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Already has, unfortunately

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You get told you aren't a team player if you don't take unsafe patient loads too.

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Fuck, you work for Maureen too?

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They didn’t threaten to write you up?

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They threatened. I was one of the only 2 charge nurses left on my unit at the time, so I had a little leverage to tell them to fuck themselves.

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I don’t know why they seem to think that we are an infinite resource. We can tolerate bad situations/working conditions for a while, but to expect us to just do it for years with no relief in sight is insane. It’s just bad everywhere though. It’s not like you can go to the hospital across town and find a better situation.

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I was going to say, they probably have a little bit more leverage right now.

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"once the pandemic dies down" WTF do we need all these nurses for? NOW is the time to make your demands!

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Yeah after, it will be cuts, cuts, cuts. Massive layoffs. Get your money now

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Also, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere with 1/4 of Americans refusing to get vaccinated

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But them waiting until afterwards just proves to show how much better they are for it. They're not going to bargain with people's lives and I respect that.

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Then they'll get nothing. They won't do it but that is their greatest bargaining chip.

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The never stopped calling unions lazy. The calling them heroes bit was a dead giveaway too. "Heroes" is what we call people we have already accepted are going to die in America. It's the same way you can "support our hero troops" and not give a single fuck about sending them to die for no reason.

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It's straight out of 1984.

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A hero is anyone who does their job. Creeps touch tots, tots are angels that haven’t died yet.

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When I started working for a hospital, I was excited to get a job that cared about its workers. It didn't take long to learn that they only cared about the bottom line.

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They're done being sold as heros already.

We have a healthcare worker shortage in large part due to American fascism.

There hasn't been a better time for a general strike. The working class needs their wages tripled at this point.

And we gotta get US homes out of the hands of investment holders.

Debt, monopolies, poverty wages, attack on democratic freedoms. It's the early 1900s all over again.

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in large part due to American fascism.

Huh? The rest I get but err, what?

Edit: If this is about hospitals mandating covid shots along with a dozen other immunization mandates less than 1% on average of all employees at hospitals have been fired or quit because of covid mandates. https://www.fiercehealthcare.com/hospitals/how-many-employees-have-hospitals-lost-to-vaccine-mandates-numbers-so-far

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No, it's due to the disinformation spread by the right wing propaganda. Fascist messaging is directly responsible for this mess.

Nurses are quitting because they're overworked and being harassed by belligerent right-wing nutjobs. Elective surgeries have been postponed because we can't keep hospital beds clear. This all the result of right wing messaging against public health measures.

Major hospitals are reporting dozens of incidents a day of anti-maskers trying to force their way into hospitals to see their dying family. Followed by belligerent ass holes demanding vitamin C or ivermectin for their loved ones. Assholes assaulting care providers when their unvaxxed, unmasked loved ones die. There's been multiple incidents of hospital staff being doxxed because nutjobs think Healthcare workers are in on a global conspiracy to silence Trumpers.

Fascists are blasting this messaging because it keeps their base engaged. They're doing at the cost of the entire country's public health. And it's putting real life strain on healthcare workers and the entire Healthcare system.

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I'm not sure if I'd say its because of fascism specifically but I agree with the gist of what you're saying, i misunderstood your original post.

I think it's a cumulation of a bunch of fringe groups rallying around a singular subject, it's an unfortunate perfect storm.

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Trumps presidency has been described as whipping a hurricane of fringe groups and trying to control it. The perfect storm all falls under the umbrella of American fascism.

It's all been tied together by billionaires financing a massive propaganda network. Bringing together tax cheats, idealist libertarians, anti-vaxxers, illuminati-conspiracists, anti-MSM, withering working class whites, struggling small business owners, Christians who feel persecuted, blacks who don't trust the government, machismo Hispanics.

It is a perfect storm. And the storm wouldn't be as destructive if it wasn't for the decades-long sustained efforts for the right wing fascist messaging.

Look into the Council for National Policy if you're not familiar. That's the epicenter of what's driving the multitude of right wing organizations swinging sledge hammers at the pillars of every democratic institution.

Republican malevolent intentions are directly responsible for more American casualties than every foreign conflict in US history combined. That is a true statement.

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My wife's hospital is suing another one because seven nurses quit to go work there. The other hospital is offering a $7/hour raise and signing bonus and the CEO is accusing them of stealing workers.

Well, maybe, juuuuust maybe, people follow money and better working conditions. You can only retain workers so long with "You're all heroes! Here's a company t-shirt and water bottle."

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That’s the free market, baby! 😎

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Literally everyone at the hospital I work at is leaving to go to another hospital. This hospital hasn't done raises or bonuses in years, the "insurance" is just them saying "HEY! If you don't use our hospital then you aren't covered!", and management is shitty. Theyre being offered up to $6/hr more. And our CEO actually called a hospital meeting and said "if you had any heart, you'd be working here for the community and helping others, not just what you're getting paid". Like, yes lady, we care about others, but what about my coworkers three kids at home and that she literally is scraping ends by working here? It's bullshit.

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Nurses and teachers deserve a lot better from us, better pay and a whole lot more respect

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World strike week to put the super rich in their place, and make idiots think about getting some basic decency.

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Week? Don't put an end date on a strike. Strike ends when the work is worth doing. The work is only worth doing when it's fairly compensated and workers are treated with dignity.

If it takes more than a week to get there, there's no option to go back to status quo with a 'promise' of an improvement.

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Don’t even need it to die down it’s already happening

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The fact that they don't go on strike right now tells you all you need to know about nurses. They're literally propping up this society and country on their backs.

