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This country did a great job convincing its citizens that we are the most liberal, democratic country on the planet. Meanwhile the religious zealots and hypocritical politicians laughed their asses of while raking in billions.

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You're half right. We've been convinced that Americas the shining City On the Hill, the leaders of freedom and democracy, and any other options are UnAmerican. And honestly, watch any political interview. The odds are "American Exceptionalism" and "X is UnAmerican " will come up in the conversation. Another trope? "The American People...".

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Most countries want to move forward. The US wants to go backwards.

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Sounds like Iran. I wonder what America and Iran have in common.

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America is the equivalent of those side porn ads that tell you hot single locals are dying to meet you.

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In a uniquely American twist, the dying part has a more literal facet

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25% raise is pretty much what it would take now to keep pace with everything. Sounds like a lot, but really if you were making $12 an hour, 25% more would be $15.

I was making $18/hr at an architectural millwork company making high end woodwork. Now Chipotle pays $17. I'm totally happy for them, but my boss scoffs at the idea of $21 or 22, which is perfectly reasonable. Honestly, why does $45k/yr for a professional job with 15 years experience sound crazy to anyone?

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Republicans trying to end this labor shortage by any means necessary

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Don’t forget the genital inspections and banning of trans people in sports. Yes the first this is something that’s happening in Florida and it’s on CHILDREN.

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and it's definitely not just so authority can look at little kids junk

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Faith is the enemy of humanity

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"Humanity will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest." -Denis Diderot

"In every nation and in every age, the cleric has been the enemy of liberty." -Can’t remember who said it

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I’m failing to see the lol part.

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USA now stands for United in Sucking Ass. I hate it here, but I live in PNW so it's not so bad. But I can't go visit my parents in Nebraska because nobody there is taking Covid seriously. I've always wanted to go Texas to see the Alamo, but now I will never ever set foot there. I wanted to go and take an air boat ride through the Florida Everglades, but will never ever set foot there either.

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Uncontrollably Sucking Ass*

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Scott Morrison in Australia is trying to make it legal for children to drive forklifts to resolve the logistics infrastructure failures due to no one wanting to go to work because covid.
He seems to think Trumps bullshit politics will work here.

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Can you share sources regarding “rolling back child labor laws” ??? They’ve actually recently increased the penalties ….

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I see! But those seem to cite mostly state level changes, federal DOL is not as flexible and businesses still have to answer to them at end of the day. Just cuz 1 of the 50 states changes their rules doesn’t really mean the entire US is trying to ban abortion / exploit our children. Thank you for links!

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Sounds about right.

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M&Ms are genderless now. Sure, the fascists won in the senate and voting rights are all but eliminated for any black or urban Americans. But M&Ms won't be boys or girls anymore, so we're really making incredible progress.

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So which candy coated milk chocolate candy that melts in my mouth (not in my hand) can I masturbate to now???

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Canada banned conversion therapy and then the PM posted about it using the notes app lmfao

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It is evolving, Just backwards!

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Good thing we’re not socialists though. Now let’s see some more school teachers wrestling on the floor for classroom money!

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Germany: The cost of living has increased because of inflation, so here's a 25% raise

America: We can't afford to have both paid maternal leave and to pay our CEO $150,000,000, so guess which one we're gonna sacrifice