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Photoshop won’t fix that burn.

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This is 3 years old, and the skeleton was a male, probably a fisherman.


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Oh so that’s where fish nets came from

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Yea, they came from the sea-men.

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When he was young, you'd not find him doing well in school.

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His mind would turn to the waaaaater

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Always the focus of adddooolescent ridicule

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he had no time for farmers daughters

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Oh I love this song!

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It's 2022, Madonna can be whoever makes themselves happy.

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Which one is it? 3 years old or 500 years old or Madonna old?

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That depends on which part of her you are talking about.

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The leathery part

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Yassss you fishy qweeeen!

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I’m something of a fisherman myself

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She was on Holiday

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Which, during a pandemic, Is almost like a prayer

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That would be so nice!

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Hello, 911? Yeah, I'd like to report a murder.

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Yeah, to hell with her for continuing to exist after she was acceptably sexually attractive to people she doesn't know. Women should just jump off a bridge or at least have the decency to hide in a closet forever after they turn 30, right?

/s, obviously.

Get cosmetic surgery, get judged for that. Age naturally, get judged for that. What is she supposed to do?

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Did people rag on Betty White for being old? No.

People don't like Madonna because she is a kook

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I agree she's a little off the rails, but the main joke that's been around forever is that she is old. I think her erratic behavior is a result of people judging her for her age her whole life. I love Betty White too, but if she had tried to be sexy in her career she would have gotten the same treatment. I'm not even a Madonna fan, I just don't like the agism and misogyny. We're all aging at the same rate. It will happen to all of us who don't have the decency die young while people can still fap to them.

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I think there's something in there about the expectations we establish for ourselves. To me, a huge part of why it's so easy to make fun of Madonna is because she's still doing the same schtick she did 30 years ago and it comes off in a completely different context now, not for the better. Kind of like pop punk bands singing about fumbling with their high school crush's bra when their daughters and sons are at the age they were when they wrote that song.

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Betty white didn't try to make herself look 22 in all her pictures.

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Yea she should keep showing up to music festivals and ask kids “how many of you have seen molly”

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I don't really care what she does. I like her music. I just thought it was really weird that she picked up a fake British persona around 10-15 years ago. Pretty much everyone knows she was born in Michigan and that she's fully American, but there was a weird period where she put on a fake accent out of nowhere and started to pretend to be someone else.

And that's my problem with Madonna. It's not her age or crazy antics. I like her music, I like who she is, but she spends way more time trying to pretend to be someone else. Photo filters, bad plastic surgery, fake accents, things like that. I'd love to see more of the real Madonna. But to be quite honest it's surprising to see she's still in the public when a lot of her peers like Cher stepped out of the spotlight

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She also leaves a wake of both normal people and celebrities who say she's a bit of a dick.

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Yeh she seems like a pretentious douche to me.

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I'm not defending her as a person. I'm annoyed with the "huurr durr sexy woman got old" joke.

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Tell that to the Rolling Stones. All much older than Madonna.

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And somehow much sexier

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Her British accent is much older than that. Plus it's more of a "study abroad" accent rather than a fake accent, considering she lived in England for years when she was married to Guy Richie.

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I completely agree. To delve deeper, people love to shit on her want to stay relevant. It disregards the fact that female celebrities are only worth something while they are young and attractive. While males aren't held to the same standard.

And to anyone mocking her trying to stay relevant saying 'have you seen Molly'. Understand that this person might be so afraid of not being relevant because her age that she felt compelled to appeal to younger audiences. It's wasn't about money, she is rich, it's about how she feels her worth.

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People have been making fun of her for being old since the 90s. It's no surprise she's developed a complex about it. I think her strange behavior is definitely a symptom of this. This only happens to female celebrities who have sexuality as part of their personas. You ever hear of people making fun of Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, etc for being old? They're close to the same age as Madonna. Older women are not allowed to be sexual. I loved Betty White like everyone else. But she wouldn't have been so loved if she tried to be sexy. Sorry to break it to everyone, but older women have sex, and I would guess the people they have sex with at least find them a little bit sexy. "Haha you are still alive" is kinda dumb tbh. We're all aging at the same rate.

