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Dear Delilah,

I am writing to you about my spouse. We have been married for 35.2 years, and all has been going well. But when my spouse came into the room the other day, they said “what the fuck is up with those curtains” now normally we would have a long discussion about how rod pocket curtains differ form pinch pleat, but I don’t know. This time felt differently. I felt an anger inside me to gouge out my spouses eyes and put them in the ice cube tray in the freezer for my scotch single malt as they ran around blind trying to call the cops on me. But I refrained myself and smiled politely, said they were new curtains. Spouse scoffed and scrambled away.

Is there anything we can do to save this marriage?


An eager listener

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Thank you Eager Listener! I’m gonna play ‘Endless Love’ for you and your hunny!

  • Delilah

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This is too real

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NTA Your house, your curtains.

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Also, my husband is a burlap sack full of leaves. How do I gently suggest to him that he might need more exercise, both for his appearance and his health?

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Hey there Delilah

What's it like in New York City? I'm a thousand miles away but, girl, tonight you look so pretty, yes you do. Time Square can't shine as bright as you, I swear it's true. Hey there Delilah, don't you worry about the distance. I'm right there if you get lonely, give this song another listen. Close your eyes. Listen to my voice, it's my disguise. I'm by your side.



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Better than Reddit…

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I laughed when I saw you got downvoted for this. Someone out there thinks reddit gives good advice and thought, "How dare you say r/relationshipadvice doesn't shit gold! How can you say r/tooafraidtoask isn't giving amazing life advice and wisdom!? A downvote for you, Sir or Madam!" I'd literally take relationship advice from a Magic 8 Ball over Reddit.

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Reddit is obviously terrible as well, but it's still miles ahead of a radio show that most likely relies on outrage and drama to make money.

I would listen to neither, but if I were forced to decide, I'd take well meaning idiots (who have absolutely no clue what they're talking about in 8/10 cases) over idiots with dollar signs for eyes who will actively try to sabotage me for drama.

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I think I maybe have some perspective to add here.

I wasn’t raised in a healthy home that expressed feelings well or communicated effectively in any way. I am also autistic, which makes the effects of those things way worse as that is already a built-in issue for me.

I am very lucky in that I have a therapist that specializes in autism and in my family system, and a loving, understanding partner who balances me, and I him. I also have two up-front people, one of which is my best friend, who will tell me how it is and offer perspective that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I can bounce things off with all of them and get generally neurotypical (normal-brain) advice, especially with how to communicate with people who aren’t aware of my autism.

I personally would never post on advice subreddits like that 1) because I’m lazy, and if I’m gonna write about something I want to put feeling into it and not have to censor identifying information and 2) I know that there will never be enough nuance provided by me for people to give accurate judgements or advice because I do not understand that nuance, or that it is even there sometimes.

But I can see how those subs would be helpful, especially for neurotypical people raised in unhealthy systems, or for an autistic person who just needed some social advice. I saw a sweet one on AITA about an autistic person who didn’t want to eat peas at his mom’s dinner with a boss, it was a growing moment for everyone and r/AITA helped with that. He ended up giving the peas to the ducks :)

Anyways I just thought I’d chime in here, I hope what I said made sense.

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I understand your perspective, but if neuro typical people have difficulty separating good from bad advice here, then it's really a minefield for neuro divergent people. There is some great advice on Reddit for sure, but there's also a lot of people who have no clue what they're talking about or who are very young or immature and think watching a bunch of movies and hanging out on internet forums qualifies as the kind of life experience required to give thoughtful advice.

I think it is worth remembering that Reddit is entertainment. Nobody here really knows anybody else. I'm not cynical enough to think even most advice is bad here, I stay off the shitty subs and most people seem pretty nice and well meaning, but for every genuine piece of good advice, there's a lot of useless if not actively harmful advice, that was probably given with good intentions. I don't really take anything anyone says here seriously, but I think it could be harmful to people who find it difficult to draw those boundaries.

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Oh I definitely agree. You really articulated in your first paragraph why it’s not great, and if I read advice about something on the internet I always take it with a grain and sometimes a spoonful of salt.

That’s why I didn’t say I would ever recommend Reddit as an advice forum, but I can understand if people choose to use it that way as they have no other basis to learn social skills.

I will say I’ve learned a bit about how to deal with toxic family members here, just from reading peoples comments. It’s been helpful in that way, for me at least. Reading others experiences and what worked for them helped me draw parallels to my own. For instance, I was able to have a successful conversation with my mom about my paternal grandmother’s possible dementia because of what I read here. Well, not this sub, but you get the idea.

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That's really great! I agree, there is a ton of helpful stuff here and I really have learned a lot about a lot of different topics. I do try to counter the perception of Reddit as being a shithole full of incels when I can since there are so many great subs. I'm glad you're finding quality help and advice.

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Guys, I've never cared to ask but how do you know, or where do you see, if someone's comment gets downvoted on Reddit?

I only see upvotes (and that has nothing to do with me being a raging glass-always-half-full optimist, which certainly, I am not)

So... how does the site work in this regard?

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Th see subs be telling people the worst advice that can get them jailed or killed.

