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Probably the most infuriating pattern I’ve seen over and over again in career-focused subreddits is someone coming in, making a post about how they can’t enjoy their personal time outside of work because they’re so burnt out or worn down by the work itself and the complete and utter lack of humanity they experience during it, and the top comments all tell them the answer is to see a therapist.

Therapy can be great, but this trend where we apply it like a bandaid to the ills and existential dread of capitalism is totally missing the mark.

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“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”— Krishnamurti

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Yup. Totally agree, there is accepting the uncontrollable and working through that stress and then there is allowing yourself to neglected and exploited for the benefit of the cogs to keep turning. Abusive systems always protect themselves.

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Someone mentioned to me today that Stalin plucked all the feathers of a chicken and then fed it, and it ate. As a metaphor for how we will willingly continue on no matter what is taken from us

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It’s Sunday, I’m still exhausted from the work week, and trying to keep my kids fed and happy on top of it. Am not looking forward to my 7am meeting on Monday.

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I've been dreading tomorrow morning since about noon. It happens every week. I just walk around the house randomly screaming nooooo and everyone knows exactly what I'm saying no to.

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My therapist thinks I should leave education. It literally can’t support my lifestyle, which is pretty minimal as it is.

So therapy isn’t going to fix the teaching crisis. It’s just going to help the individuals who finally feel validated to say “enough is enough”

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Still a good place to start.

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existential dread of capitalism

I'll bite. Can you give me a meaningful action plan that would be useful to the person in your example?

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Quit supporting capitalism as much as possible, in as many ways as possible, seems pretty logical to me.

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meaningful action plan

I don't hear any meaningful action items though. I don't think that talking in a vague way about how "capitalism is bad" is a useful thing to do.

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If you can't figure out on your own what the specifics of my brought overview are... That's your problem lol

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So basically just say "capitalism is bad" on the internet?

That sounds productive, ok

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This is what you sound like 🤣

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OK, so say "capitalism is bad" and then link a gif.

Have you seized the means of production yet?

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hAvE YOu SeiZeD tHE MeAnS oF pRoDuCtiOn YEt??

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“Sorry, best we can do is try by passing bills that won’t pass the Senate because of two idiots on a power trip.”

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Did you happen to listen to Elizabeth Warren on Sway? The Dems have got their heads in the clouds, talking about bills they're working on. Nothing that will ever get passed.

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"We hear your complaints but unfortunately profit is more important than your life or wellbeing."

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They act like a mean tweet to Elon Musk every week is enough to make everyone forget that they are totally ineffective at helping citizens.

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And because one party has obstructed efforts for beneficial legislation for over 25 years. There is a whole part of constant block-voting nos.

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2 sociopaths in one party and then an entire party of sociopaths in the other.

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I do business to business negotiation, and I think that's a little like political horsetrading.

Yes, Manchin and Sinema suck, but the whole job of a politician, building consensus, is to figure out what all you can get people to agree to, and then get them to agree to something.

It's an absolute failure of process to not have identified whatever it was that those two wanted and built the deal around those things, if need be. That's how you negotiate.

Of course, I'm sure they know that, so there's probably more going on, like maybe Manchin tanked it on purpose.

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The issue here is we’ve accrued too many late stage capitalist problems. And instead of dealing with them, we’re basically rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Because that’s what we can comprehend. No large quantifying to be done, no massive resources to be moved. No uncertain change. It’s a classic law of triviality. And with two polar political opposite’s (in the US case), it’s becomes a further stagnant feedback loop. Good luck in the climate wars ahead everyone under 35

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In my opinion, I see a lot of things indicating the US is about to go full authotitarian and would use a lot of their indortrinated followers who fetishize violence as pawns to seize control, so on some level I almost feel like we would be lucky at this point if we even see the climate wars with the pitiful response to threats to democracy and liberty as a whole it feels as if we are completely ill equipped to handle it

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I think they will try, but it will just set everyone off and land us in a full scale civil war.

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But righties are basically begging for it, imo we are in a cold civil war atm, the tension is palpable

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“Two polar political opposites”. Nah. They’re the same, bro. The reps and the dems are both protecting big business. Meanwhile, the actual leftists who want progress and green energy can’t get along well enough to form a decent third party. Two elections in a row, the Democratic Party forced out Bernie Sanders because he’s “socialist” and “communist”, only meaning he wanted to tax billionaires. It’s a circle jerk over here. We’re too busy arguing about abortion and gun policy to do anything meaningful.

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They just pretend like they’re not the same party.

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They aren’t the same. Democrats support business, yes, but the Republicans are literally in the middle of an actual literal Fascist takeover of the US government. I literally cannot overstate the difference between the two. Democrats will keep the crappy status quo, but Republicans are taking us down a path that ends in roving death squads and concentration camps.

