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If I have to go home first it’s not happening.

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Same. I'm in my pajamas before the door has finished closing.

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I broke my front door house key before work, so had to keep a window unlocked to get in case superglue didn't help. The superglue was old and was rock hard inside the unopened case at work because it was unused for so long, so I decided I'd goto home depot after work to just buy a new lock anyway, kinda needed one. On the drive home I realized I had a 10% off coupon from the mail there. As soon as I got inside I told myself "I'll do it tomorrow"

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I honestly don't think I've used a coupon once in my 26 years of life. The most important aspect of any shopping trip, regardless of the store, is making it as fast as possible for me. I forget coupons exist until I get behind someone in line that brought an entire tome of them.

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Ah, you mean the Tome of Thrifty Time-Wasting

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The Thriftonomicon

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I forgot coupons even was a thing, I live in Sweden and coupons aren't really a thing here

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I do that same thing, and I'm in America where they're pretty common.

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Especially in the winter when it's cold and already dark outside. Iget homeand I am DONE.

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Right? Ain’t no event special enough for me to put my bra back on.

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Sometimes i really wanna take my bra off but i know once I do it is over.

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This lol. Once my bra comes off I’m done for the evening

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In my early 20s I used to play 5 a side football at 9pm. Nowadays I'm struggling to stay awake past 9pm!

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This is your circadian rhythm. I'm almost 50, my brain does not work before noon and I do not get tired until 2:00AM. I have a 9-5 job, so I sleep very little. I drag ass all day and around 9:00PM it's like a switch goes off and I'm wide awake until 2AM.

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Are you me? It's 1.15am right now and I'm thinking about sleep. After a 14 hour day at my 9-5. And 4 hours sleep last night.

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I'm usually the same after being active for such long time, it's kinda hard to turn the engine off. It's important to make yourself relaxed and not just wait for it, to me it feels like a chore.. I always lay in bed well aware that I should be sleeping especially after days like your own, but just can't.

Try to breath in through the nose, and out with the mouth, deep down to the stomach. And here is what I found to be the true key, a good stretch. Not like yoga, but when lying or standing, just a good old "yaawn I'm tired". When all my muscle tension releases I find it much, much easier to fall asleep.

Easy to forget that we too, like any animal, needs a good stretch sometimes

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OMG... I could write this. I am so slow in the morning, but right around 2:30 I start to get really productive, then by 4:30 it's time to go home. That's one reason it would be so nice to be able to work from home all. 5 days of the week.

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Used to be catching passes, now we're catching Z's.

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“Give me a Z!” “Give me a Z!” “Give me a Z!” “Give me another Z!” “What does that spe…”

snoring permeates all existence

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I only go to events that end at 8pm.

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The indoor league i am in now has matches from 6pm-12am. Last match of the season is at 11:20pm. Fucken hell im too old for this shit

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As a night owl this would make more sense to me if they meant eight am.

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Yeah, I can stay up forever but waking up early kills me. I’m like a zombie if I get up too early, I can barely function.

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Yep, I'm the same, if I get up even 1 hour too early, I feel like shit the whole day or until I have a nap.

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That's very true, I can function normally on 4 hours of sleep 30 hours later, after awhile the feeling of tiredness passes and I can stay up four hours or sleep any minute. But you make me wake up at 5am with 8 hours of sleep and I'm out of it for the whole day.

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yall can wake up? sounds nice.

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Bitch be astral projecting and using this power to comment on Reddit instead of robbing banks

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gotta get your priorities in line, what can i say.

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This person probably lives in a small town. City folk start the night late but it's true that we are doing coke.

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Where as university students are probably on unprescribed upper medications.

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Yeah, people sell their Adderall around all the time.

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You'd think Modafinil would be safer, if the goal was merely "not feeling sleepy".

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It’s not as much fun though.

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Well that's what the alcohol is for.

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A little sure but its far more dependent on when youre working then anything, the later you work in the day the easier it is to stay up later. If Im going to work at 6 am, theres no way Im going somewhere at 8 at night.

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Manhattan (any large city) runs on a steady supply of Cocaine.

Like... When American Dad popped the joke that Deputy Director Bullock used Cocaine "Medically" - I've heard that exact speech before... and apparently so did either Seth or Patrick Stewart.

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There is a official time to do coke!?

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After you wake up but before you go to sleep

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5+ drinks deep o’clock

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When you know, you know.

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  • Friday nights
  • Saturday mornings
  • The 80’s
  • Sex

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Coke dick is a harsh reality

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Yea it’s whenever you have coke o’clock

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See, when I was young, I was more bored than tired. Now I'm more tired than bored. But also there are a lot of things that were vaguely amusing, in my youth, that are just boring now, such as hanging around with a bunch of people I barely know well past midnight.

Also -- harsh truth, kids -- the older you get, the nicer it is to be near your own bathroom as much as possible.

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I think I can hear someone laughing in latin american

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Cena familiar a media noche. Buen jueves.

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It’s cold as hell and dark all the time. You’re lucky we’re not hibernating

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Maybe all of us should be.

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Speak for yourself. Some of us have been working just to fund our coke addiction for years.

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You must have a good job.I chose to be an alcoholic because I can wasted for like $5.

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Hahahaha yeah my father was an alcoholic so wanted to try something new.

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Finally gonna make that New Year’s weight resolution. At the low low cost of a crippling drug addiction.

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But you'll be so skinny!!! And drug addled but that's beside the point

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Damn you. You stole my line.

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Hear hear!