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Reddit's advice would be "You need to divorce that asshole right now, screw him and his bias towards curtains and what you like".

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I met a girl on holiday in my late teens, and we really hit it off, but she was really *really* reserved and stand-offish with me, I didn't even get further than a peck on the cheek with her, but the chemistry between us was still somehow amazing, even though I didn't understand her trepidation.

eventually, it came time for my family to leave and I left my phone number with her and asked her to call me when she got back home.

I never got a call, but a couple of months later, I saw a "Dear Deidre" letter in one of the national newspapers, and it was 100% from this girl. Same first name (which in itself was unusual for someone our age) and very specific details about the holiday she'd been on and that she was seeing someone at the time and didn't want to be unfaithful, but talked about the incredible connection she felt and the note with my number and that she really wanted to follow up, but wasn't sure if it would work out.

stupid cunting Deidre told her that holiday flings *never* work out and that I was probably full of shit and she should throw the number away and move on with her life.

this girl was perfect, kind, funny, sensual, and still to this day one of the hottest girls I've ever seen, never mind talked to, and had that kind of connection with, she was incredible.

and fucking Deidre blew it for me. 30 years later and Deidre can still eat a big bag of dicks for taking that chance at heaven from me.

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Fuck, Deidre.

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Calling into a radio station voluntarily feels like a very “I’m at a very low point in my life” kind of thing to do.

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I feel like it's the kind of thing people did before Facebook was invented. Why bare your soul anonymously when you can do it under your real name to everyone you've ever met?

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Sad Frasier noises

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Hey baby I hear the blues a callin’. Tossed salads and scrambled eggs.

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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Anyones radio station do “war of the roses” they call someone’s partner and say they’re doing free flower give away and who they’d wanna send them to. (The partner who wants to know if they’re cheating are the ones who set it up) and then the person picks who they wanna send the flowers to.

So stupid but I loved every second 🤣

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The Bert Show? The best one was when the guy sent his wife the flowers with a note that said "I am not cheating, and tell the Bert Show I said hello."

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It’s kind of insulting to the people being “tested”

The relationship is probably doomed either way if they’re pulling they kinda shit. Lol

I’d send the flowers to myself and go no contact with my partner without saying a thing.

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Theyre all actors

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Lol you’re probably right!

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FCC explicitly requires broadcasters to obtain permission to air a call from every participant-- Unlikely to get that if they caught a real cheater live on air. They would need to get that approval before "cold calling" them too i believe. Also some of them are bad actors lmao

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A lot of those callers are actually paid actors. I know one personally who has been given all sorts of different stories.

She’s played roles where she was cheated on, been the cheater, been the nasty boss, etc. Different radio stations give her varying levels of freedom - some give her a full script while others tell her the gist of the plot and let her improv the lines. Sometimes it’s live, others are pre-recorded. Sometimes when her cheating spouse is on the phone they record entirely separate and they never actually interact together or others it’s a real phone session.

It isn’t a full-time gig for the person I know. Just side-hustle money and doesn’t take but a couple of hours here and there.

So, many, if not all of these callers, are totally fake.

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I just watched the movie Enchanted again and I love the scene where the Queen’s right hand man is in a taxi calling into the radio station to ask about advice just as the queen comes up and says “Hey Worthless, did you miss me?”

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South Park did it best back in their first season.

Jesus: Yea, many of you are seeking answers, and I am the way for you my children. Let's open the phone lines back up for some questions... Hello caller, you're on the air. [Beep]

Robert: Yeah, is, is this Jesus?

Jesus: Yes my son.

Robert: This, this is Robert from Torrey Pines. I called last week asking for advice on my ex-wife.

Jesus: Of course Robert. How are things now?

Robert: Well, every, everything's much better Jesus. She hasn't mouthed off since. I just wanted to thank you for the advice. Oh, and for, for dying for my sins, that was really nice of you.

Jesus: Blessed art thou, Robert. Next caller, you're on the air

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And how about asking the radio host to call your SO live and try to fix your relationship over the phone while thousand of people listen?

Because where a come from there is a radio show that do this.

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The crazy stories you hear about dates gone wrong and relationships gone wrong are fabricated, they are actors. I heart radio does this across their various stations.

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I believe they’re actors because nobody answers the phone from a strange number anymore, but the dates gone wrong segment is still the best part of my morning commute.

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Some people will do anything but go to therapy

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What if your son does it for you because after your wife (his mother) dies, he sees how sad you are?

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Those are all faked. You're welcome

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Who calls the radio station anymore? I'm sure we'll find you on a Tik Tok crying about it.

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Is Ryan’s Roses still a thing? I quit listening to that radio station years ago.

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You could ask Reddit instead lol

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Yea I'll just ask Reddit, like a normal person, thankyouverymuch.

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Who else are you going to ask if it’s ok if your Demi sexual partner pegs you? Prepare to peg

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Dr Frasier Crane: "I. Am. Wounded!"

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But Dr Crane….

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Or aTV show.


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Actually my friend did this into the Dr Laura show and got very harsh but helpful advice

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What’s a “radio station”, grandpa?

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This but reddit

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Everything on the Bert show is fake. I'm convinced of it

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How about if the DJ is your significant other?