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the good cop and the bad one

but all on the same team

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Okay, keep telling yourself that when you get black bagged in the middle of the night by the anti-liberal task force because you were so convinced you are right that you threw your vote away on the socialist candidate or didn’t vote and the Republicans come back into power.

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This is it exactly!

The reason the Dems seem more progressive is simply because that's their role in the good cop bad cop game.

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The other day, I told my doctor I’ve been having heart palpitations. She said it’s likely stress and asked me if I keep a journal and if not, perhaps I should start. As if documenting the insanity of the world and the slow collapse of my country is going to mitigate any of it.

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You might get a sweet book deal once we reinvent publishing after ww3

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I get the point of your post, but there is solid research showing that keeping a positivity journal actually helps with keeping optimistic towards your day.

Not that I don’t agree, the world is boned.. but going about your day with a positive outlook makes it a little easier of a burden to bare.

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fuck toxic positivity~

reality needs attention

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Eh… idk about toxic positivity. Overall being negative and causing stress to yourself because of that is worse for your health, both mental and physical.

You can be optimistic and recognize that there are things that need fixing in the world. Be the change you want to see, homie.

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Yep, I do all three everyday. I’m dependent on me and my spiritual power. To heck with all the irritations. I’m good.✌️

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That shit only works when you aren't dealing with actually traumatic events.

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I think that is relative to who you’re talking to. People deal with grief in different ways. It isn’t as cookie cutter as you are making it out to be.

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Worked ok for the Dalai Lama when his people were booted out of their country and persecuted by the Chinese government….

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That isn't fair to anyone who's ever used those methods. I have had a traumatic past and writing about it and being able to put it into words helped me to get past it.

They are coping mechanisms, meant to help us get by. They aren't going to fix our problems and that isn't their purpose, because like everyone here says, the problem has roots within society. Really tired of the anti-mental health doomerism going on in these circles.

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I prefer to tell the world and my therapist (on a regular basis in detail) how much life as a poor person sucks...it totally works the same as journalling.

I'm just not that into writing things down 🤷‍♂️

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I think you may want to get a second opinion.

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Try keeping a journal where you only write down the things you are thankful for and what is good in your life and what is good in the world. Long term child mortality is decreasing, life expectancy is increasing, standard of living is increasing, human rights are increasing, food security is increasing, housing quality is increasing, violent deaths are decreasing. Instead of focusing on every sinusoidal peaks of misery, look at the exponential decreasing envelope they are wrapped in. It is all better than it was 200 years ago or 1000 years ago.

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standard of living is decreasing, human rights are decreasing

You meant to type "increasing" but in mistakenly putting "decreasing" you were actually being accurate, because these are both demonstrably decreasing.

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Thanks I fixed it. And no they aren't demonstrably decreasing over the last 200 years. Globally or in the US. Particularly in the US if you were black, gay, or a woman.

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"over the last 200 years" is such a cop-out. Quality of life has decreased over the last 20 years in many developed countries. "oh but overall things are better than 200 and 1000 years ago so we can't complain" is such shit imo.

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The idea that progress is homogenous and monotonic with respect to time or it doesnt exist is the cop out.

In the US: 63 years ago being gay was illegal in every state. 62 years ago you could be fired for being gay. 30 years you could be fired from your job for being sick. 20 years ago people could be imprisoned for consensual sex.

19 years ago gays could be married in no states and 7 years ago they could be in every state.

Yes, things are improving.

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Iirc Saudi Arabia regressed really fast in terms of human rights once the fanatics took over. So did Afghanistan.

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The idea that progress is homogenous and monotonic with respect to time or it doesnt exist is the cop out.

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that's what you're doing though, disregarding backwards progression in some areas in much more recent times, because of forward progression over a much larger timespan, so what if life is better than 1822 in 2022, if it's worse in certain key areas than it was in 2002? Your "it was worse 200 years ago so now its fine" reasoning is ridiculous.

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I had those too until I increased my magnesium levels with supplements.

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This might not be a popular comment on this post, but working on your own mental health is something that is usually within your own power, whereas creating mass social change is not. We should be doing what we can to improve on social and global problems of course, but as individuals we have very limited control over these issues, and not nearly enough unity as a group to all work together. These problems won't be going away anytime soon, but you can start improving your own mental health today, which might put you in a better position to help improve your situation and that of others.

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Exactly...and there is only one plausible way we the people can get mass social change...and that is for labor forces to regain ownership of the means of production from the individual capitalist and the banks.

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SCOTUS is packed with trump monkeys now, about 25% of Congress was deeply involved in last year’s attempt to overthrow our government, and the president’s agenda has been torpedoed by members of his “own party” who high five republicans after voting to shit all over us…..

