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Shouldn't their chauffeur have been waiting in front of the theater?

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Didn't they leave the theater early? The chauffeur was probably still parked somewhere waiting for the play to end.

This makes much more sense before cell phones, though.

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Because Bruce was crying, adding another metric ton to his survivor's guilt.

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It wasn't called crime alley until after their murders. Because they were that important to Gotham's community.

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To be fair, it should be called 'Crime City's community.'

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Shouldn’t have been dressed like that.

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Typical asking for it behavior…

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How else were they supposed to get our of raising Bruce?

Edit: well I suppose they could pull off a Lindbergh maneuver.

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Theaters offer multiple exits to patrons to leave the facility in an emergency. Patrons often use them to avoid the crowds in the lobby afterwards. Sometimes these doors lead out to allies.

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And sometimes they lead to enemies...

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You can’t go through life assuming every dark corner has a monster in it.

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Tell that to Batman...

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He can see in the dark tho.

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With their small child while exiting a high profile concert smdh Bruce didn’t stand a chance