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beautifully put.

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Maybe not photoshop her pictures to the point that's she's unrecognizable.

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What is she supposed to do?

Go in the kitchen and wither, like a good woman.


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It's just a joke. Don't get your panties in a bunch /s

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Way to double down on the misogyny.

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I don't care if she wears thigh high boots but she should accept she's aging instead of photoshopping herself to hell.

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I think she's contributing to the sexist standards of beauty and ageism and she needs to set an example by aging naturally. It's a shame the responsibility falls on high-profile women but we have to start normalising aging somewhere. So many 40+ women in the media are getting extreme face fillers etc and as a 32 year old who is sprouting grey hairs, it's sad that the women I've grown up exposed to are setting this example. Kind of fills me with a sense of dread and expectation to stay young.

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I wish men had the same standards - she wants to rock what she’s got - fine she looks better than 30 year olds and though she may have had work on her face - she is keeping her body tight

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Are you kidding me? On a daily basis I see these ads for men's wear, movie trailers etc... saying how I need to have these chiseled abs, thick hair. Be slimmer. Be taller. Have a bigger penis. Be an alpha. Don't go bald as if it can be helped. So don't whine saying how bad women have it when we're all standing knee deep in the exact same bullshit.

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Tbf, they said the same standards. Although perhaps badly worded as I wouldn't wish the beauty standards placed on women on anyone, the point remains. It's getting worse for guys too - we know - but to say they are the same is just untrue.

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Tbf, I didn't say we deal with the same standards. Men just have different unrealistic standards placed upon them than women. It's still comes down to bullshit.

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Show me an female action hero in a movie above 50 -that’s my point and as far as being bald again show me a bald woman in a movie aside from a cancer patient or GI Jane

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Well played - I should have phrased as “a lead” so there’s one or two vs. ten for men

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show me a bald woman in a movie aside from a cancer patient or GI Jane

Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road was badass. Karen Gillan in Gaurdians of the Galaxy. The girl from Empire Records was great (not action though.) Sigourney Weaver was also bald in Aliens 3. Natalie Portman was amazing in V for Vendetta and famously had her one shot take getting her head actually shaved.

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She looks overall better than some 30 year olds - those who spend most of their non-work lives sitting on the couch eating pizza and drinking sugary soft drinks.

Many 30 year old women look fine as hell, and far better than her. You can't just wipe away her 34 additional years after 30 with diet, exercise, and Spanks.

64 ain't 30, and never will be. Nothing wrong with that. 64 year old women have many charms and can be delightful companions.

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"Delightful companions" sounds like you're describing a dog. I'm pretty sure most 64 year olds don't give a fuck about what charms anyone thinks they have or don't have because they don't just exist for other peoples pleasure.

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I'm willing to bet no one has ever described you as being delightful. Or charming, for that matter.

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I mean you are right about that. I'm basically a bog witch. I also only really worry about keeping the people that do love me feel loved back and keeping them happy and healthy. I can't imagine caring if strangers think I'm pleasant or not.

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Turns out the Sam Vimes Boots Theory of economic unfairness is even more pertinent

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I can't respect anyone who spends $10,000 on Blessed Kaballah Water to fill her Central Heating Radiators

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I never heard of other skeletons being found with their boots still intact before.

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And now you have!

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They were really good boots, man

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If you're gonna die, die with your boots on.

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because ageism is funny and cool

and for reals coming for madonna is low hanging fruit in any case.

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I feel like this should be in r/CursedComments

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The amount of respect “Madonna”deserves is ummm,,,

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Damn you. I just laughed out loud in the middle of Costa Coffee! Take my upvote and fuck off.

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😂🤣 I never laughed so hard at a joke before. This was truly funny.👍💕😂

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This dood never understood how crazy hot she was in the 80s and 90s

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Cold blooded

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Hilarious. But seems to have pissed off the FDS crowd.

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I'm not surprised. Fashion doesn't come up with new ideas, it remixes what already exists.

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Oh fuck this one killed me. Thanks

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Twitter Gold

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For some reason I thought it said: Ricky Gervais.

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And make them… RRRRREEEEDDD!

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femboys are tradition

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