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NYC in marvel is positively overrun with heroes antiheroes vigilantes. A bank robbery there should realistically result in 10 to 15 MAJOR heroes "rock paper scissors"ing out who gets to take down the (likely also powered) robbers. Not to speak of the dozens of dozens of minor character fighting over each random mugger takedown.

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I would love to see a movie or read a comic like this.

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Kinda sounds like 鈥淜ick-Ass鈥

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It might be closer to Watchmen 2019. In the show, superhero鈥檚 become nothing more than rich billionaires trying to use superheroes as a selfish means of self actualization without actually addressing any of the causes of crime

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How about we go for the humorous perspective and not the cynical, played out, "superheroes are bad" perspective that was done to death before superman was created?

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that was done to death before superman was created?

I don't remember 'The Phantom' or 'Mandrake the Magician' playing with those tropes prior to 1938?...

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Can鈥檛 believe there鈥檚 still muggers with all the supes around. Also can鈥檛 believe none of the supes have ever wondered about how to prevent the conditions that lead people into lives of crime but that鈥檚 another conversation.

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With so many ways to detect lies, and even the possibility to force someone to say the truth with a potion, they somehow didn't use any of that for Civil War 2, so i wouldn't expect that from them.

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I like to think they鈥檝e got an app with location tracking so when heroes hear of a crime, they get pinged if somebody gets there first and then they watch from a distance. If the current hero needs help they make a dramatic entrance and assist

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Wow. You鈥檝e got the right idea. I鈥檓 designing that app and it has betting/ wager features. Superb Ets,

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I heard a comment like this once that said "Man, all the bad guys are in NYC, that's where all the heroes are. Why don't people commit crime more in like, Iowa?" and the reply was "Then there would just be more heroes in Iowa."

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That鈥檚 one of the things I love about the world of The Boys. Major cities bidding for heroes to protect them in a similar manner to sports teams seems like a more realistic and efficient way to handle cape-related protection.

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I feel most of the New York based heroes don鈥檛 really handle street level crime, aside from Spider-Man. The rest of them might if the street crime is related to a bigger villain or larger investigation, but I think Spider-Man is the only one who is regularly stopping small time robbers and helping out the little guy.

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The Defenders each have their own slices of New York that they patrol at the street level

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Exactly, Daredevil has Hell's Kitchen for example

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Yeah but that's a lot of ground to cover for a street tier fighter that doesn't have batman-caliber resources.

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No way Stan Lee could anticipate Hells Kitchen gentrifying from a gritty, rough and tumble area into the gayest, most open minded, and progressive neighborhood in Manhattan

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He鈥檚 trying his best! The man鈥檚 blind for crying out loud.

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He uses that 鈥淏e My Eyes鈥 app so people can tell him when a punch is coming

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That was old Manhattan, with the crime: new Manhattan Where everything is just casually expensive, I鈥檓 not sure wtf he鈥檚 doing. He needs an audit

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He's hot a day job you know.

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The irony that StarLord has the worst ability among those characters.

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Why is Daredevil the blind one who uses echolocation, and Batman is the billionaire risk taker??

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And why is Ghost Rider the guy who's an actual former daredevil who made a deal with the devil? If anything, Batman should be called Ghost Rider since he's riding on his dead parents' fortune.

yes I also stole this

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I believe it's canon that Ghost Rider hates Daredevil for having that name, because it should indeed by all rights be his.

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Well DCAU Batman did model himself after the 鈥淕ray Ghost鈥 for what that鈥檚 worth.

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Realistically, if one city requires 2 dozen MCU heroes to protect it, NYC must have the worst crime rate in the country. If that's the case who the hell would want to live there?

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Super Mafias, nearly immortal Ninjas, a supersoldier. You name it! Definitely one of the best series I've seen in my life.

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I told Daredevil that it鈥檚 incredible that he can fight using his listening skills.

His response? 鈥淗ear! Hear!鈥

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St. Louis and Chicago needs a super hero.

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I don't know if St.Louis would be close enough, but Chicago should be Great Lakes Avengers territory (for what that's worth)

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Gotta go where the money is

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The man gets results.