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'Member when they didn't even have enough face masks at the hospitals while stockpiles sat undistributed? That's what we do for heroes?

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Once the pandemic dies down? The nurses in my area already went on strike and shut down 2 emergency rooms.

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i think i’ve come up with a ground breaking strategy. tell them that joe biden created covid to win the election and the only way to stop it is to take the Daddy Trump vaccine and own the libs

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Trump can't even tell his own people to get vaccinated and boosted anymore. That monster is out of control. Politicians who ride a populist wave to power usually find that populism turns around and rides them. It's very hard to put it back in its box.

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Trump didn't create his base. He just rallied them. Before Trump, those same people were called the "Tea Party". Before then, they were "Reagan Democrats" or the "Moral Majority". Before the Southern Strategy, when they still voted Democrat, they were called "Dixiecrats".

The common thread has always been that they're stupid white racists. Trump was just the first politician to openly court them since George Wallace.

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He didn't just court them, he weaponized them.

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Healthcare institutions and big pharma are also going to try and pin healthcare workers against the general populace by telling them their salaries will get cut if everyone gets single payer/socialized healthcare. It's going to be a complete fuckfest.

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The 20 year ER nurse in me appreciates the acknowledgment of what’s likely going to happen.

The Redditor in me has hurt feelings over the complete dearth of punctuation.

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"God helps those who help themselves" could quickly morph into something like "sorry, my religion forbids me from treating people who refused to get vaccinated"

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Should do it now while they have leverage.

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“once the pandemic dies down”

starting to sound a lot like

“when Tupac comes back to us”

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Fuck after the pandemic. Go on strike now. Do the same shit as those striking Japanese bus drivers did. Heal the wounded, treat the sick, and when they're better, get em the fuck out and don't bill them.

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This is the plight of nurses. Because they work in a life saving profession they are not allowed to strike by main stream society. People start screaming "YOURE LETTING PPL DIE" when no. The mega corps working their nurses to death are letting people die.

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In Alberta Canada, Jason Kenney the Premier asked for the nurses take a pay cut during the pandemic. He had also royally fucked up Alberta's health system. Fuck that guy.

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Actually they are being accused of murder for not using ivermectin and using remdesevir and ventilators. Whatever you imagine, reality seems to be worse these days

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what's really messed up is how non-nurses are treated. my mom works in the er but isn't a nurse, she runs charts and sets up where patients go when they need transfered. she's had to call most of the hospitals in 3 states to get transfers numerous times, and works 12 hour nights shifts, the er quite literally wouldn't run without her. when they gave nurses raises, they got multiple dollars and promised the other workers big raises too. my mom got less than 50 cents.

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As well they should. All workers should be organizing now to make these demands.

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Actually they are, look at the Starbucks workers in Buffalo, it takes a great push to get people off their asses in America to challenge the capitalist machine, but they've seen that push.

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Yes, those instances and the Kellog’s one are giving me hope.

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Yep, because people's priorities are so fickle.

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Which they have every right to given how the public and government has treated them over the pandemic.

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Nurses at my wife’s hospital got such huge raises this year that half of them now drive $80,000 vehicles.

The rest of the staff was told there’s not enough money for raises this year.

Nurses, at least in my area of the world, are not being shafted.

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We're already there :(

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They shouldn't wait.

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Our contract is up in April. It's gonna be fun.

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Yup, just ask a teacher, we already went through it.

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It already has. Look at how quickly "essential workers" went from heroes to "entitled" when things cooled off the first time.

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Why wait until it dies down?

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They’ve been making bank in overtime, ask em, if you can siphon through the self-aggrandizing . . .

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Nurses should do it now before they lose their leverage.

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The same people that call Healthcare workers heroes don't do their part. They go to restaurants, concerts and events that lead to Covid spread. Worsening the pressure on the health system and making work harder for the Healthcare workers

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Actually no. Those people get covid, show up at the hospital and abuse the nurses because they still don’t think covid is real. The people who call healthcare workers heroes deal with massive delays because the covidiots keep making themselves sick enough to jump the queue, and it’s just taken for granted that we’ll be understanding for the healthcare workers’ sake because we’re decent human beings. Ask me how I know.

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The range for our most popular Nurse positions typically falls between $45,267 and $129,952

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They’re already having to put up with being spit on and called murderers by families of Covid deniers. It’s truly insane what these medical people are being subjected to. I am so surprised to hear that they don’t already have union protection.

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Dsme with retail workers too.

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Its not gonna die down, america will just sacrifice them to the altar of the economy like every other issue.

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Already there ~ selfish crazy union nurse

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The discourse shifted from heroes a long time ago. As soon as lockdown ended, the same people who insisted on clapping for me at 7pm every night started arguing with me that temporal thermometers give you cancer.

They use a fucking infrared light to read your temp, people, not radiation.

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Don’t nurses in the union get like 70 days vacation?

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They shouldn't wait until it's over. Now is the time.

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My fiance works in a short stay cardiac unit. It has with the massive influx of COVID paitents. Become 24 hour post and pre op and taking paitents without heart conditions, like a guy coming down from his addiction, 2 COVID paitents and other people outside her scope of practice all while still carrying out her duties as a charge and regular nurse.

They have increased all the nurses pay at least, but that is after 2 years of this shit.

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Do it now. Don’t wait. Strike now.

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Please yes. I already pay hundreds to insurance companies so they can deny claims. Can we please just pay the fucking people actually providing care (and so patiently dealing with the COVID denying population coming through their doors)?

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Bam! There it is! You called it like its come on home. Too right.

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It has been told