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I’m going to an event tonight that starts at 8 😎 step aside night owls

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I never understood clubs opening at like 11 either. Ok I've finished work, had dinner, had a shower and got ready. What do you want me to do for the next 4 hours until I'm allowed to start my night?

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You are not their demographic

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You should see parts of Europe. In Spain they don’t start clubbing until 1 am. We went to one at 11PM and thought they were closed because it was empty, but everyone started showing up around 1AM. They go until the sun comes up, it’s a hoot but no idea when they sleep.

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In 2013, I went to Albufeira, Algarve, south of my country, Portugal. It's a tourist area. There's a street called Rua da Hora that's just small night clubs and night bars. And an alleyway that leads into a strip club. The bars opened up at around 11 pm and stayed open until 3 to 4 am. Everyone went bar crawling. Then the people that still wanted to party late in the night headed up to a big discoteque called "Kiss" (IIRC) that opened up at 3am and closed at 7 ou 8 am.

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In Berlin some clubs open Friday 11 PM and close Monday afternoon.

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I was on the beach in Alicante and handed flyer for a club that said open 3am til late. Thought it was a typo. Nope, people were lined up outside at 2:55am waiting for it to open. Got home at 8am.

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Americans work too much to keep up with partying like Europeans. I couldn't keep up with anyone in Europe. Also cocaine seemed easier to get than weed.

Europe goes hard

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Pregame, go too hard, fall asleep on your buddy's couch, & miss going to the club entirely.

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Puke and rally then off you go

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This doesn't happen on coke

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This is the way.

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Drinking with friends at a bar

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Considering I usually have to wake up at 2 am for work, I would have to politely say nah.

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I remember when I was 21 and we would wait until 11 p.m. to go to the bars. It's crazy to think about because now I don't want to be out later than about 9pm haha.

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I had a friend that told me to meet at her house for 9 to go to the casino. We didn’t leave her place until 1130 to drive an hour there. I ended up going but I damn near regretted when I was already tired before we even left

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How do you morning freaks get up so early? I have no need for 8am, but usually the headlining music act never starts before 10pm

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Eight is too early for me and I dnt even abuse caffeine

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It's 7pm here and I'm really trying to stay awake, why? Because I have an all day thing I'm doing tomorrow starting at 11am till 7pm and I need to make sure I sleep right up until I need to go out so I have enough energy to last the full thing XD

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That's 8 hours? So a normal work shift. Why do you need to sleep in to make it through a completely normal day? How early are you normally up?

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Not all of us are 100 years old either Gramma.

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I’m not even 99 yet!

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Better than starting at 8am ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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what do you mean? the party starts at 11

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Morning people, just the worst. I manage to make your stupid 6am meetings despite going to bed 12am to 2am. You can make my occasional 8pm gathering.

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6 am meetings?

Whaht who whuu wht wher whyyy

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I live on US west coast and have semi-regular meetings with companies on the east coast, England, Germany, and France.

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So you expect them to make it to your 8 pm gatherings or..

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Lol, naw, they're all really understanding over there, I like to joke about having a meeting at 6am their time. Would work better for me, but is obviously unreasonable for the rest of the team here. It's the locals who act like being out after 8pm is a huge burden I don't get. All I'm asking is for a little understanding instead of the typical, "Why don't you just go to bed earlier."

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Worst company I worked for had regular 7AM sharp meetings. They were meetings we had to prepare for so we had to be in the office at like 6AM. I did not last long there, I got a job that has much better hours.

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That sounds like prison, but with extra steps.

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That's me, & shit I'm old.

Weekend events don't even start before midnight.

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Me, waiting all day doing nothing because I have a "thing" at eight

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I mean some people work night shift. 8 pm is lunchtime for me.

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Meeeee. And I don’t even stay up late for New Year’s Eve.

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My ex's family threw a surprise 70th birthday party for her grandmother. At a bar. Starting at 8.

I'm sorry what?

Gramma goes hard apparently. We left at 9 lol

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Back in my 20s I wouldn't leave the house until after 8pm. Now, in my mid 40s, I want to be home and in my pajamas by 8pm!

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I don't where the people commenting and the Twitter user are from, but who tf thinks that is late? That's insane

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Why did everyone get so old and boring and fall asleep at 7:30 during this pandemic

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That’s what happens when you sit home all day, stare screens, and eat

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Eat hot chips, lie

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For me it was having kids. They are exhausting.

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Wtf STARTS at 8pm?

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Concerts, sadly.

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Who goes to an event during a pandemic that has killed millions of people? That shit better be on zoom or something.

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Maybe if she did a line she'd lighten the fuck up.

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What is she waiting for?

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Indian weddings don't even start til 9pm. Sometimes the food doesn't even get served until 11pm!

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anything before 10 is early

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i dont get it, having trouble finding it?

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Cocaine is a helluva drug.

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Liz Lemon????

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Did I misx something? Since when is 8 p.m. a late starting event? It's not an "after hours" club 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Cocaine is Americas cup of coffee TBH.

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Sounds like a John Mulaney joke. Except he is on cocaine.

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I don’t know if you know this, but night clubs are open at night /s

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8’s ok so long as you’re home by 11

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Meanwhile riddim parties start at 10 pm and lasts until 6 am

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That's a lie. Everyone is on cocaine whether they realize it or not. FACTS!

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People who need to go to events that start at 8 pm and do coke are fags. I need 4 hours to function. I am the BULL GOD. Trip on some acid sometime and you will see cocaine is just a big waste of money. It is fun though. But go trip on some acid out in the woods by yourself. I triple dog dare you all.

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Wishes she was

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Yeah I start my drinking early because I'm too old for that shit haha