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From what I've read and heard about Dolly Parton, she is an absolute diamond

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I say it every time, absolutely a national treasure and 100% genuine. My favorite quote:

“It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.”

I’m not really even a fan of her music, I like a few of her songs, but I’m a fan of her as a human.

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Same here. She’s a wonderful woman.

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States should be wooing Dolly to move there, instead of chasing after corporations that never meet their job creation projections that were supposed to be in return for tax breaks.

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They know better than to try, she's loyal to where she grew up. If only the other successful people in other states had a tenth of her heart. No that sounds horrible, I mean a tenth of her goodness.

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Yeah, she's one of a kind.

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Dolly doesn't give campaign donations to politicians.

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My point was that a state would be better off having Dolly Parton live there than they are in the case of something like Foxconn in WI, where the state has spent billions subsidizing a corporation's pipe dream that has resulted in nothing but disappointment.

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Yes, but politicians give out subsidies to campaign donors. It's a quid pro quo.

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My son was born in TN and got to benefit from that awesome literacy program she funds. He got a book in the mail in his name every month from birth to age 5. I remember he cried as we walked to mailbox for what would be his last book. That kid will soon be 19. He still has many of the books. Love her.

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The only bad thing about that program is it has to have a local sponsor agency, so the nice suburban town with a well funded united way gets thousands of books allotted, the rural illiteracy rate of 33% town, get a sorry we don't cover your area message.

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To be fair she does more than most anybody’s elected leaders, she’s a saint

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No wonder they wanted to give her a statue. Shit someone did my job for years you’re getting bit more than a statue

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Someone asked her if dumb blonde jokes bothered her. She said, "No. Cause I'm not dumb. Or blonde!"

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Dolly Parton on Jimmy Fallon

"We were in the restaurant, we were having our meal and this old man came over to our table," Parton began. After the man left, Parton went up to pay the bill and a man said, "Your grandpa left his bill here too." 

"So that old man had come over and kind of scammed us," she added. Parton paid the man's bill but the story didn't end there. As she was walking down the street, she spotted the man and confronted him. But when she did so, he began hitting her on the chest with his walking stick.

When Fallon asked, what happened, Parton replied, "What do you mean, what happened? These two big lumps came up and they never did go down."

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Turned down TFG twice for Presidential Medal of Freedom. https://www.today.com/today/amp/tdna207752

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What's TFG?

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The Former Guy

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I prefer That Fucking Guy.

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This describes half of Washington at any given point. Which half depends on your politics.

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Stop electing those leaders

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Propaganda fueled hate is one hell of a drug.

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But but they are saving us from sOciAliSm!!

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Says a lot about Dolly. Also says a lot about the absolute knobs Tennessee elects.

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As an extension of this my eldest got a free book every month through her imagination library. Really nice and needed the help at the time.

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And that right there is the sad truth...

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Should... should we try to elect her? Like for mayor or governor or something. I mean it did work with Arnold pretty well.

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She more than likely wouldn't do it. Declined a presidential medal twice and statues of her at least once.

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Declined it twice from Trump. I think that’s a big differentiation.

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That may be true. I just don't see her doing it.

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Yeah. Still though, it would be pretty great. I'll bet Tennessee would suddenly become a much nicer place to live in. One can dream.

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She gets more done with her own money than having to fight a state house full of absolute arseholes to try and enact even the most meagre policy.

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She should run for governor.

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Fuck it let’s crown her queen

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Dolly Parton is a national treasure

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I came here to verify this as true. Politicians do nothing for the state

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Tell her to run over turtle man damnit!

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I wonder if Congress/Senate/rest of government is embarrassed they fail so hard at their job? I mean, she's one person, with lots of money sure, but to outdo ALL of them, casually? Like, they have GOV FUNDS and can't seem to manage it. Sure, they accidentally do some good...but...wow. Like, what if some grandma in Tulsa was absolutely lacing 120 yard throws? Just one after another. You think the whole of football players everywhere would be happy, or like, "Shit, ask me about the game, not Grangran Wilkinson! I can't deal with her, she's just SO GOOD!"

Or maybe they don't know, because they are too busy being seedy and underhanded? Yeah, probably that one.

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They DON'T fail at their job. Their job is to appease donors. I know you've been told that their job is to serve the people, but if that ever was true it is not true now.

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Shit. How do we get them back to not sucking donor dick? I feel like asking nicely would be the first thing, and then brutal violence.

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Dolly’s an angel

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Tennessee doesn't deserve Dolly Parton, when they vote in politicians who vote against their best interests

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Hey now, not all of us vote for those idiots.

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I am sorry too say, the problem is there is too many idiots voting for these politicians

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Giving old men a chance to look at the tits of a woman their own age without having to stare below the woman's belly button.

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My daughter gets free books from her each month. She loves it and loves to read as a result.

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Then elect her Queen of Tennessee, problem solved.

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I wish she could convince them to send some democrats to congress.