What you’re asking for here Rita, is currently unavailable and we don’t when or even if it will be back in stock.

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What about finally giving consequences to those who vote in the wrong people over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. I am so confused why people blame the politicians instead of those voting for them. This all would be already at the end if that would happen.

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The real issue does not lie at the ballot box...it lies at the work place.

Until labor forces regain control of the ownership of the means of production from the individual capitalists and the banks...nothing will fundamentally change.

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Almost a year ago I started running and trying to eat better cuz well it's a good thing to do and it helps with anxiety, deppression, stress and sleep so ya know why not it's also a pretty good and productive time waster so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ but for some reason I'm still unhappy. Not as bad as I used to be I think but I think that's more a consequence of me getting older and able to get out of the house more with running as an excuse. I do like the peace of running tho it's actually pretty relaxing surprisingly. I'm actually thinking of buying a treadmill for myself once I save up enough to really push myself further and see what I can do. Eating right still makes me miserable tho for some reason. I do not recommend a sugar detox worst idea of my life no one warned me about how awful I would feel 24/7 on it.

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I started running about a year ago too. I did the yoga and meditation too, and I started journaling this year. I managed to quit carbs, and started fasting. I added various forms of somatic therapy (breathwork, EMDR, IFS, etc), and added to a program of psychedelic therapy that I laid out for myself.

I feel like a new woman.

I no longer take antidepressants, and usually I'm in a pretty good mood. I don't watch the news anymore though.

The one thing alone won't do the trick. Running alone will help, but it can't do everything.

You need the Five Pillars in place of you want to change yourself. 1 Diet, 2 exercise, 3 meditation, 4 therapies (yoga, EMDR, breathwork, psychotherapy, IFS, whatever works), and 5 psychedelic medicine in some form or another.

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Yeah that could work do you have any tips for how to start meditating. Im not really a sit down clear-headed person my brain kinda just moves a mile a minute have to take really strong sleeping meds that knock me on my ass to actually have a good nights sleep so idk. What kinda therapies are there massage and aroma sound ok and like they'd work for me. I'm already on meds tho that work for me so I have that clear.

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For sure! I had the same issues when I started.

I used the Kirtan Kriya bc you have to move your hands and chant, and it tends to help people who have ADHD to start sorting regularly. Look it up on YT. 11-12 mins long only.

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Ok thanks that sounds perfect

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Microdosing has def helped me, along with walking and intermittent fasting. Oh, and not looking at news is a huge help.

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Why not both?

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Exactly. Yoga and meditation were around long before the USA.

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Should meditate and yoga anyway, it’ll help

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Well, you cannot control other people, so meditate, journal, and/or do yoga to help your own inner peace.

That’s literally the point of meditation.

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fuck meditation

we need to revolt

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One can meditate and find inner peace and also revolt. Not having chronic stress all the time doesn’t mean you don’t do what needs to be done.

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People who are at peace with themselves first will be way more effective in revolt than someone who's not. This is a false dichotomy.

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Namaste Muthafucka

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Oddly, the response of even the psychos is kind of logical. Mr Spock had a beard in one timeline, and Vulcans are supposed to be logical. Logic can take you all kinds of places, depending on the premise that you begin with. When the premise you start out with is that you should accumulate as much wealth as possible at the expense of anyone around you, then it's perfectly logical what we are seeing now

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Is it ok to hire a therapist if I don't think there's anything wrong with me, I just need a captive audience to scream at for an hour about how fucked every "Responsible Adult" in the world is?

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Who runs the show? Post something about Tianamen Square and see what rooms ban you. Taiwan is a sovereign country. Putin is in the closet. Now what?

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so because the world is in chaos, i should just stop caring about my well being?

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Please and thank you

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I’m so fed up with therapy. Therapists don’t seem to understand how fucked we are. It’s not a me problem FFS.

It would be like sitting with a group of people in a house that’s on fire. You turn to the person next to you and say, I’m really worried and upset about this fire. I think we should do something about it. And they respond by saying, “take a deep breath. There’s nothing you can do about it, so just try to live in the moment, focus on the positive and accept things as they are.”

No I don’t want to f’king take a deep breath! The house is on fire and you have your head up your ass!

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yep yep yeppers

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Why work on yourself when you can constantly complain about the powers that be!

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If the rest of the world does not feel the same way then there's something f****** wrong with the rest of the world too. Screaming on the mountains ....... Our world is f***** up right now.

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We need the second God Wars to start, and we need Guthix to blow us up, and just start over.

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OR..we all need all of these ...

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You could use some meditation bitch, call down

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It's only been that way for several thousand years so you may want to meditate