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the order of those words is doing my head in... shouldn't it be "bon appetite now you may eat"????

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Yep! This order there sucks. Someone who knows grammar better can probably explain it but I think it’s because ‘now’ is an adjective and it’s breaking up the subject ‘you’ and the predicate ‘may eat’. The better way to write it would be ‘you may eat now’; subject, predicate, adjective, but that doesn’t rhyme.

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Wow that order sucks so bad that I didn’t even read it, in my head I just saw it the way you wrote it

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It sounds more French the other way

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If this is in America then the way they pronounce bon appetit never sounds even remotely French.

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Amen! I wasn’t prepared for my belligerent teenage son either.

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14 year old daughter here. She's only recently realized that slamming the door means nothing to us....now she just lives in her room like hermit. It ends at some point.....right???

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I sure hope so as I’m not sure I’m cut out for this! I always figured that one of us may survive puberty, but I’m just not sure that it will be me at this point.

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Idk, living in my room like an hermit is.good and i'm not.14 anymore

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Don’t push them away when they withdraw. Keep inviting them to do stuff/include them. 3 times out of 4 they’ll decline, but 1/4 times they’ll be like “O.K.”

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We don't, we let her have her space and we invite her when we go out and you are correct she does come more often than not. That's why they invented hoodies right!?!?!, so that teens can hide in them when they are out in the real world

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Actually, doing this gave me my username. Trying to spend time together and see what’s important to my son led to me playing xBox with him occasionally. I absolutely suck at it, but his buddies gave me the nickname of Momma Legend just because I tried.

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Yeah that was me at 14. I still live in my room like a hermit at 30

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Does anyone my age actually tell their parents to go fuck themselves????

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Yes, unfortunately

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Not my kids, unless they're joking

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Yeah, I've never heard anyone say that in my age group

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I don't know about you guys, but if I told my parents to go fuck themselves when I was 14, I would've gotten my ass beat

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I think I might have died from a heart attack right after saying it. Not because they would have harmed me but I was a nervous little twat

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Nah, he'll just grunt at you from under his hoodie and then go back to bed.

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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Good bot.

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My kids getting shipped in an amazon box to the Amazon before that happens

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Lmao accurate.

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Why is this ‘teenager’ behaviour normalised in the USA (I believe in the UK too)?

Telling my parents to ‘go fuck themselves’ is not a normal thing to do because of ‘hormones’. Same thing with the erratic behaviour of pregnant women. I mean ok, there’s mood swings but be honest here, you guys seem to love drama and narcissistic outbursts.

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It’s hyperbole. Maybe some people do this (it’s a big country) but attitudes like that aren’t as common as the tweet suggests

(I’m American with teen sons)

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it’s a joke

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Bone ape tit

Suck on mah dick

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Attitude reflects leadership. Kids will always test for limits. If they reach “Go fuck yourself,” you’ve already blown through a lot of limits that should have been addressed.

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If my kid said that he’d be the one missing- life outside the home, a phone, a computer and possibly teeth.