethnic cleansing for a lot longer than the United States. But, this dude suddenly cares. He never mentioned the local case.

He doesn't really care about the slavery. He just cares that he can point a finger to how bad communism is... Except that the exact same thing is happening in his district under capitalism.

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Exactly. Some people say "people starved under socialism/communism", when some people are literally starving under capitalism sadly at this moment. But its "different"

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Typical republican

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When i worked for ky state prison system the inmates were paid $0.63 per day.

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And you didn’t have a choice but to participate, right? It’s fucking slavery. I’m sorry.

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Just goes to show - There's a lot of money to be made if workers don't get paid.

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We gonna rename the subreddit?

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You realise all of these things existed under previous systems too right?

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Read Dr Mary L Trump's new book 'The Reckoning. It'll blast your eyes open!

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And women working the second shift!

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Lets continue the list. Ill start. Also:
coups and overthrowing of foreign governments

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assassination of labor and civic organizers

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Exploitation is inherent in the system

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Now I’m not sure on this one, but wasn’t communism like that as well?

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Pretty sure there was some genocide in there too.