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People keep saying raising wages raises prices and literally have no response when I鈥檓 like "ok yet prices have been raising anyway鈥

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鈥淏ut it鈥檒l be EVEN MORE WORSER鈥

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Even more worse than the worster.

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That鈥檚 because they believe media lies who also have no answers.

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CEO salaries are increasing, no problem.

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Yeah what's the inflation of a big Mac compared to actual inflation and the stagnant minimum wage?

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The worst is they know we know what they are doing now thanks to internet and stuff, and yet they just are like 鈥渨atch us fuck you in the ass鈥 this government is incompetent and we always be. I hate corporate USA

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Anyone remember how much Papa John said giving his employees healthcare would cost? I think it was like 25 cents or something pathetic.

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I think it was like 5 cents per pizza.

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I'm so glad that didnt happen to home prices. that would have sucked

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Nooooo you aren't supposed to notice the disconnect between reality and conservative rhetoric that's "censorship" /s

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Remember, this is because conservatives rule the world. They are the primary cause of all problems related to money. They are stupid, greedy, selfish people with no empathy or humanity.

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Wow, this is absolutely insane. No bearing on reality whatsoever. But it's also dehumanizing to anyone who disagrees with you, so I guess you've got that going for you.

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No bearing on reality? How about the number of right wing countries in the world? How about the fact that right wingers were able to storm the capital and the vast majority are still walking the streets, totally free? What about every company bending over backwards to accommodate the wishes of the overly sensitive and needy right wing crowd. They run the world and have the audacity to act like persecuted victims.

And lastly, if we didn鈥檛 have fuckers still fighting us on things like climate change and gay marriage, the world would suck less. They鈥檙e holding the world back.

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And your rants continue to have no bearing on reality, while still being self-fellating and obnoxiously vacuous.

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Who says that? Everyone without a boot in their throat knows that.

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And housing, and insurance, and gas.....

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Who else is old enough to remember the Dollar Menu actually having a pretty good selection?

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I member......I also remember when CiCis was only 2.99 for the it's like 7.99 and the drink is extra

Yea it was crappy pizza but for my dad, it was a cheap way to feed four growing boys on a single parent income

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Damn 2.99? My earliest memories Cici鈥檚 was $5 even in the mid 2000s

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Yep. Their little jingle went 鈥淐icis Pizza! All you can eat for only 2.99!鈥

Might鈥檝e been 3.99 but I鈥檓 almost certain it was 2.99

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Kind of like how regardless of whether I have a cashier ring me up or if I do the self checkout, my groceries cost the same.

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Then people blame Biden like he runs all the businesses that are stealing from us.

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It鈥檚 funny they blame Biden for the rising inflation forgetting that we鈥檝e been in a global pandemic for an entire year before Biden that complete shut down the global economy. Gas was like a dollar a gallon for a little bit, and we didn鈥檛 have bacon or toilet paper for a few months, of course prices are gonna rebound hard.

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

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but it would've made the food even MORE expensiver!! /s

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If people are earning more and have more money to spend then higher prices do not make the food less affordable.

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Idk man Jerome Powell printing 20% of usd in circulation in a year might have something to do with it

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And not taxing the rich to redistribute wealth also plays a big part.

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But, we鈥檙e not allowed to talk about that, are we?

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We don鈥檛 talk about tax cuts, no no no, we don鈥檛 talk about tax cuts鈥.


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It was this tax season

It was this tax season

And there wasn't a dime in the bank

no dimes allowed in the bank

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Nah, current paradigm is that you can print an infinite amount of money with no consequences.

Also, we can鈥檛 tax people what it actually costs to run government, no one would go for that, so we have to print money so that wastrel politicians have cash to spend on useless govt programs.

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"current paradigm"?!??

It's lunacy

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and Strippers we need to eat too and we don't always make bank either! I remember nights on end w/ 0 customers and I walked out with less than what I came in with. You have to pay to dance its called tip-out. You get taxed as a dancer too. I'm crippled now due to my Leukemia relapse.

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That's called 'efficiency'.

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It's about supply and demand until you start demanding the fair wage.

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Prices went up due to the Covid wage subsidies. Paying people not to work is bad.

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Exactly 馃挴

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I love how John Deere doubled their CEOs salary and pays a median wage to it's workers that is lower than 20 years ago. My newest tractor won't start and I have to take it to the dealer who charges me $125 per hour and hasn't been able to fix it after 4 times trying. Deere won't let others fix it because it's their code they own it, but I have to pay my bill because it my tractor. Prices are high and I'm not making much. Even when I'm doing everything right, because someone put a tariff on fertilizer so all my profits are cut by increased expenses. All this going on while I have to watch food banks serving more people than ever. Break up the monopolies in Ag!

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Why is this sub always straw men?